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Widespread Panic
The Park West
Chicago, IL

Weight of the World
The Take Out >
Porch Song
Makes Sense to Me >
Stop-Go >
Hatfield >
Travelin’ Light (Fade out, tape flip)
Walkin’ (Fade in)
Just Kissed My Baby
Pigeons >
Send Your Mind >
Drums >
JoJo Jam >
Junco Partner >
Worry (Fade out due to cut, can’t remember why. Battery failure maybe?)
Driving Song (Fade in) >
Diner >
Driving Song >
Chilly Water (Fade out)


I’m Not Alone (Fade in) >
Love Tractor (Fade out)

* WXRT Show

[‘Cissy Strut’ jam and ‘Night People’ rap during ‘Just Kissed My Baby’; The Freddy Jones Band opened]

Source – NAK300 Guns > PMD430 DFC From Spotlight Crows Nest Above SBD
Recorded and Transferred – Ted Cappelen

Notes: This was Ted Rockwell’s (Everyday Companion) first WSP show and his birthday. Ted lived upstairs from me in Chicago at this time and we hung out quite a bit. I made him a cassette copy after the show and understand it is quite worn out. So Ted, Happy Thanksgiving Pilgrim, enjoy! In fact, Happy Thanksgiving to all of you Pilgrims out there!


Widespread Panic
Park West,
Chicago, IL

Set: Weight Of The World, The Take Out > Porch Song, Makes Sense To Me > Stop-Go > Hatfield > Travelin’ Light, Walkin’ (For Your Love) > Just Kissed My Baby, Pigeons, Send Your Mind > Drums > Junco Partner > Worry, Driving Song > Diner > Happy Child > Driving Song > Entering A Black Hole Backwards > Chilly Water


E: I’m Not Alone > Love Tractor

Track 13 – Fill: 7/20/92 encore: Can’t Find My Way Home

Transfer by Ted Rockwell.
The source is the actual dat tape recorded with a D8 that was hooked to the board. 7/20/92 was originally recorded on the tape and was apparently recycled for 7/22/92. 2/8/92 may have also been recorded on this tape at one time (the J-card is labeled 2/8/92 ARU/WSP) but no reminants of that performance are found on this tape. The encore for 7/20/92, Can’t Find My Way Home, survived at the very end of the tape (this performance from Cleveland is the first time the band played in JB’s hometown)

I love the banter between JB and some one in the crowd before the show starts and hearing him call out Makes Sense to Me before they play it… The setlist for this show is killer… Dave’s solo during Stop GO and Just Kissed My Baby are stupendous… I love this show not because it is my first, or that it was my birthday but because it is a great show.


Widespread Panic
Park West,
Chicago, IL

0: Hope In A Hopeless World, Space Wrangler > Little Lilly > Dyin’ Man, This Part Of Town, Radio Child, Party At Your Mama’s House, Stop Breakin’ Down Blues, Climb To Safety

E: Old Joe, Sometimes, Imitation Leather Shoes

[Private show for WXRT]