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Photo via SamHoltBand (IG)


Zman’s source

Sam Holt Solo
City Winery
Atlanta, Georgia

01 Greeting/Banter
02 Edgewater
03 Gunner >
04 Tennessee Before Daylight
05 History Lesson Part II >
06 This Part Of Town
07 Mercy Train To Bogart >
08 Clinic Cynic

Zman’s source

JoJo Hermann
City Winery
Atlanta, Georgia

Disc I

01 Greeting/Banter
02 Tipitina >
03 Tall Boy
04 One-Arm Steve >
05 Imitation Leather Shoes
06 Disco >
07 Ride Me High >
08 *Bust It Big >
09 Disco >
10 Greta >
11 Up All Night >
12 Greta
13 All Time Low

Disc II

01 Jojo Banter
02 Blue Parasol
03 Squirrels In The Attic
04 Stagger Lee
05 Such A Night >
06 Bayou Lena
07 Visiting Day
08 Enter Sam Holt/Banter
09 #Can’t Change The Past
10 #Sandbox >
11 #Blackout Blues

* With Up All Night Tease
# With Sam Holt On Guitar And Vocals

Source: Schoeps CCM4V’S>Lunatec V2>Sound Devices 722 (24/44.1)
SOB/DFC/KFC/ZFC/AARP 45′ From Stage, 6 1/2′ High
DSP: Sound Devices 722>Sound Forge 10.0>CD Wave>flac(16)
ID3 Tagged In Foobar 2000
Recorded By: Z-Man
Seeded By: Z-Man
A Team Dirty South Recording

Jerry Garcia 80th Birthday Celebration
Red Rocks Amphitheater
Morrison, CO

Set One

Cats Out Under The Stars
China Cat Sunflower >
I Know You Rider Jam
Mission In The Rain

Set Two

Reuben And Cherise
Shakedown Street
Uncle Johns Band
Morning Dew
Run For The Roses
Lady With A Fan >
Terrapin Station
Touch Of Gray
After Midnight –
Lay Down Sally –
Tangled Up In Blue –

Jerry Garcia’s 80th Birthday Band

Melvin Seals: Keyboards / Hammond B3
Tom Hamilton: Lead Guitar / Vocals
Duane Trucks: Drums
David Schools: Bass / Vocals
Jackie LaBranch: Vocals
Lady Chi: Vocals
With Special Guests
The Colorado Symphony

– Denotes No Symphony

Mastered,Tracked, Labeled by: Top Hat Crew ( Big Jerry )
Lineage: (WAV32/48) > Audacity > (WAV 24/48) > Foobar2000 > FLAC8
Source: AKG CK 61 DIN > nbob actives > PFA’s) > MixPre6ii (32/48)

Notes: Rain can be heard in quiet spots and some wind shifting due to high gusts moving stacks side to side. Details of recording are going to be left out to protect the innocent.

Down On The Bayou II
A Benefit for the New Orleans Musicians Clinic
Howlin’ Wolf
New Orleans, LA

Set I: (JoJo’s Mardi Gras Band + Alfred “Uganda” Roberts)

01. Stag-o-lee
02. Bald Head
03. I’ve Got A Woman
04. Something On Your Mind *
05. She Walks Right In/Shake, Rattle & Roll *

* W/ Jimmy Carpenter on Sax, Christine Ohlman on Vocals

Set II: (Jojo Herman, John “Papa” Gros, George Porter, Jr., Russell Batiste, Jr., Jimmy Carpenter, Billy Iuso)

06. Intro
07. Stealin’
08. Right Place Wrong Time
09. Hey Pocky Way **
10. Big Chief **
11. Cabbage Alley ***

** W/ Big Chief Bo Dollis & Bo Dollis, Jr. on Vocals, Thomas McDowell on bass
*** W/ Big Chief Bo Dollis & Bo Dollis, Jr on Vocals, Thomas McDowell on bass, Ivan Neville on B3

Set III: (Widespread Panic)

12. Intro
13. Familiar Reality **** >
14. I Walk On Guilded Splinters ****

**** W/ Jimmy Carpenter on Sax

Set IV: (7 Walkers – Papa Mali, Bill Kreutzmann, Reed Mathis, Matt Hubbard + Anders Osborne)

15. Intro
16. Jam > Turn On Your Lovelight

Set V: (Jon Cleary, Dr. Jimbo Walsh, Russel Batiste, Jr.)

17. Intro
18. Tipitina
19. Lawdy Miss Clawdy

Set VI: (Gov’t Mule + Russel Batiste, Jr.)

20. Intro/Tuning
21. 32/20 Blues
22. Breakin’ Up Somebody’s Home *****

***** W/ Jojo Herman on Piano

Set VII: (Jojo’s Mardi Gras Band + Alfred “Uganda” Roberts)

23. Red Beans #
24. Jambalaya (On the Bayou) ##
25. Standing On Shaky Ground #
26. 25 Miles ###
27. Let The Good Times Roll ###
28. Ooh Poo Pah Doo ###
29. Get Out My Life Woman
30. Go To The Mardi Gras

# W/ Bonerama on horns
## W/ Bonerama on horns, Sherman Ewing on guitar/vocals
### W/ Bonerama on horns, Christine Olhman on vocals

Set VIII: (Jojo’s Mardi Gras Band + Luther Dickinson)


Additional Notes:
-FOH Board levels were killed for the first minute of track 4 and a constant squeal remains the rest of the set
-The last set was not recorded. Attempts to get the final set from the house system is still in progress. It will be seeded separately when acquired.
-There could be musicians on-stage not mentioned, if you remember please let me know as these guys deserve credit for volunteering their time for the benefit and great night of music!

Please continue to help support New Orleans area musicians and donate if you have the means to.

This is a great cause that not only assists current musicians but future musicians from New Orleans. Check out this site!

Source: Aud + SBD Matrix

SBD source: Yamaha M7CL > Edirol R-44 @ 24/48
AUD source: AKG Ck1x > Mk46 > c460b > Edirol R-44 @ 24/48
Location: ROC in FOH Cage/8ft/Dina/limiter = 1+2/3+4
DSP: SD > Wavelab (sych/mix/edit) > CDWave (tracking) > Wavelab (dither/re-sample) > TLH (flac8) > Foobar (Tagging)

Taped and seeded by Nick Burlison


Keyboardist JoJo Herman is a devoted fan of Dr. John and an adopted son of the New Orleans funk tradition. In October 2009 during Voodoo Fest Jojo produced the first Down on the Bayou at Howlin’ Wolf as a “companion” concert to the benefit Dr. John produced for the New Orleans Musicians’ Clinic.

The proceeds from Down on the Bayou II will help sustain the New Orleans Musiciansí Clinic (NOMC), a program of the New Orleans Musicians Assistance Foundation, (NOMAF) and their commitment to providing affordable, comprehensive health care to New Orleans most precious resource: our musicians musicians.

NOMC on NBC national news

The musicians clinic (est. in 1998) is the brainchild by Dr. Jack McConnell ( father of Phish keyboardist Page McConnell).

The NOMC became the first healthcare initiative of its kind in the United States, addressing the unmet medical needs of local musicians, artists and their families. The NOMC strives to institute an agenda of wellness into the New Orleans musician patient population, which in turn helps to keep the music and traditional artistry of the city alive.

Photo by Bennett Schwartz

Stockholm Syndrome
Jamcruise 9
The MSC Poesia
Teatro Carlo Felice
The Caribbean

01 Intro
02 Tight
03 Empire One
04 Emma’s Pissed
05 Jacob
06 Spy
07 Tarantula Hawk
08 Apollo
09 Lick The Tears
10 McFadden solo
11 Bouncing Very Well
12 Drums
13 Bouncing Very Well
14 Ray Of Heaven
15 Crowd
16 Wisconsin Deathtrip

Source:Schoeps MK22>kwon-NOS>KC5>CMC6>V3>SPIDF>744T (HPF 0) 24/48
Location: Second from last row in front section FOB/DFC
dsp: 744t > wavelab5 > cdwave > wavelab5 > flac(7)

Recorded by Bennett Schwartz

John Bell
Buckeye Lake Music Center
Thornville, OH


01. Crowd
02. Christmas Katie
03. Coconut
04. Time Waits
05. Gradle
06. Already Fried
07 Mercy >
08. Chilly Water
09. Who Do You Belong To?
10. Geraldine And The Honeybee
11. Dog Song
12. Ribs And Whiskey
13. Genesis
14. Skinny (Little Boy From Cleveland)
15. Old Joe

[JB solo; Hookahville XVI]

ekoostic hookah’s set featured ‘And When I Die’ with JB on vocals (Play Stream)

Warren Haynes & Matt Abts and Friends
One For Woody Benefit
Roseland Ballroom
New York, New York
September 21, 2000

1. Lay Your Burden Down
2. Fallen Down
3. Low Spark of High Heeled Boys
4. Shine On You Crazy Diamond >
5. Wish You Were Here >
6. Cortez The Killer
7. Straight To Hell
8. When The Blues Come Knockin’
9. Turn On Your Lovelight
10. Going Down The Road Feeling Bad
11. Simple Man
12. Never In My Life
13. Mississippi Queen
14. I Shall Be Released
Time: 119:25
Warren Haynes – guitar, vocals
Matt Abts – drums (except Lovelight, GDTRFB, Simple Man)
Dave Schools – bass (Lay Your Burden Down, Fallen Down, Low Spark,
Straight To Hell, When The Blues Come Knockin’)
Johnny Neel – keyboards, vocals (LYBD – Cortez, WTBCK, Lovelight, ISBR)
Danny Louis – piano (Lay Your Burden Down – Cortez)
Berry Oakley Jr. – bass (SOYCD, WYWH, Cortez, Simple Man), vocals (WYWH)
Gordie Johnson – guitar, vocals (SOYCH, WYWH)
Phil Lesh – bass, background vocals (Wish You Were Here, GDTRFB)
John Molo – drums (Wish You Were Here, Lovelight, GDTRFB)
Kevn Kinney – vocals (Straight To Hell, I Shall Be Released)
Jimmy Herring – guitar (Straight To Hell, GDTRFB)
Edwin McCain – vocals (I Shall Be Released), harmony vocals (Straight To Hell)
Darious Rucker – harmony vocals (Straight To Hell)
(Little) Milton Campbell – vocals (WTBCK, Lovelight)
Merl Saunders – keyboards (Lovelight, GDTRFB)
Oteil Burbridge – bass (Lovelight)
John Molo – drums (Lovelight, GDTRFB)
Chris Robinson – vocals (GDTRFB)
Rob Barraco – keyboards (GDTRFB)
Eddie Harsch – keyboards (Simple Man)
Audley Freed – guitar (Simple Man)
Artemis Pyle – drums (Simple Man, I Shall Be Released),
cowbell (Never In My Life, Mississippi Queen)
Robert Kearns – bass (Never In My Life, Mississippi Queen)
Leslie West – guitar, vocals (Never In My Life, Mississippi Queen)
Michael Falzarano – guitar (I Shall Be Released)
Hook Herrera – harmonica (I Shall Be Released)
Lincoln Schleifer – bass (I Shall Be Released)
Source: Audio Technica at853rx(card caps) > Beyer MV-100 > Sony D-8 Master DAT 48 kHz
Location: FOB 1st Row in front of Right Stack – Warrenís Side
Recorded by Casey Coniff
Transfer: SV-3700 > UA-5 > WaveLab 6.0
Mastering with iZotope Ozone 4.0 dithered to 44.1khz
Transfer and Mastering by Bill Koucky March 14, 2010 Green Mountain Bros.

John Bell
Athens, GA

0ne Set:

01. Walk On >
02. Coming Into Los Angeles,
03. Never Been To Spain,
04. Peaceful, Easy Feeling > Domino,
05. Kinky Reggae > Jammin’,
06. Eyes Of The World,
07. Moondance,
08. And It Stoned Me,
09. Mercedes Benz,
10. No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature,
11. For What It’s Worth,
12. Scarlet Begonias > Fire On The Mountain
13. Me And My Uncle,
14. Black Peter,
15. If I Had The World To Give,
16. Friend Of The Devil,


17. Judy Blue Eyes >
18. Judy Blue Eyes
19. Child At Play

[Exact date unknown (sometime in 1985); JB solo]


JB & Mikey

20. Pleas
21. Pickin’ Up The Pieces
22. Worry
23. Proving Ground Jam

[Exact date unknown (sometime in 1988) ; JB and Mike; Rehearsal of some classic Panic songs]
Source: Analog SBD

Analog cassettes provided by Scott Bacik and cleaned by Alan Schwartz in 2000.
Thanks to D.P Swint for the discs. EAC’d and seeded by Martin Medley.

This is the only known complete source of this show. The filler to my knowledge has not been circulated either. Enjoy this little gem.

Image provided by John Carter

John Bell
JB’s Living Room
122 Carrs Hill Lane
Athens, GA

01. Rock
02. Bald Headed Women
03. Ribs And Whiskey
04. Benefactor
05. Dog Song
06. Benefactor Instrumental
07. Ribs and Whiskey Jam
08. Ribs and Whiskey
09. Anyday Now With Mule Unknown where its at
10. Gradle
11. Space Wrangler
12. Story Of Hatfield

[Exact date unknown (sometime in 1990); JB solo]

Image via Peter DeRobertis

John Bell (solo)
Gerald R. Ford Amphitheatre
Vail, CO


And It Stoned Me
Christmas Katie >
Longer Look
Quarter Tank Of Gasoline
When The Clowns Come Home
Dog Song
Party At Your Mama’s House >
Ribs And Whiskey
Old Joe


Skinny White Boy from Cleveland Ohio
Time Waits

[JB solo; Soulshine: A Day of Music to Celebrate the Life of Bobby Silverman; JB on electric for ‘Quarter Tank Of Gasoline’ thru ‘Dog Song’; Soundcheck: ‘Space Wrangler’, ‘Quarter Tank Of Gasoline’, ‘Genesis’, ‘Christmas Katie’, ‘Mercy’, ‘I’m Not Alone’; The Dirty Dozen Brass Band, The Radiators, Waylandsphere featuring Cecil “P-Nut” Daniels, and Tishamingo also appeared; The Radiators set featured JB for ‘For What It’s Worth’, ‘Waiting On The Rain’, and ‘Stop Breaking Down Blues’; The Dirty Dozen Brass Band’s set featured JB for ‘Red Hot Mama’, ‘When The Saints Come Marching In’, and ‘Superstition’]

John Bell & Friends
House of Blues
Orlando, FL

0: Coconut, Blue Indian, Tickle the Truth, Gradle, Mercy, Tail Dragger, Chilly Water, Yeh, Yeh, Me And The Devil Blues*, This Old Guitar*, Whiskey River*
E: Can’t Find My Way Home

* with Warren Haynes on guitar

[SMA Benefit; Nickel and the Polar Bears and The Warren Haynes Band also appeared]

John Bell and Friends
House of Blues
Orlando, FL

John Bell Set

1. Introductions
2. Let’s ge the show on the Road
3. Gradle
4. Mercy
5. Space Wrangler
6. Chilly Water*
7. Tickle the Truth**
8. Little Wing***
9. When you comin’ Home
10. Me and the devil****
11. Rock****

* with Buck Williams on harmonica

** with Jimmy Herring on guitar

*** with Jimmy Herring on guitar, Susan Tedeschi on guitar/vocals

**** with Derek Trucks on guitar

[SMA Benefit; Derek Trucks, Susan Tedeschi, Col. Bruce Hampton, Jimmy Herring, and Nickel & the Polar Bears also appeared]

SBD > Dat master > soundforge > cd wave > flac
A very, very big thank you to Duncan Elliot and Hannah’s Buddies for providing the source!!!
uploaded,edited by Marsh Mcleod

John Bell
Red Rock Outfitters
Huntsville, UT

0: Glory, Worry, Blue Indian, Wishbone, Mercy, Barstools and Dreamers > Grandma’s Hands > Barstools and Dreamers, Quarter Tank Of Gasoline, Time Waits, Sleepy Monkey* > Quarter Of A Man* > Sleepy Monkey*, Climb To Safety*

* with Jerry Joseph on guitar/vocals

[JB solo; Rolling Summer Music Festival; ‘Satisfied’ and ‘Catcher In The Rye’ raps by JB during ‘Barstools and Dreamers’; ‘Solidarity’ rap after ‘Quarter Of A Man’]


John Bell
Planet Bluegrass
Lyons, CO

Crack And Whistle
Christmas Katie
Old Joe
Long May You Live
Ribs And Whiskey
Dog Song
Time Waits*
Pass On*
Give Me Back My Wig**
Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys (from Leftover Salmon’s set afterward w/ J.B. on vocals)

* with Drew Emmitt on mandolin, Jeff Sipe on percussion
** with Col. Bruce Hampton on vocals, Drew Emmitt on mandolin, Jeff Sipe on percussion

[JB solo; Planet Salmon Fest; Leftover Salmon’s set featured ‘Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys’, ‘Blues In A Bottle’, and ‘Nobody’s Fault But Mine’ with JB on guitar/vocals]

Stockholm Syndrome
The Fox Theatre
Boulder, CO

Set One:

01 Intro
02 Tight
03 Counter Clock World
04 In Your Cups
05 That Which Is Coming
06 Bouncing Very Well
07 Song Bird
08 Tarantula Hawk
09 Rod Lightning

Set Two:

10 Intro
11 Couldn’t Get It Right
12 Oil
13 Empire One
14 Lopez
15 White Dirt
16 Friendly Fire
17 Light Is Like Water
18 Wanna Be Starting Something* (Band Intro’s)
19 Ray Of Heaven
20 Crowd


21 Encore Intro
22 Wisconsin Death

Dave Schools (Bass, Vocals)
Jerry Joseph (Guitar, Vocals)
Eric McFadden (Guitar, Vocals)
Wally Ingram (Drums / Assorted Percussion)
Danny Louis (Keyboards)

Source: 4 Channel Schoeps
MK4>kwon-din>KC5>CMC6>V3>KindKables XLR>744T (HPF 0) 24/48
MK22>NOS>KC5>CMC6>V2>KindKables XLR-mini XLR>744T (HPF 0) 24/48
Location: suspended Over Soundboard, 3′ in front of OTS

John Bell
Athens, GA

01. Good Lovin’
02. Love The One You’re With
03. Never Been To Spain >
04. For What It’s Worth >
05. Feelin’ Alright,
06. Man Smart, Woman Smarter
07. Sugar Magnolia >
08. Good Lovin’ >
09. Sugar Magnolia,
10. Moondance
11. Truckin’
12. Locomotive Breath
13. Scarlet Begonias >
14. Bertha >
15. Not Fade Away >
16. Scarlet Begonias >
17. Not Fade Away
18. Eyes Of The World
19. Brown Eyed Girl
20. Peaceful, Easy Feeling
21. Jammin’
22. Easy Wind
23. No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature
24. Coming Into Los Angeles
25. Wooden Ships
26. She Loves Me Like A Rock
27. Here’s To Uncle George
28. Shakedown Street
29. Good Lovin’
30. When The Music’s Over

[Exact date unknown (sometime in 1984) and location unsure; JB solo; Actual title of ‘Here’s To Uncle George’ is unknown; ‘You Can’t Always Get What You Want’ rap during ‘For What It’s Worth’; ‘Fire On The Mountain’ tease before ‘Scarlet Begonias’]

Source: SBD > Analog > CD
Transferred & Edited by ??
EAC’d & Seeded by D.P. Swint