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The stream from the Jerry Joseph aftershow is also available.

Widespread Panic
Winter Park Ski Area,
Winter Park, CO

1: Conrad*, Solid Rock*, Can’t Get High*, Tortured Artist, Heroes*, Bayou Lena*, Jack*, Counting Train Cars**, It Ain’t No Use, Walkin’ (For Your Love)*

2: Papa Legba > Papa Johnny Road > Party At Your Mama’s House**, Second Skin**, Nebulous > Contentment Blues*, Imitation Leather Shoes > Drums*** > Me And The Devil Blues* > None of Us Are Free*, Road To Damascus**** > Chainsaw City****

E: Don’t Be Denied > Travelin’ Light

* with John Keane on guitar
** with John Keane on pedal steel
*** with Brad Rosen on percussion, Steve Drizos on percussion
**** with Brad Rosen on percussion, Jerry Joseph on guitar, Steve Drizos on percussion

[Sunny on keyboards for ‘Road To Damascus’; JoJo on guitar for ‘Chainsaw City’]

Taped and Transfered by: Bennett Schwartz