Atlanta, GA

Set One:

01) Intro
02) You Got It All Wrong
03) George Wallace
04) No Thanks
05) Morally Challenged
06) Bastards In Bubbles
07) I Ain’t Crazy Enough
08) Aunt Avis
09) Blight
10) You’re With Me Now
11) Cobalt Blue

Set Two:

12) Intro
13) Good Morning Mr. Hard On
14) Scholarship
15) Cutty Sark
16) Expiration Day
17) Miserable
18) All Kinds
19) Protein Drink/Sewing Machine
20) Puppy Sleeps
21) Sleeping Man


22) Westport Ferry
23) Adirondacks
24) Let’s Get Down To Business

[“Co-Balt” CD Release Show]

Vic Chesnutt – guitar, harmonica, vocal
John Bell – guitar, vocal
Michael Houser – guitar
Dave Schools – bass
Todd Nance – drums
John “Jo Jo” Hermann – keyboard
Domingo “Sunny” Ortiz – percussion

Source: AKG 483> Lunatec V2> Graham-Patten ADC-20> Tascam DA-P1>
S/PDIF>Montego II+>Cool Edit Pro/Wavelab*>CDWave

* Remastered 12/09

Recorded and mastered by Sloan Simpson

Widespread Panic
Macon Coliseum
Macon, GA

1: Send Your Mind, Rebirtha, Bear’s Gone Fishin’, Pickin’ Up The Pieces, Hope In A Hopeless World, Stop-Go, Walk On, Henry Parsons Died

2: Thought Sausage, 1 x 1, Coconut, Green Onions*, Ride Me High* > Jam* > Drums > Greta > All Along The Watchtower, Imitation Leather Shoes

E: Nobody’s Loss, Love Tractor

* with Robert Randolph on pedal steel

[‘Solidarity’ and ‘Three Little Birds’ raps by JB during ‘Stop-Go’; ‘Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)’ and ‘The Streetbeater’ jams before ‘Drums’; Robert Randolph & the Family Band opened; Last ‘Green Onions’ – 09/11/97, 499 shows]

Widespread Panic
North Charleston Coliseum
North Charleston, SC

1: Disco > Greta, C. Brown, Radio Child > Travelin’ Light, Old Neighborhood, Get Up (I Feel Like Being A Sex Machine) > Imitation Leather Shoes

2: Goin’ Out West, Rock, Swamp, Who Do You Belong To?, Mercy > Drums > Bear’s Gone Fishin’ > All Time Low > Chilly Water

E: Rainy Day Women #12 & 35, Henry Parsons Died

[‘Tie Your Shoes’ tease after ‘Mercy’; Soundcheck: ‘Disco’, ‘She Caught The Katy’]

Widespread Panic
Greek Theatre
Berkeley, CA

1: Goin’ Out West, Surprise Valley, She Caught The Katy, Give, Imitation Leather Shoes, Pusherman, Bear’s Gone Fishin’, Climb To Safety

2: Thought Sausage, Bayou Lena, Papa’s Home > Get In Get Out, Rebirtha > Drums > Jam > I Walk On Guilded Splinters, Rock, City of Dreams

E: One Arm Steve, Down, Travelin’ Light

Entire show with George McConnell on guitar, Randall Bramblett on saxophone/flute/keyboards/vocals

[Without Mike]

Widespread Panic
Greek Theatre
Berkeley, CA

1: Love Tractor > Henry Parsons Died, Pickin’ Up The Pieces, Aunt Avis > Ride Me High > Doreatha > Weight Of The World, Radio Child

2: Old Neighborhood > Big Wooly Mammoth > Walk On > Christmas Katie > God Was In The Water > Drums > Jam > Worry > Tall Boy > Porch Song

E: Old Joe > Chilly Water

Entire show with George McConnell on guitar/vocals, Randall Bramblett on guitar/saxophone/vocals

[Without Mike; ‘The Other One’ jam after ‘Drums’; JB sang ‘The Star Spangled Banner’ at Pac Bell Park for the Dodgers vs. Giants game earlier in the day]


Hearst Greek Theatre, University of California, Berkeley

Widespread Panic
Greek Theatre
Berkeley, CA

1: Papa Legba, Wondering > Little Lilly > Blackout Blues, Who Do You Belong To?, Dear Mr. Fantasy > Stop-Go, 1 x 1

2: Action Man, Fishwater, Diner, Greta > Drums > Arleen > Time Is Free > Blue Indian, Makes Sense To Me

E: Nobody’s Loss, Sometimes

Entire show with George McConnell on guitar, Randall Bramblett on saxophone

[Without Mike; ‘Time Waits’ rap by JB during ‘Stop-Go’]

Widespread Panic
Bee Cave, TX

1: Weight Of The World*, Down*, Tall Boy* > Rock* > Little Lilly* > Sleeping Man*, Trouble*, Doreatha*, Sometimes*

2: Bayou Lena*, Give, Old Neighborhood*, Get In Get Out*, Stop Breakin’ Down Blues** > Jam** > Drums*** > Pickin’ Up The Pieces*, Christmas Katie* > Action Man*

E: Old Joe, Blue Indian*, Imitation Leather Shoes*

Entire show with George McConnell on guitar/vocals

* with Randall Bramblett on saxophone/vocals
** with Luther Dickinson on guitar, Randall Bramblett on saxophone
*** with Cody Dickinson on percussion

[Without Mike; The North Mississippi Allstars opened; JoJo sat in during part of North Mississippi Allstars set; Dave sat in during Robert Randolph & the Family Band’s after show party at Antoine’s for ‘Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)’ (with ‘Iron Man’ and ‘Machine Gun’ teases) and ‘Papa Was A Rolling Stone’]

Widespread Panic
Bee Cave, TX

1: She Caught The Katy*, Wondering > Send Your Mind*, Makes Sense To Me*, Radio Child, Use Me* > Stop-Go* > Fishwater*

2: Blackout Blues* > Who Do You Belong To?, God Was In The Water*, Diner > Ride Me High* > Drums** > All Along The Watchtower*** > Arleen***, Climb To Safety*

E: Porch Song

Entire show with George McConnell on guitar

* with Randall Bramblett on guitar/saxophone/vocals
** with Marcus Randolph on kit/percussion
*** with John Ginty on keyboards, Marcus Randolph on percussion, Robert Randolph on pedal steel

[Without Mike; JB wore Robert Randolph’s hat during ‘Arleen’; ‘Machine Gun’ and ‘Boris The Spider’ teases by Dave before ‘She Caught The Katy’; ‘Time Waits’ rap by JB during ‘Stop-Go’; ‘Tie Your Shoes’ and ‘Time Is Free’ teases after ‘Ride Me High’; ‘Ride Me High’ tease by Robert during ‘Arleen’; Robert Randolph & the Family Band opened]

Widespread Panic
Bee Cave, TX

1: Space Wrangler > Papa Legba*, Aunt Avis*, I’m Not Alone, 1 x 1*, Dear Mr. Fantasy*, You Better Run > All Time Low*, One Arm Steve*

2: Greta > Cream Puff War, Surprise Valley > Bear’s Gone Fishin’ > Hatfield* > Drums** > Superstition*** > Coconut*** > Knocking ‘Round The Zoo***

E: Me And The Devil Blues*, It’s All Over Now***

Entire show with George McConnell on guitar

* with Randall Bramblett on saxophone
** with Terrence Higgins on percussion
*** with Dirty Dozen Brass Band on horns, Randall Bramblett on saxophone

[Without Mike; ‘It’s All Over Now’ without Todd and Terrance Higgins on his kit; ‘Thought Sausage’ tease before ‘One Arm Steve’; ‘Pleas’ tease before ‘Bear’s Gone Fishin”; The Dirty Dozen Brass Band opened; Last ‘It’s All Over Now’ – 10/23/99, 237 shows]

Widespread Panic
Riverfest Amphitheatre
Little Rock, AR

1: Stop Breakin’ Down Blues*, Big Wooly Mammoth*, Pleas, Pickin’ Up The Pieces*, Travelin’ Light*, Old Neighborhood*, Nobody’s Fault But Mine*, Henry Parsons Died*

2: Thought Sausage, Sleepy Monkey, Love Tractor* > Clinic Cynic* > I Walk On Guilded Splinters* > Drums > Little Lilly* > Red Hot Mama* > Chilly Water*

E: Nobody’s Loss > Mr. Soul*

Entire show with George McConnell on guitar

* with Randall Bramblett on saxophone

[Without Mike; ‘Kinky Reggae’ and ‘Solidarity’ raps by JB during ‘Sleepy Monkey’]

Widespread Panic
UMB Bank Pavilion
Maryland Heights, MO

1: Surprise Valley > Bear’s Gone Fishin’, Porch Song, Bayou Lena*, Walk On*, Doreatha*, Blue Indian*, Conrad

2: Action Man*, Worry*, Low Rider*, Papa’s Home* > Get In Get Out* > Drums** > Fixin’ To Die* > Papa’s Home*, Blackout Blues*

E: Goin’ Out West*, Imitation Leather Shoes*

Entire show with George McConnell on guitar/vocals

* with Randall Bramblett on saxophone/flute/vocals
** with Stanton Moore on percussion

[Without Mike; Galactic opened]

Widespread Panic
Tower City Amphitheatre
Cleveland, OH

1: Space Wrangler, Papa Legba > Little Lilly > Stop-Go > Genesis > Pleas > Bayou Lena, Mr. Soul

2: Imitation Leather Shoes, Down, Pickin’ Up The Pieces, Get In Get Out, Red Hot Mama > Stop Breakin’ Down Blues > Drums > Hatfield, Big Wooly Mammoth, Chilly Water

E: Trouble, Chunk Of Coal

Entire show with George McConnell on guitar, Randall Bramblett on saxophone/vocals

[Without Mike; ‘Time Waits’ rap by JB during ‘Stop-Go’]

Widespread Panic
Meadow Brook Amphitheatre
Rochester Hills, MI

1: The Take Out, Porch Song, Bear’s Gone Fishin’, Tall Boy*, Blue Indian*, All Time Low*, Doreatha*, Conrad*

2: Action Man*, Weight Of The World*, Clinic Cynic*, I Walk On Guilded Splinters* > Drums** > Four Cornered Room*, Papa’s Home*, Climb To Safety*

E: End Of The Show*, Blackout Blues*

Entire show with George McConnell on guitar/vocals

* with Randall Bramblett on saxophone/flute
** with Vinnie Amico on percussion

[Without Mike; ‘Third Stone From The Sun’ tease by Dave after ‘Drums’; moe. opened]


Widespread Panic
Von Braun Civic Center
Huntsville, AL

Set 1:

01. Surprise Valley > 13:29.17
02. Climb To Safety 07:09.61
03. Give 10:42.23
04. Me And The Devil Blues 09:13.45
05. Pleas 05:23.27
06. Weight Of The World 06:47.58
07. Bayou Lena 05:44.36
08. Conrad 09:14.23

Set 2:

01. Slippin’ Into Darkness 10:04.52
02. Barstools and Dreamers 14:28.38
03. Low Rider 16:23.11
04. Tall Boy > 07:02.02
05. Blight > 16:52.60
06. Drums > 18:19.66
07. Papa Legba 10:14.03
08. And It Stoned Me 05:52.30
09. One Arm Steve 04:26.32
10. Crowd/Encore Break 02:17.67


10. Chunk Of Coal 08:02.74
11. Sometimes 04:18.25

[‘Thank You Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin’ rap during ‘Barstools and Dreamers’; Drive-By Truckers opened]

Source: FOB/DFC Schoeps MK4v > KC5 > CMC6 > V2 > AD1000 > D8 (@48kHz)
Taper: John Hubert
Transfer by: Jason Brantley


Widespread Panic
Columbus Civic Center
Columbus, GA

Set 1:
01. Tuning
02. Aunt Avis >
03. Wondering >
04. No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature
05. C. Brown
06. Old Neighborhood >
07. Makes Sense To Me
08. Proving Ground

Set 2:
01. Tuning
02. Chunk Of Coal
03. Stop Breakin’ Down Blues
04. Doreatha
05. Skin It Back >
06. Arleen >
07. Drums >
01. Drums/Bass >
02. Goin’ Out West
03. Christmas Katie >
04. Radio Child

05. Pilgrims
06. Red Beans

[‘Ribs And Whiskey’ and ‘Get Up (I Feel Like Being A Sex Machine)’ raps during ‘Arleen’; Soundcheck: ‘She Caught The Katy’, ‘Makes Sense To Me’]

Source: B & K 4011’s > Lunatec V2 > Apogee Mini-Me > M1 @ 48k

Taped By: Brian Watson
Patched By: David Swint
Transferred By: Ryan Burns


Widespread Panic
Kiefer Lakefront Arena, University of New Orleans,
New Orleans, LA

Disc 1:
1: Porch Song >
2: Sleeping Man >
3: Pigeons,
4: Sometimes,
5: Louisiana Truck Stop*,
6: Big Wooly Mammoth >
7: Weight Of The World,
8: Trouble,
9: One Arm Steve

Disc 2:
1: Give >
2: Barstools and Dreamers >
3: Diner >
4: God Was In The Water >
5: Drums >

Disc 3:
1: Drums & Bass,
2: Heaven* >
3: Tall Boy,
4: Climb To Safety

5: Action Man,
6: Old Joe,
7: Mr. Soul

* with John Neff on pedal steel
[Only ‘Louisiana Truck Stop’; ‘Interstellar Overdrive’, ‘Come As You Are’
and ‘Takin’ Care of Business’ teases by Dave after ‘Drums’; Particle opened]

Source: AKG 483 > Oade M148 > Mod SBM-1 (DIN, 17cm) 48.1
Taped by: Carl Beck


Widespread Panic
December 30, 2002
Phillips Arena,
Atlanta GA

Set I
1. Crowd/Tuning
2. Action Man
3. Give ->
4. Rock
5. Stop-Go
6. Rebirtha
7. Old Neighborhood*
8. Down*
9. Arleen**
10. Ophelia**

Set II
1. Crowd/Tuning
2. Slippin Into Darkness->
3. Barstools and Dreamers
4. North
5. Suprise Valley
6. Love Tractor->
7. Drums***
1. Henry Parsons Died
2. Christmas Katie**
3. Get In, Get Out**
4. Travelin’ Light**

5. Encore Break
6. Trouble
7. All Time Low

* with Randall Bramblett on soprano saxophone/tenor saxophone
** with Kevin Hyde on trombone, Randall Bramblett on soprano saxophone/tenor saxophone, Tom Ryan on tenor saxophone/baritone saxophone, Wayne Postell on trumpet
*** with Count Mbutu on percussion, Dr. Arvin Scott on percussion

[‘Surprise Valley’ false start by Todd before ‘North’; ‘Out On The Weekend’, ‘Solidarity’, ‘Three Little Birds’, and ‘Time Waits’ raps by JB during ‘Stop-Go’; ‘Satisfied’ rap during ‘Barstools and Dreamers’; ‘Godzilla’ tease before ‘Henry Parsons Died’; Soundcheck (with Randall Bramblett, Kevin Hyde, Tom Ryan, and Wayne Postell): ‘Pilgrims’, ‘I Wish’, ‘And When I Die’, ‘Blind’ (2 times), ‘Ophelia’]

Source: Neumann u89(hyper/DIN)->Apogee Mini-Me(48k)->D8
Taped by Tim Markham, mics courtesy of Trey Woodruff


Widespread Panic
Kiefer Lakefront Arena
University of New Orleans
New Orleans, LA

Set I – Disc I
1. Papa Legba
2. Space Wrangler >
3. Surprise Valley
4. Rock >
5. Get In Get Out
6. Down
7. Greta
8. Fishwater

Set II – Disc II
2. Little Lilly
3. Pickin’ Up The Pieces
4. Conrad
5. You Better Run >
6. All Time Low* >
7. Red Hot Mama* >
8. Drums** >

Set II cont. – Disc III
1. Drums & Bass** >
2. I Walk On Guilded Splinters*** >
3. Worry
4. Blackout Blues

5. Daisy Mae****
6. Love Tractor
7. City of Dreams

* with Matt Abts on percussion, Warren Haynes on guitar
** with Matt Abts on percussion
*** with Efrem Towns on trumpet, Roger Lewis on saxophone
**** with Luther Dickinson on guitar

[First ‘Daisy Mae’; Topaz opened]

Source: Neumann U89 > Oade M148 > Apogee Minime > D8 > DA-20mkII > Waveterminal 2496 @ 16/44.1
Taped by: Trey Woodruff
Seeded by: Kenyon Hall


Widespread Panic
Greek Theatre
Los Angeles, CA

Set 1: Disc 1:
01. All Time Low
02. Just Kissed My Baby
03. Coconut
04. It Ain’t No Use >
05. Bear’s Gone Fishin’
06. Hatfield >
07. Weak Brain, Narrow Mind
08. One Arm Steve

Set 2: Disc 2:
01. Let’s Get The Show On The Road
02. Surprise Valley
03. Climb To Safety
04. Get In Get Out >
05. Drums >
06. Drums & Bass >
07. Rebirtha

Disc 3:
01. Space Wrangler
02. Cream Puff War
03. And It Stoned Me
04. Imitation Leather Shoes

Entire show with George McConnell on guitar, Randall Bramblett on saxophone/vocals

[Without Mike; Soundcheck: ‘Weak Brain, Narrow Mind’]

Source: AKG C1000> MP2> PCMM1
Taper: Steve Productions


Widespread Panic
Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion
The Woodlands, TX

Set 1: Disc 1
01. Thought Sausage
02. Worry
03. Conrad
04. Hope In A Hopeless World
05. Clinic Cynic
06. Papa’s Home
07. Red Hot Mama
08. Love Tractor

Set 2: Disc 2
01. Mr. Soul >
02. Pleas
03. Mercy >
04. Chilly Water >

Set 2 cont.: Disc 3
01. Drums >
02. Drums/Bass
03. Big Wooly Mammoth >
04. Chilly Water
05. Travelin’ Light
06. encore break
07. Goin’ Out West
08. Henry Parsons Died

Entire show with George McConnell on guitar, Randall Bramblett on saxophone

[Without Mike; The Dirty Dozen Brass Band and Galactic opened]

Source: AKG481>M148>AD1k
Recorded by John Callery
Converted by Peter Cleary