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Widespread Panic
Fort Lewis College
Durango, CO

Weight of the World, C. Brown, Papa’s Home, Chilly Water, Ain’t No Use > Jam > Walkin’, Jack, Love Tractor

set 2
Conrad, Contentment Blues, Bo-Legged Woman, Tie Your Shoes, Hatfield, Driving > B of D > Driving, Pickin’ Up Pieces, Rock, Take Out > Porch, Holden, Barstool, Travelin’ Light, E: Last Straw, Postcard

1992-09-10 set 1 flagstaff, az
Holden, Space Wrangler > Walkin’, Send Your Mind, Diner, Can’t Find My Way Home

source: akg522>casio dat

notes: Hardy did the colorado to arizona run from 9/3 on through 9/10; some of the tapes came out great and some did not. this is a good one! only flaws are a digi squirt around 2:48 in weight that was present on the DAT(1), and there is a dat tape change during driving. Hardy used all of a two hour tape and would start the set 2 on the end of the set 1 tape, so at some point in set 2 he would have to change tapes. then he would start the next night at the end of that partial set 2 tape. that’s how this one flows and that’s why 9/10 set 1 starts after the 9/9 show. i listed it as filler of course, but all these tapes flow that way. i’m trying to piece together a few more of these shows but i’m having problems locating entire shows because of the way they were split. i have some complete sets, so i may just post those if i can’t locate the entire shows. mikey is nice and loud in the mix, so get down on this one and enjoy! thanks to Hardy and to Rick!!
john m