34 comments on “Widespread Panic – 04/28/2002 – Mikey’s Last Oak Mountain

  1. I was directly in front of mikey on the rail for the entire second set. It was phenomenal and I still get chills every time I hear this show. I remember just watching him for driving > Breathing Slow, expecting a sammy, but once he hit those notes for breathing slow, i knew it was perfect. He really rocked it out as much as possible in his own special way this night! We miss you Mikey!

  2. Listening to this show made me want to dig up some pictures I took from Mikey’s Last Stand @ Oak. Went to Savannah > Oak that spring tour and those 4 shows were some of the best ever… any band, any time, any place!

  3. My mood is dreary to go with the weather here in Bama on the 11 year anniversary of an incredible evening in my music life. "Papa's hittin' the road again…"

    • Something is screwy with FB or possibly my mobile app. I tried responding to your tickets for sale on Mag miracle. It just keeps saying "something went wrong" please let me know about Knoxville tix.

  4. yes… this was a great one despite the melancholy hanging over it. i was born with pancreatitis, and it will likely develop into cancer at some point as well… so be it. I look forward to joining Mikey in that "great gig in the sky"

  5. You don't "contract" pancreatic cancer. You contract contagious diseases like Aids and Hep C. If this was the case, far less people would die from it, because we would most likely know where we "contracted" it from and would know to stay away from "that". But since no one knows what causes pancreatic cancer you don't contract it. This makes it sound like Mikey did something that could have possibly been avoided. What should have been said in this case is "Although not an official word had been uttered, most fans knew that Houser "had been diagnosed with" pancreatic cancer. I hope this gets changed.

  6. Mikey will always be missed, this brings back even 12 years later a bit of the joy he brought to us for so long. This show truely was amazing, thank you WSP for so many years of dedication. See you in a couple weeks!

  7. You created the sound that has helped to form my life. I never saw you live but hear you everyday. Thanks for being Mikey, thanks for the blueprint.

  8. That was the last time I saw Mikey play with the boys, too! I had seen them a couple of times before and I didn't "get it" (I was an innocent and very naive teenager) but I REALLY wanted to get what it was all about (I lived in Hoover a few miles down the road from Pelham/Oak Mountain Amphitheater during middle school and my freshman year in high school and was always hearing about this band that I never heard on the radio) and then at that first Bonnaroo they broke into a killer version of "Arlene" and suddenly there were 80,000 fists in the air going "I can't stand it! No no no I can't stand it!" and something just clicked and I was blown away! I FINALLY got it! I've been in love ever since! RIP Mikey. Thanks for the music!

  9. With the recent scare of losing "our" band, the overwhelming thoughts of this show being that it was the last time to ever see him live cannot be understated. I am forever grateful of this weekend, this show, and the people who experienced one of the best weekends of my life with me. Forever Widespread Panic!!!

  10. Such a great show! Awesome and heartbreaking at the same time. I will never forget that last Oak Mt show. I felt honored to be a part of that groove that overtook the whole place! I love WP but that show was different it stands out in my memories.

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