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John Bell
Athens, GA

0ne Set:

01. Walk On >
02. Coming Into Los Angeles,
03. Never Been To Spain,
04. Peaceful, Easy Feeling > Domino,
05. Kinky Reggae > Jammin’,
06. Eyes Of The World,
07. Moondance,
08. And It Stoned Me,
09. Mercedes Benz,
10. No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature,
11. For What It’s Worth,
12. Scarlet Begonias > Fire On The Mountain
13. Me And My Uncle,
14. Black Peter,
15. If I Had The World To Give,
16. Friend Of The Devil,


17. Judy Blue Eyes >
18. Judy Blue Eyes
19. Child At Play

[Exact date unknown (sometime in 1985); JB solo]


JB & Mikey

20. Pleas
21. Pickin’ Up The Pieces
22. Worry
23. Proving Ground Jam

[Exact date unknown (sometime in 1988) ; JB and Mike; Rehearsal of some classic Panic songs]
Source: Analog SBD

Analog cassettes provided by Scott Bacik and cleaned by Alan Schwartz in 2000.
Thanks to D.P Swint for the discs. EAC’d and seeded by Martin Medley.

This is the only known complete source of this show. The filler to my knowledge has not been circulated either. Enjoy this little gem.

Widespread Panic
Red Rocks
Morrison, CO

Set I:

1. Pigeons > Pleas
2. Hatfield
3. Travelin’ Light
4. Weight Of The World
5. Diner
6. Space Wrangler > Walkin’
7. Proving Ground > Postcard

unknown filler at the end of track 7

source: soundboard


Widespread Panic
Bijou Theater
Knoxville, TN


Space Wrangler (w/PA problems),
Makes Sense to Me,
Take Out > Porch Song,
C Brown
Holden Oversoul* >
Low Spark of High Heeled Boys >
Walkin’ (For Your Love) >
Stop/Go >
Flat Foot Flewzy >
Travelin’ Light,
[Rock missing on board tape],
Love Tractor

I’m Not Alone,
Weight of the World


One set show, no taping allowed

Filler(see notes for why this filler is here):
AUDM>DAT Nak 100 – Space Wrangler, Holden (in full), Rock

source: SBD taped by Tip
transfer by JK
notes: panic comes back to the bijou again during their “no taping” period. i taped upstairs, front row balcony with nak 100/cp1. Tip was working at WUTK at the time as a DJ and was able to tape sbd to broadcast. There were PA / board issues during Space Wrangler – on the board tape the kick drum and floor toms distort a bit, and on the house PA there is some crackle. I included the filler of Space Wrangler from the audience source in case anything could be done to matrix and smooth it out. Holden is a matrix as the tape flip caught the board and the aud source is included for that reason. Rock is also missing on the board tape due to tape flip, and that’s included from the aud source also. the audience source is not great, but i included those songs for completeness. the board mix this night is nice and it’s stereo, jb’s guitar on the right and mike on the left, for the most part. this is not the perfect tape, but we’re lucky to have it at all.

it’s a good show, so check it out!

john m


Widespread Panic
January 3, 1989
John Keane’s Studio
Athens, GA

01) C. Brown
02) Pigeons (v.1)
03) Barstools & Dreamers
04) The Last Straw
05) Conrad the Caterpillar
06) Machine Funk
07) Holden Oversoul
08) Jack (fades out)
01) // Impossible (fades in)
02) Disco
03) Gimme
04) Wishbone
05) Pigeons (v.2)
06) Liza’s Apt.
07) A of D
08) B of D
09) Contentment Blues

Filler: John Bell solo acoustic (studio)(date unknown)
10) Little Lilly
11) Climb to safety

Source: Soundboard > Cass > DAT > CD-R (seed CD-R courtesy of Scott Sebok)
Remaster by: BobbyHurley


Widespread Panic
Park West,
Chicago, IL

Set: Weight Of The World, The Take Out > Porch Song, Makes Sense To Me > Stop-Go > Hatfield > Travelin’ Light, Walkin’ (For Your Love) > Just Kissed My Baby, Pigeons, Send Your Mind > Drums > Junco Partner > Worry, Driving Song > Diner > Happy Child > Driving Song > Entering A Black Hole Backwards > Chilly Water


E: I’m Not Alone > Love Tractor

Track 13 – Fill: 7/20/92 encore: Can’t Find My Way Home

Transfer by Ted Rockwell.
The source is the actual dat tape recorded with a D8 that was hooked to the board. 7/20/92 was originally recorded on the tape and was apparently recycled for 7/22/92. 2/8/92 may have also been recorded on this tape at one time (the J-card is labeled 2/8/92 ARU/WSP) but no reminants of that performance are found on this tape. The encore for 7/20/92, Can’t Find My Way Home, survived at the very end of the tape (this performance from Cleveland is the first time the band played in JB’s hometown)

I love the banter between JB and some one in the crowd before the show starts and hearing him call out Makes Sense to Me before they play it… The setlist for this show is killer… Dave’s solo during Stop GO and Just Kissed My Baby are stupendous… I love this show not because it is my first, or that it was my birthday but because it is a great show.


Widespread Panic
91.3 WYEP Studios
Pittsburgh, PA

01. Pleas >
02. Chilly Water >
03. Aunt Avis
04. Rebirtha >
05. Blackout Blues
06. Hatfield >
07. Radio Child >
08. Travelin’ Light

Source: Pre-FM Soundboard
Flac Conversion & Seed: Josh Hall [August 2007]

JB Solo
KMTM Studios
Jackson, WY

Gradle {not included}
09. Space Wrangler
10. Hatfield

Widespread Panic
E Center
West Valley City, UT

Set 1: Wondering, Holden Oversoul > All Time Low, Blight, Hatfield, Fishwater, Gradle, Action Man, Tall Boy

Set 2: Casa, B of D, Down, Chilly Water > I Walk On Guilded Splinters > Drums > D&B > Airplane > Goin’ Out West > Love Tractor

E: Sometimes

Fill: 4/4/96 E: Low Spark (468s FOB)

Thanks to Mike Remmers for bringing by a bunch of tapes for new years. This sounds nicer than the other that circs.

Source: TS MBHO 603A/KA 500/V>Lunatec V2>AD2K+ >Zefiro ZA2>CDWav

Widespread Panic
Max’s Cafe
Richmond, VA
November 14, 1987


01 Pigeons
02 Shouldn’t Have Took More Than You Gave
03 Ophelia
04 Banter
05 Driving Song >
06 Breathing Slow
07 Dear Mr. Fantasy
08 Stop-Go*
09 Coconuts*
10 Down on the Farm // (tape flip)
11 L.a.
12 Wish You Were Here >
13 Heaven*
14 Chilly Water*
01 Tuning*
02 Me & My Uncle* >
03 Travelin’ Light
04 Conrad
05 Space Wrangler // (cut)

* w/ Dean Owen on percussion

[‘Wish You Were Here’ JB and Mike; ‘Heaven’ began JB and Mike; ‘Feeling Gravitys Pull’ tease by Dave before ‘Stop-Go’; Flipside opened]

06 Low Spark of High Heeled Boys (unknown date)

Source: Soundboard > Cass/? > DAT @ 48 kHz
Taper: Unknown / seed by Mike Phelps
Transfer by: Wade Cooper


Widespread Panic
Vail, CO

Set I

01. Ain’t Life Grand
02. Travelin’ Light
03. Gimme
04. Little Kin
05. Big Wooly Mammoth
06. Radio Child
07. Blight
08. Vacation
09. Holden Oversoul
10. Love Tractor

Set II

01. Ribs And Whiskey
02. Stop-Go
03. Diner
04. Get Up Early In The Morning
05. Jack
06. Pleas
07. Disco
08. Pilgrims >
01. Solace
02. Conrad


03. Genesis >
04. Porch Song

Filler: 1996-02-14 – Crested Butte, CO.

05. Postcard
06. It Ain’t No Use
07. End of the Show
08. Contentment Blues

[First ‘Solace’; ‘Ribs And Whiskey’ just JB and Dave; Sit & Ski Tour]

Source: AKG414B/ULS > Oade deluxe > Technics SV-MD1
Thanks again to Steve Bohannon for the show

Widespread Panic
Charter One Pavilion
Chicago, Illinois


01 Greeting/Tuning
02 Send Your Mind
03 Walkin’ >
04 Jam >
05 Makes Sense To Me
06 Pigeons
07 *Mercy >
08 *Jam >
09 *Rock
10 C Brown >
11 Love Tractor
01 Weight Of The World
02 I’m Not Alone >
03 Barstools
04 Provin’ Ground
05 Last Straw
06 #Me And The Devil
07 #Last Dance

John Bell From Wrigley Field From Earlier This Afternoon
08 National Anthem

* With Derek Trucks On Guitar
# With Warren Haynes On Guitar

[Set contained all songs from the self-titled album a.k.a. “Mom’s Kitchen”; with The Allman Brothers]

Source: Schoeps CCM4V’S(din)>Lunatec V2>Benchmark AD2K> Sound Devices 722 (24/48)
Recorded By: Z-Man

Widespread Panic
Uptown Lounge,
Athens, GA

Disc 1:
Drivin’* >
Breathing Slow >
New Minglewood* >
Wooden Ships* >
Vacation >

Disc 2:
Long May you live*,
Creampuff >
Stop Go(cuts right at end).

Filler 7/14/86:
Jam >
Sharon* >
Fire on the Mtn.*,
Sleepy Monkey,
Aiko Aiko* >
Barstools rap(!) >

* – with Kelly Jo Davis

This is one of my latest remasters… Some folks think there will be some interest in these, so I figured I’d seed one up and see how it does.. Very nice classic old-school panic.. Includes the first vacation(with instrumental Cardboard Box before it). Barstools rap on filler is also about 6 months before the debut of Barstools and is very cool! Filler starts with d2t4.. Enjoy!
Remastered by Alan Schwartz.

Widespread Panic
Fort Lewis College
Durango, CO

Weight of the World, C. Brown, Papa’s Home, Chilly Water, Ain’t No Use > Jam > Walkin’, Jack, Love Tractor

set 2
Conrad, Contentment Blues, Bo-Legged Woman, Tie Your Shoes, Hatfield, Driving > B of D > Driving, Pickin’ Up Pieces, Rock, Take Out > Porch, Holden, Barstool, Travelin’ Light, E: Last Straw, Postcard

1992-09-10 set 1 flagstaff, az
Holden, Space Wrangler > Walkin’, Send Your Mind, Diner, Can’t Find My Way Home

source: akg522>casio dat

notes: Hardy did the colorado to arizona run from 9/3 on through 9/10; some of the tapes came out great and some did not. this is a good one! only flaws are a digi squirt around 2:48 in weight that was present on the DAT(1), and there is a dat tape change during driving. Hardy used all of a two hour tape and would start the set 2 on the end of the set 1 tape, so at some point in set 2 he would have to change tapes. then he would start the next night at the end of that partial set 2 tape. that’s how this one flows and that’s why 9/10 set 1 starts after the 9/9 show. i listed it as filler of course, but all these tapes flow that way. i’m trying to piece together a few more of these shows but i’m having problems locating entire shows because of the way they were split. i have some complete sets, so i may just post those if i can’t locate the entire shows. mikey is nice and loud in the mix, so get down on this one and enjoy! thanks to Hardy and to Rick!!
john m

Widespread Panic
April 5, 1986
Uptown Lounge
Athens, GA


01. Dirty Business* 9:31
02. Dear Mr. Fantasy* 6:23
03. Iko Iko* 6:28
04. Long May You Live* 5:12
05. Coconut* 6:29
06. Smokestack Lightning* > 7:05
07. Spoonful* > 3:21
08. Chilly Water* > 7:12
09. Not Fade Away* 13:24
10. Little Wing** > 8:04
11. Sleepy Monkey 9:54
13. Werewolves Of London* 5:58
14. No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature* 10:54
15. Space Wrangler* 10:29

filler: 09/15/86 Uptown Lounge, Athens, GA
101. Long May You Live 4:35
102. Cream Puff War> 6:59
103. Stop-Go 4:20

* with Kelley Jo Davis on vocals
** with Dave Nolan on flute

[Setlist Incomplete; ‘Long May You Live’ performed for Jeff Riley’s birthday; ‘Postcard’ rap by JB during ‘Long May You Live’; ‘TV Party’ rap by JB during ‘No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature’]

Some PA(maybe board) Crackle throughout

remastered by Alan Schwartz


Widespread Panic
Zephyr Club
Salt Lake City, UT

Set 1:

01. Pleas,
02. Love Tractor,
03. Jack,
04. Junco Partner,
05. Solace,
06. Junior,
07. Makes Sense To Me,
08. Burned Faceless,
09. Happy,
10. Pusherman,
11. Travelin’ Light

Set 2:

01. Send Your Mind,
02. Glory >
03. Disco >
04. Diner >
05. Blight,
06. Porch Song >
07. Pilgrims >
08. Stop-Go >
09. Little Kin
10. The Last Straw >
11. Papa’s Home,


01. Blackout Blues >
02. Flat Foot Flewzy


01. Baldheaded Woman
02. Benefactor (122 Carrs Lane Rehearsal)
03. Hatfield (Radio Version with Story)

[Slow ‘Porch Song’; Sit & Ski Tour; Last ‘Junco Partner’ – 10/25/92, 460 shows]

Source: SBD
Converted by Steve Bohannon. Seeded by Alan Schwartz.



Widespread Panic
Georgia Theater
Athens, Ga.

One Set:

01. NYE Countdown
02. The Take Out*
03. Driving Song*
04. C. Brown*
05. Jam*
06. B Of D*
07. Driving Song*
08. Porch Song*
09. Weight Of The World
10. Chilly Water
11. Gim/me
12. Worry
13. Makes Sense To Me**
14. Drums
15. Jam
16. Low Rider/
17. /Jam
18. Fishwater
19. Mercy
20. Flat Foot Flewzy


21. Heaven
22. Conrad

*w/ David Blackmon
**w/ Daniel Hutchens

12/30/1990 Georgia Theater

01. Jam
02. Papa Legba
03. Rock
04. Love Tractor
05. Ain’t No Use
06. Walkin’

***Snuck into the back of Wes’ deck on the downlow***
-seam in Chilly edited from tape flip.
-cut in end of Low Rider fade applied
-cut in Gimme fades applied

Transfered, Tracked, Converted, & Seeded By: Michael Wilker
Source: SBD master analogue transfer(XLIIS)


Widespread Panic
NBC Studios,
New York, NY

1: Aunt Avis
2: Conan O’Brien

Widespread Panic
Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall,
Kansas City, KS

Set I
1: Walk On,
2: Disco,
3: Radio Child,
4: Gradle >
5: Dyin’ Man,
6: Walkin'(For Your Love) >
7: Jack,
8: Sleeping Man > Jam,
9: Space Wrangler,
10: Henry Parsons Died

Set II
1: Goin’ Out West,
2: City of Dreams,
3: Chilly Water >
4: Ride Me High >
5: Chilly Water,
6: Sleepy Monkey >
7: Coconut,
8: Drums >
9: Drums >
10: Pilgrims,
11: Ain’t Life Grand

1: Aunt Avis,
2: Rock

Thanks to Charles Cioffero for the 06-19-97 CD
Thanks to Harvey Couch for the 06-21-97 DAT
Transferred by Steve Porcari, Seeded by Jason Grant

Note: No music effected if you want to leave off the 06-19-97 Conan show. I included it in this seed b/c Conan mentions the following KC show during his introduction of the band.


Widespread Panic
August 4, 1986
Uptown Lounge
Athens, GA

Set I
1. Jam> 2:33
2. Conrad 7:48
3. Dirty Business> 7:37
4. Fire on the Mountain 9:54
5. Not Fade Away> 8:28
6. Heathen> 6:32
7. Nights In White Satin> 5:04
8. Not Fade Away 3:13

Set II
1. Smokestack Lightning 10:53
2. Driving Song> 6:40
3. Breathing Slow 2:19
4. Let It Rock 7:38
5. Stop-Go 5:21
6. Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys 7:36


Uptown Lounge
Athens, GA

7. Smokestack Lightning> 7:27
8. New Speedway Boogie 8:36
9. Space Wrangler 7:22

remastered by Alan Schwartz


Widespread Panic
Uptown Lounge
Athens, GA

1 Cryptical Envelopment >
2 The Other One >
3 Cryptical Envelopment
4 Dirty Business >
5 Sleepy Monkey >
6 Low Rider >
7 Werewolves of London
8 Space Wrangler
9 No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature
10 I Know You Rider >
11 Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door

With Kelly Joe on Vocals


Uptown Lounge
Athens, GA

1 Lovelight
2 last dance
3 Knockin around the zoo

Hiss reduction and mastering to cd By Alan Schwartz