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Widespread Panic
10,000 Lakes Festival
Detroit Lakes, MN

1: Sometimes, Who Do You Belong To?, Bayou Lena, Pleas, Let It Rock > Jam > Christmas Katie, Proving Ground, Bust It Big, Cream Puff War

2: Weight Of The World, Ain’t Life Grand, Send Your Mind, Junior, I’m Not Alone, Tie Your Shoes, Ride Me High, I Walk On Guilded Splinters, Contentment Blues, Tall Boy

E: Counting Train Cars, Conrad

Widespread Panic
July 22, 2005
10,000 Lakes Festival
Soo Pass Ranch
Detroit Lakes, MN

Set I
1. Worry
2. Good People
3. Holden Oversoul >
4. North
5. Pickin’ Up the Pieces
6. Time Zone >
7. Come Together
8. Daisy Mae >
9. Makes Sense To Me

Set II…
1. Old Neighborhood
2. Chainsaw City
3. One Kind Favor
4. Don’t Wanna Lose You
5. Rebirtha
6. Stop Breakin’ Down Blues
7. Party At Your Mama’s House
1. Thin Air (Smells Like Mississippi) >
2. All Time Low >
3. Pusherman >
4. Fishwater

5. Old Joe
6. Henry Parsons Died

Source: MBHO 603a/KA200 > V3(48k) > M1 (FOB)
Taped by: Brett Foelske
Transfered by: Eric Foelske

Widespread Panic
10,000 Lakes Festival
Detroit Lakes, MN

1: Blackout Blues, Coconut, Blue Indian, Yard of Blonde Girls, Trouble, Send Your Mind, Fishing, No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature

2: Junior, Chilly Water > Drums > Chilly Water, Doreatha, Don’t Wanna Lose You, Rock > Drums* > Proving Ground, Interstellar Overdrive, Sharon, Give

E: Space Wrangler, Imitation Leather Shoes, End Of The Show

* with Brad Rosen on percussion, Steve Drizos on percussion

[Set 1 acoustic; Dave appeared earlier in the day with Gov’t Mule for ‘Don’t Step on the Grass, Sam’]

Widespread Panic
10,000 Lakes Festival
Detroit Lakes, MN

1: Surprise Valley > Stop-Go > One Arm Steve, Counting Train Cars, Wondering, C. Brown, Bayou Lena, Pigeons, Makes Sense To Me

2: Tall Boy > Red Hot Mama > Drums > Monstrosity > Little Kin, Light Is Like Water*, Chainsaw City* > Drums > Ain’t Life Grand

E: Use Me**

* with Jerry Joseph on guitar/vocals
** with Theryl deClouet on vocals

[‘Time Waits’ rap by JB during ‘Stop-Go’; ‘Happy Birthday’ tease by JoJo before ‘Tall Boy’]


Widespread Panic
10,000 Lakes Festival,
Detroit Lakes, MN

1: Heroes > One Arm Steve > Pleas, Worry, Time Zones, All Time Low, Angels on High, Trouble > A of D > Wondering > Rock

2: Little Kin, Let’s Get Down To Business, Jack, B of D > Conrad, Her Dance Needs No Body > Chilly Water > Smokestack Lightning > Drums > Bust It Big > Chilly Water, Action Man

E: Airplane > Pilgrims

[Fireworks over the stage during ‘Airplane’; ‘Tear The Roof Off The Sucker (Give Up The Funk)’ tease by Dave during ‘Little Kin’]

Taped and transferred by Jeff Frank

AKG 481


Widespread Panic
10,000 Lakes Festival,
Detroit Lakes, MN

07/22/09 10,000 Lakes Festival, Detroit Lakes, MN
1: Old Neighborhood > Weight Of The World, Aunt Avis > Bear’s Gone Fishin’ > North > Can’t Get High, I’m Not Alone > Little Lilly > I’m Not Alone, Junior

2: Contentment Blues > You Got Yours > Driving Song > Hatfield > It Ain’t No Use > Driving Song, Thin Air (Smells Like Mississippi) > 1 x 1, Party At Your Mama’s House > Stop Breakin’ Down Blues, Radio Child

E: Maggot Brain, Chainsaw City

set1t01 Old Neighborhood
set1t02 Weight Of The World
set1t03 Aunt Avis
set1t04 Bear’s Gone Fishin’
set1t05 North
set1t06 Can’t Get High’
set1t07 I’m Not Alone
set1t08 Little Lilly
set1t09 I’m Not Alone
set1t10 Junior

set2t01 Contentment Blues
set2t02 You Got Yours
set2t03 Driving Song
set2t04 Hatfield
set2t05 Ain’t No Use
set2t06 Driving Song
set2t07 Thin Air
set2t08 1 x 1
set2t09 PAYMH
set2t10 SBD
set2t11 Radio Child

set2t12 E1:Maggot Brain
set2t13 E2:Chainsaw City

Taped and transferred by Jeff Frank
AKG 481 > V3 > MT2496 (16/44.1)