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Widespread Panic
Studio Rehearsals
John Keane’s Studio
Athens, Ga

Pigrims Inst. x 2
Cant Find My Way Home
Humpy Galumpy
Dream Song
Happy Child->
Dream Song
Pickin Up The Pieces
You Got Yours

Source: SBD>Dat>CD>EAC>Flac


Widespread Panic
January 3, 1989
John Keane’s Studio
Athens, GA

01) C. Brown
02) Pigeons (v.1)
03) Barstools & Dreamers
04) The Last Straw
05) Conrad the Caterpillar
06) Machine Funk
07) Holden Oversoul
08) Jack (fades out)
01) // Impossible (fades in)
02) Disco
03) Gimme
04) Wishbone
05) Pigeons (v.2)
06) Liza’s Apt.
07) A of D
08) B of D
09) Contentment Blues

Filler: John Bell solo acoustic (studio)(date unknown)
10) Little Lilly
11) Climb to safety

Source: Soundboard > Cass > DAT > CD-R (seed CD-R courtesy of Scott Sebok)
Remaster by: BobbyHurley


Widespread Panic
Studio Session
September ??, 1990
John Keane’s Studio,
Athens, GA

C. Brown*
A of D,
The Last Straw
Love Tractor
Holden Oversoul
Proving Ground
Contentment Blues
Barstools and Dreamers
Space Wrangler
JB Talking
JB Talking – Love Tractor

– Several songs include JB talking / conversation.
– There is a gap in Track 16 – JB talking – Love Tractor
– Wonderin’ starts in progress
– This is a must have for old school Panic Fans!!!!!

* with John Keane on pedal steel

[Exact date unknown (sometime in 09/90?);

‘Holden’ and ‘Contentment Blues’ appear on Space Wrangler (reissue)