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JB & Friends
Monroe Fairgrounds
Monroe, GA

Set I
01.Ain’t Life Grand*
02.Smokestack Lighting*
03.Impossible > (missing on recording)
04.Werewolves of London >
06.And It Stoned Me
07.Low Rider
08.Bowlegged Woman
09.West Virginia
10.Who Do You Belong To?**
11.Makes Sense To Me**
12.End Of The Show


* with Samantha Woods on vocals
** with Daniel Hutchens on guitar/vocals, Eric Carter on guitar

[Billed as ‘JB & Friends’ (John Bell, Michael Houser, David Schools, Todd Nance, and Sunny Ortiz); ‘Satisfied’ rap during ‘Coconut’; White Buffalo, Bloodkin, and Drivin’ n’ Cryin’ also appeared]


Widespread Panic
Jackson Zoo
Jackson, MS
July 30, 1994

Set I
01. Junior >
02. Porch Song
03. Pickin’ Up The Pieces >
04. Henry Parsons Died
05. Weight Of The World
06. Little Kin
07. Makes Sense To Me
08. Pilgrims >
09. Papa Legba
10. Blackout
11. Conrad

Set II
01. Pigeons >
02. Wondering
03. Hatfield
04. Fishwater
05. Ain’t Life Grand*

* with Samantha Woods on vocals

[Power outage after ‘Ain’t Life Grand’; Soul Pocket and White Buffalo opened]

Source: SBD
Converted and edited by D.P. Swint

Widespread Panic
Georgia Theatre,
Athens, GA

0: Wondering > Fishwater, Postcard, Stop-Go > Makes Sense To Me, Hatfield, Pleas > Better Off, Holden Oversoul > Walkin’ (For Your Love), Pilgrims > Henry Parsons Died, Mercy* > Jam > Drums > Diner, Jack > Entering A Black Hole Backwards > Chilly Water

E: Just Kissed My Baby

* with Samantha Woods on vocals

Widespread Panic
The Post Office
Augusta, GA
May 27, 1992

Disc 1
01. Pleas >
02. Weight Of The World
03. Better Off
04. Holden Oversoul
05. Stop-Go >
06. Wonderin’ >
07. Space Wrangler
08. Impossible >
09. Makes Sense To Me >
10. Pickin’ Up The Pieces >
11. C. Brown

Disc 2
01. Ain’t No Use >
02. Tie Your Shoes >
03. Hatfield
04. Mercy* >
05. Just Kissed My Baby*
06. Send Your Mind >
07. Porch Song

07. (Garrie Talking)
08. Walkin’ >
09. Love Tractor

* with Samantha Woods on vocals

[JB rap before ‘Just Kissed My Baby’; ‘Cissy Strut’ jam during ‘Just Kissed My Baby’; ‘Rock Steady’ rap before and after ‘Bowlegged Woman’ rap during ‘Just Kissed My Baby’; White Buffalo opened]

Source : SBD

Converted and edited by D.P. Swint
Edited and seeded by Patrick Wood

JoJo’s First Show

Widespread Panic
Georgia Theatre,
Athens, GA

Disc 1:

Makes Sense To Me,
Mr. Soul,
The Take Out >
Porch Song,
Proving Ground,
Pickin’ Up The Pieces,
Contentment Blues > Jam >

Disc 2:

Drums >
Jam >
Just Kissed My Baby*,
Weight Of The World*,
Diner >
Dream Song

Disc 3:

Flat Foot Flewzy

* with Samantha Woods on vocals

[First ‘Dream Song’;
JoJo’s first show;
‘Benefactor’ JB and Sunny;
‘It’s Too Funky In Here’ rap,
‘Rock Steady’ rap, and
‘Cissy Strut’ jam during
‘Just Kissed My Baby’;
White Buffalo opened]


Seeded by Chris Snow

A must have!


Widespread Panic
Severe Driving Problems
Downstairs- Athens, GA
John Bell and Michael Houser

1: Sleepy Monkey, Trouble, Vacation, Pleas, Out on the Weekend, Woman I Love, Geraldine and the Honeybee, Well Alright, Pickin up the Pieces,

2: And It Stoned Me, I’m Not Alone, Worry, Walkin’*, Country Sex Song, I’ve Been Working**, Perfection Breeds Insanity, Stay Up Late, JB talking, Can’t Find My Way Home

* with Samantha Woods on vocals

[Billed as ‘Severe Driving Problems’ (John Bell and Michael Houser); Instrumental ‘Walkin’ (For Your Love)’]

Can’t Find My Way Home,cut before end of song

by Robert Stueve

Widespread Panic
McCallie School
Davenport Gymnasium
Chattanooga, TN.

One Set:

01. Rock,
02. Pleas,
03. Henry Parsons Died,
04. Papa’s Home,
05. Space Wrangler >
06. Walkin’ (For Your Love),
07. Hatfield,
08. Makes Sense To Me,
09. Jack,
10. Better Off,
11. Pilgrims,
01. Heaven,
02. Entering A Blackhole Backwards
03. Chilly Water,
04. Rebirtha >
05. The Take Out,
06. Porch Song,
07. Wondering,
08. Love Tractor


09. Just Kissed My Baby *

* with Britt West on vocals, Samantha Woods on vocals

[First ‘Rebirtha’; Instrumental ‘Rebirtha’; White Buffalo opened]

Source: SBD
Taped, Transferred & Seeded by Hardy Ross