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Widespread Panic Acoustic
Ryman Auditorium
Nashville, Tennessee

1st Set

01 Announcement/Greeting
02 Let’s Get The Show On The Road
03 Hope In A Hioeless World >
04 This Part Of Town
05 Lawyers, Guns, And Money
06 Life As A Tree
07 Pilgrims
08 Trouble
09 Steven’s Cat
10 Nobody’s Loss >
11 Climb To Safety

2nd Set

01 Protein Drink >
02 Sewing Machine
03 Somewhere In Time
04 Surprise Valley >
05 Genesis >
06 Surprise Valley >
07 Many Rivers To Cross
08 *Desperados Waiting For A Train
09 *Jesus Was A Capricorn
10 *The Waker


11 JB Banter
12 #C Brown
13 @Blight
14 @End Of The Show

* With Todd Snider On Guitar And Vocals
# Entire Band At The Front Edge Of Stage
@ Entire Band Except JoJo At The Front Edge Of Stage

– ‘Let’s Get The Show On The Road’ LTP 6/24/18 Red Rocks (48 shows)
– ‘Somewhere In Time’ LTP 2/19/12 Aspen (394 shows); 2nd time played; Los Lobos tune
– ‘Many Rivers To Cross’ LTP 12/29/16 Nashville (97 shows)
– ‘Desperados Waiting For A Train’ First Time Played (Guy Clark orginal)
– ‘Jesus Was A Capricorn’ First Time Played (Kris Kristofferson original)
– ‘Life As A Tree’ believed to be a new original JB debuted during a talent show at his local country club August ’18 (watch video); Tonight is the first time played with Panic
– Entire show with Edie Jackson, ASL interpreter

Source: Schoeps CCM4V’S>Lunatec V2>Sound Devices 722 (24/44.1)
FOB/DLFC/KFC/ZFC/AARP Section MF-5, Row K,Seat 1, 7′ High
Recorded By: Z-Man


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Photos by Ian Rawn

Widespread Panic Acoustic
Ryman Auditorium
Nashville, Tennessee

1st Set

01 Announcements/Greeting
02 *I’m Not Alone
03 Makes Sense To Me
04 Happy
05 Geraldine And The Honeybee
06 Gradle
07 Wonderin’
08 Heaven
09 #There Is A Time >
10 @Blackout Blues

2nd Set

01 ^Ribs And Whiskey >
02 ^Milk And Cookies >
03 ^SilentNight
04 +Imitation Leather Shoes
05 Big Wooly Mammoth >
06 Blue Indian
07 @Chunk Of Coal
08 @Airplane >
09 @Take-Off Jam >
10 @Ride Me High
11 Vacation
12 Ain’t Life Grand


01 JB Banter
02 When Are You Coming Home
03 Heart Of Gold

* JB On 12 String Guitar
# With Billy Strings On Guitar And Vocals
@ With Billy Strings On Guitar
^ JB Solo
+ JoJo On Keyboards, Sunny On Percussion, And JB On Vocals

Source: Schoeps CCM4V’S>Lunatec V2>Sound Devices 722 (24/44.1)
FOB/DRFC/KFC/ZFC/AARP Section MF-5, Row K, Seat 1, 7′ High
Recorded By: Z-Man

Photo by Ian Rawn

Widespread Panic Acoustic
Ryman Auditorium
Nashville, Tennessee

1st Set

01 House Announcement/JB Greeting
02 *Chilly Water
03 Jack
04 Are You Ready For The Country
05 Pickin’ Up The Pieces
06 Can’t Get High
07 Old Joe
08 New Blue
09 Walkin’
10 #Space Wrangler

2nd Set

01 No Sugar Tonight >
02 New Mother Nature
03 One-Arm Steve
04 Holden Oversoul
05 Weak Brain, Narrow Mind
06 Gimme
07 Wishbone
08 @Drivin’ Song >
09 @Tickle The Truth >
10 @Drivin’ Song
11 The Take Out >
12 Porch Song


13 You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away
14 North

* JB Solo And NO Water Was Thrown During The Song!
# With JB On Banjitar
@ With JB On 12 String Guitar

– ‘Are You Ready For The Country?’ LTP 11/12/13 Baltimore (321 shows)
– ‘New Blue’ LTP 11/20/01 Johnson City (1,131 shows) 4th time played overall
– ‘Wishbone’ LTP 10/31/14 Broomfield (247 shows)
– ‘You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away’ LTP 4/01/14 TRI Studios (297 shows)
– Entire show with Edie Jackson, ASL interpreter

Source: Schoeps CCM4V’S>Lunatec V2>Sound Devices 722 (24/44.1)
FOB/DRFC/KFC/ZFC/AARP Section MF-5, Row K, Seat 1, 6 1/2′ High
Recorded By: Z-Man

Widespread Panic
Flagstaff, AZ

1: Holden Oversoul, Space Wrangler > Walkin’ (For Your Love) > Send Your Mind, Diner, Can’t Find My Way Home, C. Brown, Hatfield, Knocking ‘Round The Zoo

2: Wondering, The Take Out, Porch Song, Driving Song > Papa’s Home > Driving Song, Love Tractor, Mercy > Jam > Makes Sense To Me > Pickin’ Up The Pieces, Chilly Water, Conrad, Jack, Me And The Devil Blues

E: Flat Foot Flewzy

[Set 1 semi-acoustic with JB, Mike, and Dave seated]

Widespread Panic
Beacon Theatre
New York, NY

1: Who Do You Belong To?, Porch Song, Fishing, Clinic Cynic, Weak Brain, Narrow Mind, Mercy, Pickin’ Up The Pieces, Heaven, Counting Train Cars, Chunk Of Coal

2: Bayou Lena, Papa Johnny Road, Nebulous, Driving Song > Meeting of the Waters > Drums > Diner > Driving Song, Little Lilly, Give

E: Slippin’ Into Darkness*, Sometimes*

* with Jay Rodriguez on saxophone

[Set 1 acoustic]

Widespread Panic
Mud Island Amphitheatre

1st set

01. Slippin’ into Darkness>
02. Worry
03. Old Neighborhood
04. Counting Train Cars
05. Fishing#
06. Nobody’s Loss
07. Action Man
08. Travelin’ Man>
09. Ride Me High>
10. Let it Bleed

2nd set

11. All Time Low
12. Good People
13. Driving Song>
14. Papa’s Home>
15. Driving Song>
16. Drums*>
17. Junior**>
18. Red Hot Mama**
19. Second Skin
20. Pusherman
21. Monstrosity
22. Radio Child


23. Old Joe
24. Baby, Let Me Follow You Down

* with Cedrick Burnside on percussion
** with Cedrick Burnside on percussion, Cody Burnside on vocals, Gary Burnside on guitar

[First ‘Baby, Let Me Follow You Down’; Acoustic ‘Counting Train Cars’ through ‘Nobody’s Loss’; ‘Hold The Wheel’ tease after ‘Papa’s Home’]

T.S 1st row d.f.c Dpa 4023’s>M148>AD-1000>D-8 @44.1

Widespread Panic
Greek Theatre
Berkeley, CA

1: Wondering > Fishing, Counting Train Cars, Imitation Leather Shoes, Papa Johnny Road, Nebulous, When The Clowns Come Home, Visiting Day > Sleeping Man, Climb To Safety

2: Disco > Diner > Stop Breakin’ Down Blues, Low Rider > Drums > Chilly Water > Come Together > Chilly Water, It Ain’t No Use > Blue Indian > Space Wrangler

E: Don’t Be Denied, Porch Song > Action Man

[Acoustic ‘Wondering’ through ‘Imitation Leather Shoes’; Bluegrass version of ‘Imitation Leather Shoes’; ‘Highway To Heaven’ rap by JB during ‘I Ain’t No Use’]

Widespread Panic
Tower City Amphitheater
Cleveland, OH

Set 1

01. Radio Child
02. One Arm Steve
03. Weight Of The World >
04. Aunt Avis >
05. Hatfield
06. Wondering
07. Sleeping Man
08. Conrad

Set 2

01. Old Neighborhood
02. Doreatha
03. Dyin’ Man
04. I’m Not Alone
05. Counting Train Cars
06. Fishing
07. Surprise Valley >
08. Drums >
09. Monstrosity >
10. Little Kin
11. Ain’t Life Grand


01. Christmas Katie
02. Action Man

Source: Neumann KM140’s (at 10′, taper’s section, DFC) > Lunatec V3 (ANSR 16/48) > Tascam DA-P1
Taped, Converted & Seeded by Jef Fugh

Widespread Panic
The Joint, Hard Rock Hotel
Las Vegas, NV

1: Are You Ready For The Country?, Wondering, C. Brown, Yard of Blonde Girls, Travelin’ Light, Trouble, Pickin’ Up The Pieces, Mercy, Ribs And Whiskey, Chunk Of Coal

2: Give > All Time Low > Arleen, I’m Not Alone, Goin’ Out West > Drums > Interstellar Overdrive, Monstrosity > Proving Ground > Climb To Safety

E: Down, Don’t Wanna Lose You, Sometimes

[Set 1 acoustic; Fast ‘Mercy’; ‘Satisfied’ rap during ‘Arleen’]

Widespread Panic
Canyon Amphitheatre
Lubbock, TX.

Set 1:

01. She Caught The Katy,
02. Thought Sausage,
03. Greta,
04. Sleepy Monkey >
05. Red Hot Mama,
06. Monstrosity >
07. Travelin’ Man,
08. Little Lilly,
09. Are You Ready For The Country?

Set 2:

10. Imitation Leather Shoes,
11. Stop-Go,
12. Busted Big,
13. Love Tractor,
14. Yard of Blonde Girls,
15. C. Brown,
16. Gradle,
17. Diner,
18. Pusherman,
19. Pigeons


20. Crowd
21. Stop Breakin’ Down Blues,
22. Daisy Mae
23. Outro: Rawhide

[Acoustic ‘Yard of Blonde Girls’ through ‘Gradle’; ‘Kinky Reggae’ rap by JB during ‘Sleepy Monkey’; ‘Time Waits’ rap by JB during ‘Stop-Go’; Vacation Tease in to and out of Travelin’ Man; 1-2 second PA dropout in Love Tractor]

Source: (Slight LOC, FOB, ~7ft.) Schoeps MK4V > SX-M2 > hhb > M1
Taped & Transferred by Martin Medley and Jack Chaney.

Widespread Panic
Madison Square Garden
New York, NY

1: All Time Low, Greta > Makes Sense To Me, Driving Song > Fishing > Driving Song > Trouble, Climb To Safety, Thought Sausage > Travelin’ Light

2: On Broadway*, Weight Of The World**, Christmas Katie** > Superstition** > Drums*** > Ride Me High > Surprise Valley > I’m Not Alone, Thin Air (Smells Like Mississippi) > Love Tractor

E: Lawyers, Guns, And Money, Flat Foot Flewzy, Space Wrangler

* with Kevin Harris on tenor saxophone, Roger Lewis on saxophone
** with Dirty Dozen Brass Band
*** with Terrence Higgins on percussion

[Only ‘On Broadway’; Acoustic ‘Driving Song’ through ‘Trouble’; ‘Playing In The Band’ tease by Dave after ‘Fishing’; ‘Sir Duke’ and ‘I Wish’ teases during ‘Superstition’; The Dirty Dozen Brass Band opened; Last ‘Lawyers, Guns, And Money’ – 10/28/00, 261 shows]

Widespread Panic
Caesar’s Tahoe
Lake Tahoe, NV

1: Stop Breakin’ Down Blues, Ain’t Life Grand, Fishing, Clinic Cynic, Who Do You Belong To?, Genesis, Counting Train Cars, I Like The Things About Me, Can’t Get High, Imitation Leather Shoes

2: Thought Sausage, Fishwater > Drums > Fishwater, Red Hot Mama, Hatfield, Weight Of The World, Greta > Cream Puff War, Drums > Porch Song, Makes Sense To Me

E: Nobody’s Loss, Papa Johnny Road

[Set 1 acoustic; Bluegrass version of ‘Imitation Leather Shoes’]

Widespread Panic
Paolo Soleri
Santa Fe, NM

1: Goin’ Out West, Rebirtha > C. Brown, Weight Of The World, Bowlegged Woman > Worry, Don’t Wanna Lose You, Nebulous, Mr. Soul

2: Junior > Little Lilly > One Arm Steve, Fishing, Clinic Cynic, Old Joe, Porch Song, Surprise Valley > Drums > Surprise Valley > Pusherman, Fishwater

E: Doreatha, Ain’t Life Grand

[Acoustic ‘Fishing’ through ‘Porch Song’; ‘Mind Left Body Jam’ jam before ‘One Arm Steve’]

Widespread Panic
10,000 Lakes Festival
Detroit Lakes, MN

1: Blackout Blues, Coconut, Blue Indian, Yard of Blonde Girls, Trouble, Send Your Mind, Fishing, No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature

2: Junior, Chilly Water > Drums > Chilly Water, Doreatha, Don’t Wanna Lose You, Rock > Drums* > Proving Ground, Interstellar Overdrive, Sharon, Give

E: Space Wrangler, Imitation Leather Shoes, End Of The Show

* with Brad Rosen on percussion, Steve Drizos on percussion

[Set 1 acoustic; Dave appeared earlier in the day with Gov’t Mule for ‘Don’t Step on the Grass, Sam’]

Widespread Panic
Red Rocks
Morrison, CO

1: Are You Ready For The Country?, She Caught The Katy, Fishing, Ophelia, Old Joe, Clinic Cynic, And It Stoned Me, Coconut, Wish You Were Here, Pickin’ Up The Pieces, Stop Breakin’ Down Blues

2: Disco, Junior, North, Tortured Artist, Doreatha, I’m Not Alone, Arleen* > Fixin’ To Die** > Drums*** > Space Wrangler, Blackout Blues, Cream Puff War

E: Don’t Wanna Lose You, Surprise Valley, Porch Song

* with Cecil Daniels on midi-saxophone
** with Cecil Daniels on midi-saxophone, Col. Bruce Hampton on vocals
*** with Cecil Daniels on percussion

[Set 1 acoustic; PA problems during ‘North’; ‘Ribs And Whiskey’ rap by JB during ‘Arleen’]

Widespread Panic
Red Rocks
Morrison, CO

1: Makes Sense To Me > All Time Low, Greta, Rock, Counting Train Cars, Proving Ground > Thin Air (Smells Like Mississippi) > Proving Ground > Henry Parsons Died

2: Tonight’s the Night, Action Man > Wondering > Red Hot Mama, Blue Indian > Drums > Monstrosity > Stop-Go, Love Tractor, Climb To Safety, Papa Johnny Road

E: Genesis, Nobody’s Loss, Fishwater*, 1 x 1*

* with Cecil Daniels on percussion

[Acoustic ‘Genesis’ and ‘Nobody’s Loss’; ‘Boris the Spider’ jam after ‘Drums’; Soundcheck: ‘She Caught The Katy’, ‘The Last Straw’, ‘Werewolves of London’ tease, ‘Little Lilly’ (x2)]

Widespread Panic
Orpheum Theater
Boston, MA

1: Wondering, Fishing, Ophelia, City of Dreams, Clinic Cynic, Nobody’s Loss, Pickin’ Up The Pieces, Trouble, C. Brown, Can’t Find My Way Home

2: Diner > Henry Parsons Died, Tortured Artist, Old Neighborhood, Bear’s Gone Fishin’ > Jam > Drums > Worry, Don’t Wanna Lose You, Love Tractor

E: Surprise Valley > No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature

[First ‘Fishing’; Set 1 acoustic]

Widespread Panic
December 31, 2003
Phillips Arena
Atlanta, GA

Set 1:
1. Crowd (1:21)
2. Fishing (7:47)
3. Papa Johnny Road (5:35)
4. Party At Your Mama’s House (7:06)
5. Counting Train Cars (3:48)
6. I Like The Things About Me (7:03)
7. Down* (04:57)
8. Christmas Katie* (9:31)
9. Blackout Blues (7:17)
10. Chilly Water (12:07:14)

Set 2:
1. Crowd (:41)
2. Bowlegged Woman (7:34)
3. Stop-Go (08:05)
4. Sleepy Monkey* (7:39)
5. Disco (5:34)
6. Jack (7:10)
7. Coconut (7:42)

Set 3:
1. Countdown (7:16)
2. Imitation Leather Shoes(4:36)
3. Ain’t Life Grand (4:41)
4. Bust It Big (9:42)
5. Ribs And Whiskey (7:40)
6. Thought Sausage (6:06)
7. Life During Wartime (7:18)
8. Blight* (08:13:67)
9. Get In Get Out* (8:24) [missing]
10. Tall Boy* (4:41)
11. Action Man* (4:47)

1. Crowd (9:00)
2. Driving Song > (4:09)
3. Vacation > (12:51)
4. Driving Song (4:23)
5. Makes Sense To Me (4:58)

8.Burnin down the House over the PA (3:53)

* with Randall Bramblett on saxophone
[Set 1 acoustic]

Source: Schoeps MK4 > KC5 > CMC6 > Lunatec V3(ANSR) > Sony D8 @ 48kHz.(FOB/ORTF/DFC)

Taped and Transferred by: Nate Fisher

Thanks to Steve Brothers for the clamp space. Thanks to Hubert, Klaus, Smiley, Kinder, Thiess,
C. Fox, Zman, Joe W., Fox & Caines Bro’s, Boswell, Damon, Team Focker, Bohannon & all ATL Home Team,
And of course….Sharon

God Bless Mikey!!!

Widespread Panic
AmSouth Amphitheatre
Antioch, TN

1: Chilly Water > Drums > Ride Me High > Chilly Water, Don’t Wanna Lose You, Give, Blue Indian, Use Me, Makes Sense To Me, Climb To Safety

2: Thin Air (Smells Like Mississippi)*, Pigeons, Worry, Fishing, The Take Out**, Pickin’ Up The Pieces**, Porch Song**, Wondering, Stop Breakin’ Down Blues, Conrad, Tall Boy

E: Visiting Day, Ain’t Life Grand

* with Hunter Williams on percussion
** with Vassar Clements on fiddle

[Acoustic ‘Fishing’ through ‘Porch Song’]

John Bell And Domingo “Sunny” Ortiz Acoustic Duet
KBCO Studios
Boulder, Colorado

01 Greeting
02 Already Fried
03 Interview
04 Angels Don’t Sing The Blues
05 Interview
06 Time Waits
07 Outro
08 Uncut capture via online broadcast*

Source: KBCO 97.3 FM> Schoeps CCM4V’s> Lunatec V2> Benchmark AD2K> Sound Devices 722 (24/44)
Recorded By: Z-Man
*Recorded By: Ted Rockwell

This Recording Is Dedicated To The Memory Of My Good Friend Tracy Frank, Who Left Us This Week.
Rest In Peace Tracy. Fare Thee Well, Fare Thee Well, I Love You More Than Words Can Tell…