Todd Nance

Jerry Joseph and Friends
40 Watt
Athens, GA
Jerry, Junior with Todd Nance

Chrome Koran
War At The End Of The World
Lil’ Boo’s Fireworks#
The Kind of Place #
Way Too Loud +
Dixie Mattress +%
Crime and Punishment+*
Fastest Horse*
Light Is Like Water*%
Road to Damascus tease*>
Whole Lotta Love*>
Climb to Safety*

E: Ten Killer Fairies*%

# with Dave Barbe
+ with Danny and Eric from Bloodkin

% with John Neff from Barbara Cue

* with Mike Houser from Widespread Panic

John Bell and Friends
Websters Lake
Auburn, AL


01. Space Wrangler
02. Ribs And Whiskey
03. Blackout Blues
04. Crack And Whistle
05. Dog Song
06. JoJo jam
07. On Your Way Down
08. Last Train
09. Geraldine And The Honeybee
10. City of Dreams
11. Mercy
12. Rock Steady > Satisfied > Rock Steady


13. Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door

– ‘Space Wrangler’ and ‘Ribs and Whiskey’ JB solo
– ‘Blackout Blues’, ‘Crack and Whistle’ and ‘Dog Song’ JB, JoJo, and Todd
– ‘On Your Way Down’, ‘Last Train’, ‘Geraldine And The Honeybee’ and ‘City of Dreams’ JB, Todd, JoJo, John Keane, and Carl Lindberg
– ‘Mercy’, ‘Rock Steady > Satisfied > Rock Steady’ JB, Todd, JoJo, John Keane, Carl Lindberg, and Debra Reece
– ‘Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door’ JB, Todd, JoJo, John Keane, Carl Lindberg, and Kevn Kinney

[Billed as ‘JB & Friends’; The Grapes and Col. Bruce Hampton also appeared]