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Widespread Panic
Caesar’s Tahoe Showroom
Lake Tahoe, NV

1: Help Me Somebody, Rebirtha > Pigeons, Papa Johnny Road, Casa Del Grillo, Song For Sitara, Thin Air (Smells Like Mississippi), Contentment Blues > Proving Ground > Makes Sense To Me

2: Sharon, Bust It Big > Give > Are You Ready For The Country?, Pickin’ Up The Pieces* > Life During Wartime* > Jam** > Drums*** > Driving Song > Ride Me High > Driving Song > Conrad

E: Expiration Day, Weight Of The World

* with Eric McFadden on mandolin/guitar
** with Brad Rosen on percussion, Eric McFadden on guitar, Wally Ingram on percussion
*** with Brad Rosen on percussion, Wally Ingram on percussion

Widespread Panic
Caesar’s Tahoe Showroom
Lake Tahoe, NV

1: Papa Legba, Old Neighborhood, Send Your Mind, Pleas > Who Do You Belong To?, Dyin’ Man, Holden Oversoul > Genesis > Doreatha, Goodpeople

2: Walk On, Radio Child > Bowlegged Woman, C. Brown, Greta, Stop-Go, Knocking ‘Round The Zoo, Light Is Like Water*, North*

E: Action Man

* with Jerry Joseph on guitar/vocals

[‘Time Waits’ rap by JB during ‘Stop-Go’]

Widespread Panic
Caesar’s Tahoe
Lake Tahoe, NV

1: Stop Breakin’ Down Blues, Ain’t Life Grand, Fishing, Clinic Cynic, Who Do You Belong To?, Genesis, Counting Train Cars, I Like The Things About Me, Can’t Get High, Imitation Leather Shoes

2: Thought Sausage, Fishwater > Drums > Fishwater, Red Hot Mama, Hatfield, Weight Of The World, Greta > Cream Puff War, Drums > Porch Song, Makes Sense To Me

E: Nobody’s Loss, Papa Johnny Road

[Set 1 acoustic; Bluegrass version of ‘Imitation Leather Shoes’]