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Widespread Panic
Caesar’s Tahoe Showroom
Lake Tahoe, NV

1: Help Me Somebody, Rebirtha > Pigeons, Papa Johnny Road, Casa Del Grillo, Song For Sitara, Thin Air (Smells Like Mississippi), Contentment Blues > Proving Ground > Makes Sense To Me

2: Sharon, Bust It Big > Give > Are You Ready For The Country?, Pickin’ Up The Pieces* > Life During Wartime* > Jam** > Drums*** > Driving Song > Ride Me High > Driving Song > Conrad

E: Expiration Day, Weight Of The World

* with Eric McFadden on mandolin/guitar
** with Brad Rosen on percussion, Eric McFadden on guitar, Wally Ingram on percussion
*** with Brad Rosen on percussion, Wally Ingram on percussion

Widespread Panic
September 26, 2003
Cuthbert Amphitheater
Eugene, OR

Set 1

01) Disco > {5:18.05}
02) Wondering > {6:52.24}
03) Climb To Safety {6:13.40}
04) Tortured Artist {4:41.08}
05) Mr. Soul {5:57.69}
06) Old Neighborhood {5:56.65}
07) Don’t Wanna Lose You > {7:43.34}
08) Love Tractor {5:28.27}

Set 2

09) Little Kin {5:51.43}
10) Weight Of The World {5:49.23}
11) Visiting Day {8:54.49}
12) Space Wrangler* {9:20.00}
01) Fishing** {7:41.11}
02) Counting Train Cars** {3:18.14}
03) Imitation Leather Shoes*** {6:10.36}
04) Chilly Water^ > {5:04.32}
05) Bust It Big^ > {9:24.20}
06) Drums^ > {12:57.42}
07) Chilly Water^ > {6:10.36}
08) Action Man {4:16.54}

09) ~encore break~ {5:36.00}
10) Heaven {5:27.16}
11) Ain’t Life Grand {5:15.12}

* an M-80 was lit directly behind the stage. The volume was reduced around the explosion.
** acoustic guitars
*** acoustic ‘bluegrass’ version

^ with Brad Rosen on percussion

[First ‘Bust It Big’; Acoustic ‘Fishing’ through ‘Imitation Leather Shoes’; Bluegrass version of ‘Imitation Leather Shoes’; Soundcheck: ‘Bear’s Gone Fishin”]

DPA 4011’s>V2>Mini-Me (@48)>DA-P1
Harmonic Tech mic cables
mics NOS (90 deg.), 7′ stand
1st row tapers’ section
dfc, directly behind sbd area (~ 70′ from stage)
Recorded by Matt Ferrelli and Chris Shepherd
Transfer by Chris Shepherd

Widespread Panic
10,000 Lakes Festival
Detroit Lakes, MN

1: Blackout Blues, Coconut, Blue Indian, Yard of Blonde Girls, Trouble, Send Your Mind, Fishing, No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature

2: Junior, Chilly Water > Drums > Chilly Water, Doreatha, Don’t Wanna Lose You, Rock > Drums* > Proving Ground, Interstellar Overdrive, Sharon, Give

E: Space Wrangler, Imitation Leather Shoes, End Of The Show

* with Brad Rosen on percussion, Steve Drizos on percussion

[Set 1 acoustic; Dave appeared earlier in the day with Gov’t Mule for ‘Don’t Step on the Grass, Sam’]


The stream from the Jerry Joseph aftershow is also available.

Widespread Panic
Winter Park Ski Area,
Winter Park, CO

1: Conrad*, Solid Rock*, Can’t Get High*, Tortured Artist, Heroes*, Bayou Lena*, Jack*, Counting Train Cars**, It Ain’t No Use, Walkin’ (For Your Love)*

2: Papa Legba > Papa Johnny Road > Party At Your Mama’s House**, Second Skin**, Nebulous > Contentment Blues*, Imitation Leather Shoes > Drums*** > Me And The Devil Blues* > None of Us Are Free*, Road To Damascus**** > Chainsaw City****

E: Don’t Be Denied > Travelin’ Light

* with John Keane on guitar
** with John Keane on pedal steel
*** with Brad Rosen on percussion, Steve Drizos on percussion
**** with Brad Rosen on percussion, Jerry Joseph on guitar, Steve Drizos on percussion

[Sunny on keyboards for ‘Road To Damascus’; JoJo on guitar for ‘Chainsaw City’]

Taped and Transfered by: Bennett Schwartz


Widespread Panic
Smirnoff Music Center,
Dallas, TX

Set 1:
01. Thought Sausage,
02. Walk On,
03. Casa Del Grillo,
04. Tall Boy > Jam >
05. Rock,
06. Ophelia,
07. Holden Oversoul >
08. Christmas Katie >
09. Makes Sense To Me

Set 2:
01. Goin’ Out West,
02. Blight,
03. Action Man,
04. Chilly Water* >
05. Jam >
06. Road To Damascus* >
07. Chilly Water* >
08. Space >
09. Drums >
10. Drums (Sunny – Didg)
11. Drums & Schools
01. Big Wooly Mammoth,
02. Stop-Go,
03. Give

04. Encore
05. Dream Song,
06. Ain’t Life Grand

* with Brad Rosen on percussion, Jerry Joseph on guitar/vocals

[Only ‘Road To Damascus’; ‘Third Stone From The Sun’ and ‘Iron Man’ teases by Dave after ‘Drums’]

Microtech-Geffel 210s (?) > Oade M248 > DAT (?)
Tapes/Tracks from JayB – THANKS!

Widespread Panic
Independence Arena,
Charlotte, NC

1: Sometimes, Space Wrangler, Dyin’ Man, This Part Of Town, Greta > Blight > Henry Parsons Died, Let It Rock, Thought Sausage

Widespread Panic
Independence Arena,
Charlotte, NC

1: Little Lilly > Blackout Blues, Party At Your Mama’s House > Stop Breakin’ Down Blues, Down, Radio Child > Little Kin, Barstools and Dreamers, Dream Song

2: Papa Legba > Ain’t Life Grand, Cortez the Killer* > Drive* > Climb To Safety* > Drums** > Papa’s Home, Red Hot Mama > Give

E: City of Dreams, Porch Song

* with Brad Rosen on percussion, Jerry Joseph on guitar/vocals
** with Brad Rosen on percussion

[‘Let’s Get It On’ rap by JB during ‘Barstools and Dreamers’; ‘Whole Lotta Love’ rap by Jerry during ‘Drive’; Jerry Joseph & the Jackmormons opened; Jerry Joseph & the Jackmormons set featured Mike on guitar for ‘The Fastest Horse In Town’ and Mike on guitar and JoJo on keyboards for ‘Road To Damascus’ > ‘We’ll Be Fine’]

Widespread Panic
Independence Arena,
Charlotte, NC


01 Intro/Tuning
02 Little Lilly~>
03 Blackout Blues
04 Party @ Your Mamas~>
05 Stop Breakin’ Down
06 Down
07 Radio Child~>
08 Little Kin
09 Barstools & Dreamers
10 Dream Song


01 Intro/Tuning
02 Papa Legba~>
03 Ain’t Life Grand
04 Cortez the Killer*~>
05 Drive*~>
06 Climb to Safety*~>
07 Drums**~>
08 Papas Home
09 Red Hot Mama~>
10 Give


01 City of Dreams
02 Porch Song

* w/ Brad Rosen on percussion, Jerry Joseph on guitar/vocals
** w/ Brad Rosen on percussion

[‘Let’s Get It On’ rap by JB during ‘Barstools and Dreamers’; ‘Whole Lotta Love’ rap by Jerry during ‘Drive’; Jerry Joseph & the Jackmormons opened; Jerry Joseph & the Jackmormons set featured Mike on guitar for ‘The Fastest Horse In Town’ and Mike on guitar and JoJo on keyboards for ‘Road To Damascus’ > ‘We’ll Be Fine’]

source: mk4v~>kc5~>m222~>nt222~>vms5u~>AD1000~>HHb
location: fob/dfc/ortf
transfer: DAT(m)~>HHb PDR1000~>744t~>CdWave~>Wavelab 5~>Flac 6
taped & transferred by charles fox

Widespread Panic
Independence Arena,
Charlotte, NC

~Set 1~
01) Intro
02) Sometimes
03) Space Wrangler
04) Dyin’ Man
05) This Part Of Town
06) Greta ->
07) Blight ->
08) Henry Parsons Died ->
09) Let It Rock
10) Thought Sausage

~Set 2~
01) Arleen ->
02) Bear’s Gone Fishin’
03) Conrad
04) Don’t Tell The Band
05) E on a G
06) Flat Foot Floozy ->
07) Drums *
08) Jam *
09) I Walk On Guilded Splinters *
10) Hatfield ->
11) Imitation Leather Shoes

01) Chainsaw City **
02) Chilly Water **

* w/ Brad Rosen on Percussion
** w/ Jerry Joseph on vocals & guiter, Brad Rosen on Percussion

Source: AKG 481 -> V2 -> ADC-20 -> D8
Taped by: Tyler Jensen

Transfer: D8 -> Edirol UA5 -> Goldwave 5 -> 44.1 kHz -> FLAC
Transfered by: Uncle Cooter

Widespread Panic
October 19, 2001
Brick Breeden Fieldhouse
Montana State University
Bozeman, MT.

Set 1
1. Heroes >
2. Papa Legba
3. This Part Of Town
4. Sleeping Man
5. Party At Your Mama’s House >
6. The Waker >
7. Hatfield >
8. Tall Boy
9. Give

Set 2
1. Walk On
2. Space Wrangler >
3. Pigeons
4. Light Is Like Water*,
5. Road To Damascus* >
6. We’ll Be Fine** >
7. Drums *** >
1. Drums & Bass > Jam >
2. Rebirtha >
3. Porch Song
4. One Arm Steve

5. Chunk Of Coal
6. End Of The Show

* with Brad Rosen on percussion, Jerry Joseph on guitar/vocals
** with Brad Rosen on percussion, Jerry Joseph on guitar/vocals, Junior Ruppel on vocals
*** with Brad Rosen on percussion

[Slow ‘Porch Song’; ‘No Time’ jam after ‘Drums’]

Source: Unknown
Mastered and Converted by: Ted Rockwell

Widespread Panic
The Schnitzer Hall
Portland, OR

Set 1
01. Glory
02. Thought Sausage
03. Who Do You Belong To?
04. You Got Yours
05. Ride Me High >
06. Papa’s Home >
07. Proving Ground >
08. Impossible >
09. Proving Ground

Set 2
01. Don’t Tell The Band
02. Little Lilly >
03. C. Brown
04. Love Tractor
05. Crime And Punishment*
06. Drive** >
07. Jam** >
08. Drums***
01. Drums & Bass >
02. Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys >
03. Tie Your Shoes >
04. Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys

05. Nobody’s Loss
06. Ain’t Life Grand

* with Jerry Joseph on guitar/vocals
** with Brad Rosen on percussion, Jerry Joseph on guitar/vocals
*** with Brad Rosen on percussion

[Only ‘Crime And Punishment’, Only ‘Drive’; ‘Whole Lotta Love’ tease during ‘Drive’]

Source: B&K4011 > V2 > AD2K > Tascam CDRW700 > EAC > SHN
Thanks to Don Hess for the tapes.
SHN Conversion by Jonathan Fox

Widespread Panic
October 29, 1999
Kiefer Lakefront Arena
University of New Orleans
New Orleans, LA

Set I

01) Intro Tuning
02) Tall Boy >
03) Makes Sense to Me
04) C. Brown
05) Holden Oversoul >
06) Stop-Go >
07) Machine >
08) Barstools & Dreamers
09) Ophelia
10) One Arm Steve

Set II

01) Intro Tuning
02) All Time Low
03) Diner >
04) Blackout Blues
05) North
06) Chainsaw City * >
07) Drums **
01) Tears of a Woman >
02) Ride Me High >
03) The Waker
04) Love Tractor


05) Coconut
06) End of the Show

* with Brad Rosen on percussion, Jerry Joseph on guitar/vocals
** with Brad Rosen on percussion

[Jerry Joseph & the Jackmormons opened]

Source: Microtech Gefell m210 > Oade m248 > SBM-1 > D8 @ 44.1 KHz
Taped by: Mike Schoder (DAT clone provided courtesy of J.J. Clifton)

Transfer by: BobbyHurley

Widespread Panic
Bee Cave, TX

1: Tonight’s the Night, Fishing, Pilgrims, Clinic Cynic, Trouble, Counting Train Cars, Driving Song > Breathing Slow, Can’t Find My Way Home, Mercy, Nobody’s Loss, Space Wrangler

2: Old Neighborhood, Henry Parsons Died, Thin Air (Smells Like Mississippi), Hatfield, Bust It Big, One Arm Steve, Light Is Like Water*, Road To Damascus* > We’ll Be Fine*, Fishwater**

E: Love Tractor

* with Brad Rosen on percussion, Jerry Joseph on guitar/vocals
** with Brad Rosen on percussion, DJ Logic on turntables, Jerry Joseph on guitar

[Set 1 acoustic; Fast ‘Mercy’; DJ Logic and Jerry Joseph & the Jackmormons opened]

Widespread Panic
Pelham, AL
Oak Mountain Amphitheatre

Set 1:

01) Surprise Valley >
02) Bear’s Gone Fishin’ >
03) C.Brown
04) Wondering >
05) The Waker
06) Stop-Go >
07) Tall Bay >
08) Chilly Water

Set 2:

01) Greta >
02) Walkin’
03) Little Lilly >
04) Ride Me High >
05) Little Lilly >
06) Drums*>
01) Proving Ground** >
02) North** >
03) Proving Ground** >
04) Climb to Safety**


05) Fishwater >
06) Sometimes >
07) Henry Parsons Died

* with Brad Rosen on drums/percussion
** with Jerry Joseph on guitar/vocals

Notes: First ‘North’; ‘Under Pressure’ tease after ‘Stop-Go’; ‘Cars’ jam after ‘Greta’; Jerry Joseph & The Jackmormons opened

source: AKG 480b/ck61 (FOB) > m248 > HHB @ 48k
taped by: assuming this is Julian Eldridge

The stream for Jerry Joseph’s opening set is also available.

Widespread Panic
Fiddler’s Green Amphitheatre
Greenwood Village, CO

Set 1:
01. Old Neighborhood*
02. Action Man*
03. Radio Child*
04. Rebirtha*
05. Stop Breakin’ Down Blues*
06. Down*
07. Doreatha*
08. One Arm Steve*

Set 2:
01. Driving Song** >
02. Sleepy Monkey** >
03. Driving Song**
04. North***
05. God Was In The Water*
06. Ride Me High* >
07. Drums**** >
01. Goin’ Out West* >
02. Surprise Valley* >
03. Climb To Safety*****
04. Crowd

05. Don’t Be Denied*
06. Travelin’ Light*

Entire show with George McConnell on guitar

* with Randall Bramblett on guitar/saxophone/vocals
** with Sam Holt on guitar
*** with Jerry Joseph on guitar/vocals, Sam Holt on guitar
**** with Brad Rosen on kit, Leon Mobley on percussion
***** with Jerry Joseph on guitar/vocals, Randall Bramblett on saxophone

[JB repeated the third verse of ‘Don’t Be Denied’; ‘Kinky Reggae’ rap by JB and ‘Slipknot!’ jam during ‘Sleepy Monkey’; ?uestlove, Topaz, Jerry Joseph & the Jackmormons, Angelique Kidjo, Michael Franti & Spearhead, and Ben Harper also appeared]

Source: (TS ortf) Schoeps Mk4>kc5>cmc6>Sonosax Sx M2>Panasonic SV 255
Taper: Tal Blanchard & Nate Fisher
Converted & Seeded: Rick

Widespread Panic
Rumsey Playfield
Central Park Summer Stage

Set 1:
01.Action Man >
02.Imitation Leather Shoes >
03.Space Wrangler
04.The Waker >
05.Blight >
06.Ride Me High
07.Pigeons >
08.Cream Puff War

Set 2:
01.Ain’t Life Grand >
02.Tallboy >
03.Blue Indian
04.Happy Child > Climb to Safety *
05.North * >
06.Drums >
07.Arleen >
08.Thought Sausage >
09.Chilly Water

11.Love Tractor

* = with Jerry Joseph

Source:Microtech Gefell M210->Lunatec V2->Sony SBM1->Tascam DA-P1->Tascam DA-P1
Taped,Transfered and Uploaded by Frank D’Auria.
Patch provided by Adam Blair,Digital out of his P1->my P1

Widespread Panic
High Sierra Music Fest
Bear Valley, CA

set I
1. Wonderin > Send Your Mind
2. Blackout Blues
3. Holden Oversoul > Dirty Business >
4. Big Woolly Mammoth > Makes Sense To Me

set II
1. Surprise Valley > Space Wrangler >
2. All Time Low
3. Fishwater >
4. Goin Out West > Drums* >
5. Contentment Blues >
6. Porch Song

7. Climb to Safety**

* with Brad Rosen (Jerry Joseph and the Jackmormons) on percussion, Jeff Sipe [a.k.a. Apt. Q258] (Leftiver Salmon) on kit
** with Jerry Joseph on guitar/vocals

[Power outstage during ‘Send Your Mind’]

source: unknown audience recording

Widespread Panic
6/9/1998 –
Elkhorn Amphitheatre, Elkhorn Resort,
Sun Valley, ID
“Travelin’ Light Tour”

1. tuning
2. Disco>
3. Aunt Avis>
4. Greta>
5. Weight Of the World
6. Happy Child>
7. Happy>
8. Help Me Somebody>
9. Space Wrangler>
10. Pleas>
11. Jam> @[][]**
12. I Walk On Guilded Splinters> @[][]**
13. Drums> ++<><>
14. Entering a Black Hole Backwards>
15. Chilly Water ^^


01 intro, tuning
02. Low Rider> @$$**#
03. Maggot Brain> @$$**#
04. Chainsaw City @$$**#

^^=w/ “Impossible”

Total: 2:13:44

John Bell – guitar, vox
Dave Schools – bass, b.vox
Michael Houser – guitar, b.vox
Domingo Steven “Sunny” Ortiz – percussion
John “JoJo” Hermann – keys, organ, b.vox
Todd Nance – drums, b.vox

@=w/ Allen Woody – mandolin
[][]=w/ Matt Abts – timbales
**=w/ Warren Haynes – guitar
++=w/ Matt Abts – kit
<><>=w/ Stanton Moore – drums
$$=w/ Brad Rosen – drums, timbales
#=w/ Jerry Joseph – guitar, vox

Source: SchoepsMK41/CMC6>AD-1000>DAT>DAT clone
Taped by: ??
Original conversion: D8>digi cable>Philips 765
More conversion: master CDs>EAC (EAC logs included)>Wavlab5.0 (retrack slighty, add fades)>
Fix SBEs (TLH, log included)>Lupas Rename>Flac Level 8 (TLH)
Converted by: Mark Misemer
–plus–dc offset, EQ, Balance, lc, PD&Norm, CR, RT, Sec.Balance,
fades, made seamless & info research by Bill Mulvey–3/2021.
[FLACs>WAV>Sound Forge 10.0>WAV>TLH>FLAC (level 8)]

–Jerry Joseph & the Jackmormons additionally played a slammin’ aftershow to this event about 5 minutes away at The Roosevelt in Ketchum, ID. It is available here in sick quality 

~from JamBase’s Most Important Shows of the Decade

As far as anyone knew, this was it. By all accounts, Sunday, April 28, 2002 at Pelham, Alabama’s Oak Mountain Amphitheatre appeared to be Widespread Panic lead guitarist and co-founder Michael Houser’s last concert. It was the final night of a brief eight-show spring tour that felt like, and in many ways was, the “Goodbye Houser Tour.” Although not an official word had been uttered, most fans knew that Houser had contracted pancreatic cancer, and one could tell just by looking at him up close onstage that his time was drawing near. Although he would bravely perform seven more shows as he began the spring tour two months later, at this point, Sunday at Oak Mountain looked like the final one.

The venue, set in the heart of Panic Country, was packed with 10,000 serious fans and there was a tension and energy hanging in the humid Alabama air unlike anything I have personally ever experienced. The band rose to the occasion; from song selection (there wasn’t a dry eye during the “Trouble” encore) to execution to the Jerry Joseph guest appearance, it was nearly flawless and one of the best shows of the band’s legendary career. But it was more than just that. It was the way the weather coincided with the music, making it feel like bandleader John Bell had created rain during “Cortez The Killer.” It was the undeniable sense of community. It was the bittersweet, sad-yet-grateful feeling for the opportunity to say goodbye properly and rage it one more time. It was the weight of it all. Standing at Oak Mountain, bitter tears and warm rain washing over one’s face, wrapped in arms from friends both old and new, truly believing this was the final Houser jam, it felt like we were part of history on that day. (Kayceman)

~and a JamBase interview with JB years later

Q: You know there was something I’ve been thinking about for a while, and if it’s none of my business that’s fine, but I was thinking about that Sunday night show at Oak Mountain. For a lot of people who were sort of paying attention, they thought that it could potentially be the last time Mikey played. I mean I thought it was at least a possibility because the tour was ending, and that show was very over the top in my opinion. So I’m curious, what did you guys say to each other before you went on stage? I’m assuming you guys were under the impression that maybe Mikey might not be around for the next tour. Was that in your thought process at that time?

JB: Well, we’d already talked about it, and the plan was that Spring Tour would have been it.

Q: Right, that’s the impression I was under so…

JB: Well I’m not sure if the decision had already been made there, but fairly quickly after that he said, “I want to go out and play as long as I can.”

Q: Right, so leading up to that show, when you guys are going on stage, and there was a chance this might be the last time you’d get to play music with Houser, how does that situation play itself out?

JB: Well, you gotta know we were still… it’s something we’d been doing since ’81.

[Very long pregnant pause. More than what JB said, it was the way he looked – staring out the window, not exactly tearing up, but you could see the emotion in his eyes. This was the most powerful moment of the interview – the moment between words, where the thought was floating in the air, in his mind – between the two of us as we spoke of Houser.]

JB: Playing-wise, I felt no difference except for possibly some things where you just realize that he’s playing great, and you go, “Hey, it’s not just a great night; this could be… you know… this could be… the last great night.” But he’s playing his heart out till the last minute, and he was really on. And then there’d be some songs, I think, probably like, I don’t know, “Ain’t Life Grand” – there were certain tunes. And a couple times I remember him getting a little choked up, or maybe a microphone wasn’t working, who knows, but then I’d be singing it by myself and thinking, “Wow, this is about to happen just like this anyway.” We knew the possibilities. And he had his family out with him, and he was really digging it. I know he felt the most normal when he was playing. He wasn’t listening to his heart beat real fast or getting freaked out or anything. So I think it was like we were taking it as another gig, but now this was something totally different.

Widespread Panic
Oak Mountain Amphitheater
Pelham, AL

Set 1
1.) Let’s Get Down To Business (04:47.25)
2.) Action Man (04:29.27)
3.) Makes Sense To Me (04:19.23)
4.) Pusherman -> (12:46.61)
5.) Diner -> (13:36.66)
6.) Ride Me High* (09:40.47)
7.) Genesis** (08:13.33)
8.) Holden Oversoul (08:09.01)
9.) Conrad (09:20.19)

Set 2
1.) Chilly Water -> (06:19.72)
2.) Visiting Day -> (06:33.35)
3.) Chilly Water (04:47.55)
4.) Blue Indian** (05:32.61)
5.) Driving Song -> (07:18.74)
6.) Breathing Slow -> (04:08.08)
7.) No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature North*** (07:07.28)
8.) North*** (12:23.62)
9.) Cortez the Killer*** -> (17:43.17)
10.) Drums**** -> (01:32.40)
1.) Drums**** -> (21:57.52)
2.) Walkin’ (For Your Love) (05:39.13)
3.) Papa’s Home (08:34.35)
4.) Ain’t Life Grand (06:24.28)
5.) Crowd (01:17.51)

6.) Trouble** (04:06.06)
7.) Down (04:20.62)
8.) Postcard (10:31.58)

* with John Keane on guitar
** with John Keane on pedal steel
*** with Jerry Joseph on guitar/vocals
**** with Brad Rosen on percussion, Dr. Arvin Scott on percussion

[‘Nicaragua’ rap by Jerry Joseph during ‘North’; Particle opened]

{Schoeps MK41+KC5+CMC6(XY) -> Oade M148} +
{Neumann AK30+LC3+KM100 (split 2′) -> Oade M148} ->
Soundcraft Spirit Notepad 4-Channel Mixer -> mod SBM1
Recorded By Mike Falcon and Ben Morrison
Digitally Remastered and Transfered to CD BY Doug Oade


Widespread Panic
Walnut Creek Amphitheater,
Raleigh, NC

Set 1:
1. Action Man (5:04)
2. Travelin’ Light (5:10)
3. Wondering (10:07) >
4. Stop-Go (13:46) >
5. Rock (6:54)
6. Ophelia (5:00)
7. Meeting of the Waters (6:01)
8. Surprise Valley (10:50)
9. Ain’t Life Grand (5:00)

Set 2:
1. Thought Sausage (5:38)
2. Greta (10:26) >
3. Climb To Safety (5:55)
4. Barstools and Dreamers (13:53)
5. Nebulous (8:54) >
6. Papa’s Home (11:30) >
7. Drums* (3:37) >
8. Papa’s Home* (2:38)
9. Light Is Like Water** (10:10)
10. Flat Foot Flewzy*** (6:47)
11. Makes Sense To Me*** (6:05)

1. Don’t Wanna Lose You (5:24)
2. Love Tractor (5:45)

* with Brad Rosen (Jerry Joseph & the Jackmormons) on percussion
** with Jerry Joseph (Jerry Joseph & the Jackmormons) on guitar/vocals
*** with Jerry Joseph (Jerry Joseph & the Jackmormons) on guitar

‘Heathen’ rap by JB during ‘Stop-Go’
‘Satisfied’ rap during ‘Barstools and Dreamers’

Neumann SKM 150