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Widespread Panic
Red Rocks
Morrison, CO

1: All Time Low, Wondering > Greta > Sleepy Monkey > Weak Brain, Narrow Mind, Rebirtha > Heaven > Dyin’ Man

2: Pigeons, Love Tractor > Blue Indian, Party At Your Mama’s House > Ain’t Life Grand > Drums* > Superstition** > She Caught The Katy** > Coconut**

E: Nobody’s Loss, Travelin’ Light

* with Terrence Higgins on percussion
** with Dirty Dozen Brass Band

[‘Cars’ jam before ‘Heaven’; ‘In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida’ jam after ‘Love Tractor’; Soundcheck: ‘Worry’, ‘She Caught The Katy’; The Dirty Dozen Brass Band opened; ‘Rebirtha’ through ‘Coconut’ broadcast on KBCO on 9/14/00]

Widespread Panic
Philips Arena
Atlanta, GA

1: Love Tractor, Thin Air (Smells Like Mississippi), Surprise Valley, Blue Indian, Pickin’ Up The Pieces*, Climb To Safety*, Pilgrims, Arleen, Hatfield, Give

2: Sometimes, Pigeons, Visiting Day, All Time Low, Fishwater > Drums** > Space Wrangler***, Mercy*** > Jam***, Greta, Barstools and Dreamers, Travelin’ Light

E: Doreatha > Surprise Valley > Porch Song

* with Chuck Leavell on keyboards
** with Count Mbutu on percussion, Dr. Arvin Scott on percussion, Yonrico Scott on percussion
*** with Chuck Leavell on keyboards, Derek Trucks on guitar

[‘Honey, Don’t You Want a Man Like Me’ and ‘867-5309/Jenny’ raps by Dave during ‘Arleen’; ‘You Better Run’ tease by JoJo before ‘All Time Low’; ‘Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun’ tease by Dave after ‘Drums’; ‘The Other One’ jam after ‘Mercy’]

Widespread Panic
Madison Square Garden
New York, NY

1: All Time Low, Greta > Makes Sense To Me, Driving Song > Fishing > Driving Song > Trouble, Climb To Safety, Thought Sausage > Travelin’ Light

2: On Broadway*, Weight Of The World**, Christmas Katie** > Superstition** > Drums*** > Ride Me High > Surprise Valley > I’m Not Alone, Thin Air (Smells Like Mississippi) > Love Tractor

E: Lawyers, Guns, And Money, Flat Foot Flewzy, Space Wrangler

* with Kevin Harris on tenor saxophone, Roger Lewis on saxophone
** with Dirty Dozen Brass Band
*** with Terrence Higgins on percussion

[Only ‘On Broadway’; Acoustic ‘Driving Song’ through ‘Trouble’; ‘Playing In The Band’ tease by Dave after ‘Fishing’; ‘Sir Duke’ and ‘I Wish’ teases during ‘Superstition’; The Dirty Dozen Brass Band opened; Last ‘Lawyers, Guns, And Money’ – 10/28/00, 261 shows]

Widespread Panic
A.J. Palumbo Theatre
Pittsburgh, PA

1: Papa Legba, Pleas > Mr. Soul, Jack, Who Do You Belong To?, Sparks Fly, It Ain’t No Use, Tall Boy

2: Conrad > Barstools and Dreamers, Red Hot Mama > Driving Song > Tie Your Shoes > Drums > Tie Your Shoes > Driving Song, C. Brown, Sometimes

E: Me And The Devil Blues > Blackout Blues

[‘Thank You Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin’ rap during ‘Barstools and Dreamers’]

Widespread Panic
Landmark Theater
Richmond, VA

1: Little Kin, Thin Air (Smells Like Mississippi) > 1 x 1, Little Lilly, Rock, Can’t Get High, Travelin’ Man > Goin’ Out West, All Time Low

2: Disco, Diner > Coconut, Surprise Valley > Blight > Drums > Surprise Valley > Pilgrims, Fishwater, Climb To Safety

E: Heaven, Let It Bleed

[‘Third Stone From The Sun’ tease by Dave after ‘Drums’]

Widespread Panic
Cricket Arena
Charlotte, NC

1: Little Kin, Bowlegged Woman, Weight Of The World, Thin Air (Smells Like Mississippi), Jack, Let’s Get Down To Business, Old Neighborhood, Papa Johnny Road, Climb To Safety

2: Tortured Artist, Chilly Water, It Ain’t No Use, Junior, Pickin’ Up The Pieces*, Fixin’ To Die**, Drums, Hatfield, Tall Boy, Conrad

E: Nobody’s Loss, Knocking ‘Round The Zoo

* with Drew Emmitt on mandolin
** with Drew Emmitt on mandolin, Vince Herman on vocals

[‘My Sharona’ tease before ‘Hatfield’; Leftover Salmon opened]

Widespread Panic
Aerial Theater
Bayou Place
Houston, TX

1: Little Kin, Travelin’ Light, Tortured Artist, Aunt Avis > Ride Me High > Diner > Greta, Genesis, Pigeons

2: Monstrosity, Dyin’ Man, Weak Brain, Narrow Mind, Who Do You Belong To?, Pickin’ Up The Pieces, Travelin’ Man > Drums > No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature > Imitation Leather Shoes

E: I Like The Things About Me, Red Beans