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Widespread Panic
Late Night Show
Sheridan Opera House
Telluride, CO

One Set:

01. Contentment Blues
02. Stop-N-Go
03. Jam >
04. Travelin’ Light
05. Jack
06. Conrad
07. Diving Song
08. A Of D
09. Driving Song/
10. Me & The Devil*
11. Just Kissed My Baby*
12. Bow Legged Woman**
13. Chainsaw City/**
14. /Sleepy Monkey

*w/ Warren Haynes
**w/ Jerry Joseph

[Show occurred in the early morning hours; ‘Cissy Strut’ jam during ‘Just Kissed My Baby’; ‘Satisfied’ rap after ‘Sleepy Monkey’; Little Women opened]

Tracked, Converted, & Seeded By: Michael Wilker Source: DSBD 48k>44.1