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Jerry Joseph and Friends
40 Watt
Athens, GA
Jerry, Junior with Todd Nance

Chrome Koran
War At The End Of The World
Lil’ Boo’s Fireworks#
The Kind of Place #
Way Too Loud +
Dixie Mattress +%
Crime and Punishment+*
Fastest Horse*
Light Is Like Water*%
Road to Damascus tease*>
Whole Lotta Love*>
Climb to Safety*

E: Ten Killer Fairies*%

# with Dave Barbe
+ with Danny and Eric from Bloodkin

% with John Neff from Barbara Cue

* with Mike Houser from Widespread Panic

Soundboard source

Jerry Joseph & the Jackmormons
The Mint
Hailey, ID
“This One’s For Mikey!!”

Set 1-
1. tuning, intro>
2. Light Is Like Water>
3. Just Over In the Glory Land>
4. Brother Michael>
5. Climb To Safety @
6. Both Of You>
7. The Kind Of Place

Set 2-
1. tuning, intro>
2. Most Beautiful Day>
3. Conscious Contact **
4. Sometimes You Just Lose It>
5. Mountain Song>
6. Mountain Home
7. Cool Hand Love
8. The Monkey>
9. Sparkle>
10. Pearl Of Great Price
11. Hearts Gone Blind #

@=w/ “calling out your name>i saw the light>bottom of the well” raps
**=w/ “death ruminations>on the road/death story” raps & “rest in peace for Mikey” shoutout ending
#=w/ “Fire On the Mountain (incl.’scarlet begonias’ jams interwoven at times)” &
“the heart of the matter>flying cowboys” raps & “most beautiful day” rap ending

Total: 2:45:45

Jerry Joseph – guitar, vox
Junior Ruppel – bass, b.vox
Brad Rosen – drums, percussion

Jim Bull – foh sound

**16 bit source**
Source: sbd
Transfer: dat>cd>eac>soundforge>(fades)>cd wave>flac
Transferred by Craig Davis
–plus–dc offset, Mix, lc, VC, EQ, PD&Norm, FR, CR, RT, fades & info research by Bill Mulvey–3/2021.

vanillag NOTES:
–This one’s for Mikey!!: Michael Houser sadly passed on this afternoon at his home in Athens, GA from complications related to pancreatic cancer – the whole night is inspired by & dedicated to him w/ shoutouts & references throughout.
–the sound on this show, while nice & clear, was a little strange with the stereo imaging in that Jerry’s vox & guitar were mostly panned to the right & the drums mostly panned to the left (bass up the middle)…it’s a little off-putting/distracting to listen to the show this way (IMO) so I mixed the channels together to make things more balanced–this makes the proceedings in glorious mono, of course, but since the stereo imaging here was so bizarre, I felt the sacrifice was worth it to bring the sound more in balance & make it an improved listening experience (again, IMO)
–there wasn’t much bass nearly at all in this thing when I started…there is now–hahaha!!
–combed thru & removed many little clicks in this show that I discovered (both loud & soft ones)
–smoothed out a huge volume change ‘jump’ in the recording at the beginning of the show where the recording volume was suddenly jacked down (about a 7db difference!!)
–was able to cleanly remove 3 bad bits of feedback in Set 1; removed an additional 21 bad bits of feedback in Set 2
–put a bunch of careful, detailed love into this & feel like it came out much, much better.
–wish we could all go to that party at Farmer Brown’s in Boise the next afternoon that JJ mentions (set2t10 after tune)

John Bell
Athens, GA

0ne Set:

01. Walk On >
02. Coming Into Los Angeles,
03. Never Been To Spain,
04. Peaceful, Easy Feeling > Domino,
05. Kinky Reggae > Jammin’,
06. Eyes Of The World,
07. Moondance,
08. And It Stoned Me,
09. Mercedes Benz,
10. No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature,
11. For What It’s Worth,
12. Scarlet Begonias > Fire On The Mountain
13. Me And My Uncle,
14. Black Peter,
15. If I Had The World To Give,
16. Friend Of The Devil,


17. Judy Blue Eyes >
18. Judy Blue Eyes
19. Child At Play

[Exact date unknown (sometime in 1985); JB solo]


JB & Mikey

20. Pleas
21. Pickin’ Up The Pieces
22. Worry
23. Proving Ground Jam

[Exact date unknown (sometime in 1988) ; JB and Mike; Rehearsal of some classic Panic songs]
Source: Analog SBD

Analog cassettes provided by Scott Bacik and cleaned by Alan Schwartz in 2000.
Thanks to D.P Swint for the discs. EAC’d and seeded by Martin Medley.

This is the only known complete source of this show. The filler to my knowledge has not been circulated either. Enjoy this little gem.

Georgia Theatre
Athens, GA

Set I
01. Smoke And Burn
02. Gradle
03. crowd

Set II
04. Good Morning Mr. Hard On
05. George Wallace
06. Westport Ferry (Not Berkeley CA)
07. Bastards In Bubbles
08. Sleeping Man
09. Politically Correct
10. Miserable
11. Let’s Get Down To Business
12. Blight
13. I Ain’t Crazy EnoughSunny
14. JoJo Jam
15. Protein Drink >
16. Sewing Machine

17. crowd
18. Snowblind

[Billed as ‘Bar Tab’; Set 1 Michael Houser, John Bell, Todd Nance, and JoJo Hermann; Set 2 brute (Vic Chesnutt, Michael Houser, John Bell, David Schools, Todd Nance, Sunny Ortiz, and JoJo Hermann)]

Source: AKG 460+ck8 > sv250
Transfered, Edited, & Seeded by D.P. Swint

40 Watt Club
Athens, GA

1. Intro/tuning
2. Puppy Sleeps
3. Good Morning Mr. Hard On
4. Expiration Day
5. Aunt Avis
6. You Got It All Wrong
7. Blight
8. Morally Challenged
9. Protein Drink >
10. Sewing Machine

Brute is:

Vic Chesnutt
John Bell
Michael Houser
David Schools
JoJo Hermann
and Todd Nance

w/John Keene on Guitar on unknown songs.

taped by: ?? (don hess??)
transfer by: Gordon Wilson


Atlanta, GA

Set One:

01) Intro
02) You Got It All Wrong
03) George Wallace
04) No Thanks
05) Morally Challenged
06) Bastards In Bubbles
07) I Ain’t Crazy Enough
08) Aunt Avis
09) Blight
10) You’re With Me Now
11) Cobalt Blue

Set Two:

12) Intro
13) Good Morning Mr. Hard On
14) Scholarship
15) Cutty Sark
16) Expiration Day
17) Miserable
18) All Kinds
19) Protein Drink/Sewing Machine
20) Puppy Sleeps
21) Sleeping Man


22) Westport Ferry
23) Adirondacks
24) Let’s Get Down To Business

[“Co-Balt” CD Release Show]

Vic Chesnutt – guitar, harmonica, vocal
John Bell – guitar, vocal
Michael Houser – guitar
Dave Schools – bass
Todd Nance – drums
John “Jo Jo” Hermann – keyboard
Domingo “Sunny” Ortiz – percussion

Source: AKG 483> Lunatec V2> Graham-Patten ADC-20> Tascam DA-P1>
S/PDIF>Montego II+>Cool Edit Pro/Wavelab*>CDWave

* Remastered 12/09

Recorded and mastered by Sloan Simpson

JB & Friends
Monroe Fairgrounds
Monroe, GA

Set I
01.Ain’t Life Grand*
02.Smokestack Lighting*
03.Impossible > (missing on recording)
04.Werewolves of London >
06.And It Stoned Me
07.Low Rider
08.Bowlegged Woman
09.West Virginia
10.Who Do You Belong To?**
11.Makes Sense To Me**
12.End Of The Show


* with Samantha Woods on vocals
** with Daniel Hutchens on guitar/vocals, Eric Carter on guitar

[Billed as ‘JB & Friends’ (John Bell, Michael Houser, David Schools, Todd Nance, and Sunny Ortiz); ‘Satisfied’ rap during ‘Coconut’; White Buffalo, Bloodkin, and Drivin’ n’ Cryin’ also appeared]