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Widespread Panic
6/9/1998 –
Elkhorn Amphitheatre, Elkhorn Resort,
Sun Valley, ID
“Travelin’ Light Tour”

1. tuning
2. Disco>
3. Aunt Avis>
4. Greta>
5. Weight Of the World
6. Happy Child>
7. Happy>
8. Help Me Somebody>
9. Space Wrangler>
10. Pleas>
11. Jam> @[][]**
12. I Walk On Guilded Splinters> @[][]**
13. Drums> ++<><>
14. Entering a Black Hole Backwards>
15. Chilly Water ^^


01 intro, tuning
02. Low Rider> @$$**#
03. Maggot Brain> @$$**#
04. Chainsaw City @$$**#

^^=w/ “Impossible”

Total: 2:13:44

John Bell – guitar, vox
Dave Schools – bass, b.vox
Michael Houser – guitar, b.vox
Domingo Steven “Sunny” Ortiz – percussion
John “JoJo” Hermann – keys, organ, b.vox
Todd Nance – drums, b.vox

@=w/ Allen Woody – mandolin
[][]=w/ Matt Abts – timbales
**=w/ Warren Haynes – guitar
++=w/ Matt Abts – kit
<><>=w/ Stanton Moore – drums
$$=w/ Brad Rosen – drums, timbales
#=w/ Jerry Joseph – guitar, vox

Source: SchoepsMK41/CMC6>AD-1000>DAT>DAT clone
Taped by: ??
Original conversion: D8>digi cable>Philips 765
More conversion: master CDs>EAC (EAC logs included)>Wavlab5.0 (retrack slighty, add fades)>
Fix SBEs (TLH, log included)>Lupas Rename>Flac Level 8 (TLH)
Converted by: Mark Misemer
–plus–dc offset, EQ, Balance, lc, PD&Norm, CR, RT, Sec.Balance,
fades, made seamless & info research by Bill Mulvey–3/2021.
[FLACs>WAV>Sound Forge 10.0>WAV>TLH>FLAC (level 8)]

–Jerry Joseph & the Jackmormons additionally played a slammin’ aftershow to this event about 5 minutes away at The Roosevelt in Ketchum, ID. It is available here in sick quality