Widespread Panic
October 18th, 1991
St. Andrews Hall,
Detroit, MI

01. //Fishwater [05:55.31]
02. The Last Straw [05:22.38]
03. Space Wrangler [09:10.43]
04. Weight Of The World [05:08.27]
05. Walkin’ (For Your Love) [04:44.64]
06. Chilly Water [09:58.32]
Total: [40:20.10]

– Alan arrived late to the show and missed the first half of the set
(The Take Out, Love Tractor, Porch Song, Makes Sense To Me and most
of Fishwater)

Sonic Studios (FOB)>Sony TC-D5>Cass(m)
by Alan Schmit

Conversion by Dave Mallick

Widespread Panic
October 11, 1991
Barrymore Theatre,
Madison, WI

Take Out
Space Wrangler
Papa Legba
Makes Sense To Me
Holden Oversoul
C. Brown
Send Your Mind
Just Kissed My Baby
Proving Ground
Porch Song

Notes: Opened for Blues Traveler

Source: SBD

Widespread Panic
Lane County Convention Center,
Eugene, OR

1) Drums >
2) Fishwater
3) Weight Of The World
4) Walkin’
5) Send Your Mind
6) Papa Legba
1) Cleburne Terrace >
2) Driving Song >
3) Travelin’ Light >
4) Driving Song
5) Makes Sense To Me
6) Hearts Gone Blind*
7) Chainsaw City*
8) Porch Song

* with Jerry Joseph

[Opened for Blues Traveler]

Transferred & Seeded by: Kenyon Hall

Source: DSBD

Last ‘Cleburne Terrace’ – 11/19/88, 409 shows

Widespread Panic
Santa Cruz, CA

01. Space Wrangler
02. Benefactor
03. Heaven
04. Papa Legba
05. Weight Of The World
06. Mercy* >
07. Me And The Devil Blues* >
08. Chilly Water*

* with Chan Kinchla on guitar, John Popper on harmonica

[Without Mike; ‘Space Wrangler’ and ‘Benefactor’ JB and Sunny; ‘Heaven’ JB, Sunny, and T Lavitz; ‘Papa Legba’ JB, Sunny, T Lavitz, and Dave; Opened for Blues Traveler]

Source: SBD > DAT > CD
Transferred, Edited, & Seeded by D.P. Swint

Widespread Panic
Red Rocks,
Morrison, CO

0: Space Wrangler, C. Brown, Walkin’ (For Your Love), Makes Sense To Me, Rock, Proving Ground, Pigeons

[Acoustic Junction and Blues Traveler also appeared]

Widespread Panic
July 21, 1991
Town Park
Telluride, CO
Mid-Summer Music Festival
Day Show

One Set

01 Fishwater * > (06:43)
02 Barstools & Dreamers (10:26)
03 Pigeons (07:23)
04 JB banter/tuning (01:08)
05 Walkin’ > (04:19)
06 Porch Song (03:27)
07 Rock > (06:59)
08 Makes Sense to Me (04:23)
09 I’m Not Alone (06:47)

* – Introduction by Bill Graham

Source: Schoeps MK2’s (fob) > Reutelhuber > Panasonic SV250
Transfer by: BobbyHurley

Widespread Panic
Late Night Show
Sheridan Opera House
Telluride, CO

One Set:

01. Contentment Blues
02. Stop-N-Go
03. Jam >
04. Travelin’ Light
05. Jack
06. Conrad
07. Diving Song
08. A Of D
09. Driving Song/
10. Me & The Devil*
11. Just Kissed My Baby*
12. Bow Legged Woman**
13. Chainsaw City/**
14. /Sleepy Monkey

*w/ Warren Haynes
**w/ Jerry Joseph

[Show occurred in the early morning hours; ‘Cissy Strut’ jam during ‘Just Kissed My Baby’; ‘Satisfied’ rap after ‘Sleepy Monkey’; Little Women opened]

Tracked, Converted, & Seeded By: Michael Wilker Source: DSBD 48k>44.1

Photo via BluesTraveler.net


Widespread Panic
Center Stage
Atlanta, GA.

01. Love Tractor>
02. Rock
03. C. Brown
04. Travelin’ Light>
05. Pigeons
06. Porch Song
07. Driving Song>
08. Jam>
09. Stop-Go>
10. Guilded Splinters
11. Fishwater
12. Chilly

13. Weight of the World
14. Space Wrangler

Recorded, Mastered, Tracked, & Seeded By:
Hardy Ross
Source: AKG 522~> Sony D-5 (MX 100)

Show Notes:

“This here is a waltz. Please grab your partner!” J.B.

Center Stage is a unique venue that is still around today. It is basically an indoor circular pit, which makes for great sight-lines. Blues Traveler opened the evening with a very good set. But it was clear that Panic was not to be outdone, especially on their home turf, so they wasted no time getting down to it. I have even had some tell me this was their “I get it” show, and
I can see why. Judge for yourself. Cheers!

Widespread Panic
The Bijou Theater
Knoxville, TN

disc 1 set 1
Chilly Water > Rock, Pigeons, Holden, Stop/Go > Jam, Travelin’ Light, C. Brown, Worryin’, Just Kissed My Baby, Space Wrangler

disc 2 set 2
A of D > Fishwater, Jack, Proving Ground > Drums, Porch, Weight of the World, Machine Funk > Barstool > Thank You… (w/ tape flip), Conrad, Love Tractor,

disc 3 Encore:
I’m Not Alone, Mr. Soul

source: SBD>custom cable 1/4 in to mini stereo>D6
transfer: cassette master > cdr (nakamichi deck > tascam cdrw700)

notes: panic at the bijou for the first time, all the old schoolers were there! great show, great sbd feed, lots of folks patched out of me for this show (at least 4 other cassette decks including Archer and Tip I believe). really bad tape flip in barstool, wanted to flip before machine but no time. i don’t know if henry ever forgave me for this flip… :) i did my best…11/17/91 is coming next, thanks to Tip for the master cassette and JK for the DAT. the band quit allowing board patches right around that time, but Tip got to tape and broadcast most of the show on WUTK, college radio in k’ville. also posting 4/20/01 soon (fob akg461), the reunion show for many of the knoxville crew!


Widespread Panic
Georgia Theater
Athens, Ga.

One Set:

01. NYE Countdown
02. The Take Out*
03. Driving Song*
04. C. Brown*
05. Jam*
06. B Of D*
07. Driving Song*
08. Porch Song*
09. Weight Of The World
10. Chilly Water
11. Gim/me
12. Worry
13. Makes Sense To Me**
14. Drums
15. Jam
16. Low Rider/
17. /Jam
18. Fishwater
19. Mercy
20. Flat Foot Flewzy


21. Heaven
22. Conrad

*w/ David Blackmon
**w/ Daniel Hutchens

12/30/1990 Georgia Theater

01. Jam
02. Papa Legba
03. Rock
04. Love Tractor
05. Ain’t No Use
06. Walkin’

***Snuck into the back of Wes’ deck on the downlow***
-seam in Chilly edited from tape flip.
-cut in end of Low Rider fade applied
-cut in Gimme fades applied

Transfered, Tracked, Converted, & Seeded By: Michael Wilker
Source: SBD master analogue transfer(XLIIS)


Widespread Panic
February 9, 1991
College Station
Tuscaloosa, AL

Disc One
01 Intro Tuning
02 Weight of the World
03 Conrad
04 Fishwater
05 Space Wrangler
06 Walk On
07 The Last Straw >
08 Priving Ground
09 Holden Oversoul
10 Walkin’ (for your love) >
11 Pigeons 12 Porch Song

Disc Two
01 Intros & Tuning
02 Jam * >
03 Chilly Water *

-= Encores =-
04 Love Tractor
05 Can’t Find My Way Home

Filler (10/31/89):
06 Low Rider >
07 She Caught the Katy
08 Ball of Confusio

* – w/ Chan Kinchla (guitar) and John Popper (harmonica) of Blues Traveler

[Blues Traveler opened]

Source: Soundboard
Taped by: DAT clone supplied courtesy of Mike Phelps
Transfer by: BobbyHurley