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Widespread Panic
The Vogue
Indianapolis, IN

Space Wrangler > (cut)
Diner, (cut)
Travelin’ Light, (cut)

01. Walkin’ (For Your Love) >
02. Rock
03. C. Brown
04. Send Your Mind
05. Pigeons
06. Just Kissed My Baby
07. Pickin’ Up The Pieces
08. Weight Of The World
09. Hatfield
10. B of D >
11. Chilly Water
12. The Take Out >
13. Porch Song
14. Impossible
15. Heaven

E: Flat Foot Flewzy (cut)

Source: DSBD> ?
Conversion: CD>EAC>Flac
Conversion and seeded by: Alan S

Widespread Panic
Deer Creek Music Center
Noblesville, IN

Set I:

1. Send Your Mind
2. Weight Of The World
3. Papa’s Home
4. Driving Song >
5. Heaven >
6. Happy Child >
7. Driving Song
8. Rock
9. Wondering
10. Henry Parsons Died
11. Hatfield
12. Barstools and Dreamers
13. Porch Song

source: soundboard

Widespread Panic
Eastwood Theater
Indianapolis, IN

1: Space Wrangler > Henry Parsons Died, Little Kin, It Ain’t No Use > Time Is Free Jam > Junior, West Virginia > Ain’t Life Grand, Papa’s Home > Fishwater

2: Get Up Early In The Morning > Chilly Water, Weight Of The World, Hatfield, Just Kissed My Baby, Wondering, Conrad, Makes Sense To Me

E: Airplane > Low Rider

Widespread Panic
Bloomington, IN.

Set One:
01. Stop-N-Go
02. Makes Sense To Me
03. Better Off
04. Barstools
05. I’m Not Alone
06. Wondering
07. Worry
08. Me & The Devil
09. Proving Ground

Set Two:
01. Driving Song
02. A Of D
03. Happy Child
04. Driving Song
05. Ain’t No Use
06. Walkin’
07. Mercy
08. Jam
09. Chilly Water
10. Weight Of The World
11. Hatfield
12. Love Tractor

13. Dream Song
14. Mr. Soul

-Stop-N-Go fades in late, tape flip between Wondering/Worry and
Hatfield/Love Tractor-fades applied

Taped, Transfered, & Seeded By: Michael Wilker
Source: KM54a’s>Kc2>nkma>marantz/analogue(XLII-s)

indy2Photo by Andy Tennille

Widespread Panic
Murat Theatre
Indianapolis, Indiana

1st Set

01 Radio Child
02 Machine
03 Little Kin
04 Junior
05 Ain’t No Use
06 Jam >
07 I’m Not Alone
08 Shut Up And Drive
09 Honky Red
10 Street Dogs For Breakfast
11 No Sugar Tonighrt >
12 New Mother Nature

2nd Set

01 Hope In A Hopeless World
02 Rebirtha >
03 Jam >
94 Space Wrangler
05 Steven’s Cat >
06 Greta >
07 Jam >
08 Bass And Drums >
09 Drums >
10 Ride Me High >
11 Hallelujah
12 Protein Drink >
13 Sewing Machine


01 Mercy
02 Ain’t Life Grand

Show Notes: Thanks to Jesse for making the 4 hour drive each way on his only day off. He taped from the center rather than in his seat so he was at the mercy of his “new” neighbors. He had a 6′ 8″ Dude directly in front of him and he was a loud clapper. I also normalized parts of his recording and put cuts and fades in it. There is some distortion in the left channel. Knowing he was the only taper, and the fact NO ONE taped Indy in 2013, I am uploading this even though it is not perfect.


Widespread Panic
Deer Creek Amphitheater,
Noblesville, IN

1: Postcard > Low Rider > Greta > Sleepy Monkey > Down On The Farm, Radio Child > I Wanna Be Sedated > Chilly Water

2: Let It Bleed*, When The Clowns Come Home > Worry > Ride Me High > Old Neighborhood > Diner > Rebirtha > Wondering > Surprise Valley > North

E: Fishing > Big Wooly Mammoth

* with Jason Isbell on guitar, Mike Cooley on guitar, Patterson Hood on vocals

[‘Little Lilly’ rap during ‘Fishing’]


Widespread Panic
Indianapolis, IN
Indy Summer Stages

Disc One: Set One
1. Crowd/Tuning
2. Going Out West
3. One Arm Steve
4. Christmas Katie>
5. Makes Sense to Me>
6. Aint No Use
7. Rock>
8. Coconut>
9. Knocking Around The Zoo

Disc Two: Set Two
1. Fishwater>
2. Wondering>
3. Diner>
4. Aunt Avis>Jam>
5. Drumz

Disc Three : Set Two cont.
1. Me & The Devil Blues>
2. Love Tractor
3. Crowd
4. Tuning
5. Sometimes

Entire show with George McConnell on guitar, Randall Bramblett on saxophone
* with Fred LeBlanc on percussion

[Without Mike; ‘Shakedown Street’ tease before ‘Aunt Avis’]

Thanks to Ben Morisson for sending the m148 (aka “The Southern Brick”)North for a spell!

Source: MG 200’s>m148>modSBM-1>D8 @ 48 kHz

Taped by: Scott Cervin
Transfer by: Rob Robar


Widespread Panic
Deer Creek Amphitheater,
Noblesville, IN

1: Heroes > Impossible > Little Kin, Pickin’ Up The Pieces, Sometimes, Pusherman > Climb To Safety > Pusherman > Imitation Leather Shoes

2: Stop Breakin’ Down Blues, Genesis, Porch Song > Little Lilly > Red Hot Mama > Blackout Blues > Drums > Love Tractor, Glory > Swamp

E: Driving Song > Breathing Slow

[Slow ‘Porch Song’; ‘Down On The Farm’ tease by Dave before ‘Drums’]


Widespread Panic
Starlight Summerstage,
Indianapolis, IN

1: Climb To Safety, Wondering > Heroes, Sleepy Monkey, Airplane, Ride Me High > Cream Puff War

2: Disco > Pigeons, Weight Of The World* > Fishwater* > Swamp* > Drums** > Impossible > Radio Child

E: Porch Song, C. Brown

* with Dirty Dozen Brass Band
** with Terrence Higgins on percussion

[The Dirty Dozen Brass Band opened]


Widespread Panic
Stepan Center, Notre Dame,
South Bend, IN

1: Disco, Let’s Get Down To Business, Pleas, Can’t Get High, 1 x 1, Fishwater, Walkin’ (For Your Love), Pilgrims > Bowlegged Woman

2: Send Your Mind, Holden Oversoul > Hatfield, And It Stoned Me, Sleepy Monkey, Impossible > Jam, Blackout Blues, Machine > Worry > Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys

E: Dream Song

[First ‘1 x 1’]


Widespread Panic Song Origins via Burnthday: 1 x 1

“Step back to 1939, rural Edwards, Mississippi. A time when the colored and white communities crossed paths at the general store and through employment. This is the world of Andrew “Sugarman” Daniel. Sugarman may have been the first animal whisperer. He was constantly followed by a pack of dogs, pig, goat, sheep and his entourage once boasted a fox. Sugarman born Andrew Daniel January 10, 1900, was a storyteller. His tales often concealed morals without preaching. On a dark, rainy night in March 1939, Sugarman came upon a chasm where the Clear Creek Bridge had been. An 80 foot span of Highway 80, the main thoroughfare between Atlanta and Dallas and beyond had been washed out. Thirteen cars and one truck plunged into the surging debris laden waters and were swept downstream before other travelers could be stopped. Sugarman saved those he could. Twenty-four persons entered the creek that night, sixteen drowned. The following days and nights Sugarman served as a one man search and rescue team. Refusing to rest, he swam in and around log jams in swift moving unseasonably cold waters, searching for vehicles and bodies. No one knew the exact number of those missing. Sugarman gained national acclaim for his super human feat and heroism. Through the years that followed and up until his death June 7, 1969, he remained humble of his bravery even though those who knew him never forgot. The Clear Creek disaster remains today the worst traffic accident in Mississippi state history.“

Taken from the description of Joedda Gore’s book, ‘Sugarman.’

“Andrew “Sugarman” Daniel got his nickname from the kids he gave candy to, and his fame from his recovery work in the 1939 Clear Creek tragedy in Edwards.”

“McCrory and Jojo were writing and trying to come up with material. Jojo asked bill to tell him some stories and get inspirations for songs. Bill tells Jojo the sugarman story from above and when it gets to the part where sugarman is saving the crash victims Bill says “Jojo, Sugarman was pulling them out one by one” and the rest is history.”

-Paraphrased from ‘Beanland: Rising From The Riverbed’ by ShotGunDaddy


Widespread Panic
Chadwick Center, Wabash College,

1: Fishwater > Henry Parsons Died > Hatfield > C. Brown, It Ain’t No Use > Love Tractor, I’m Not Alone, Sleeping Man, The Take Out > Porch Song

2: Ain’t Life Grand, Stop-Go > Blackout Blues, Conrad, Can’t Get High, Weight Of The World, Driving Song > Pickin’ Up The Pieces > Proving Ground

E: Mr. Soul

[First ‘Sleeping Man’; Free show; Jackopierce opened]


Widespread Panic
Bloomington, IN

Set I
01. Happy Child >
02. Rock
03. Henry Parsons Died >
04. Wonderin’
05. Driving Song >
06. B of D >
07. Driving Song
08. Blackout
09. Pickin’ Up The Pieces
10. Hatfield >
11. C. Brown
12. Makes Sense To Me

Set II
13. Can’t Get High >
14. Fishwater
01. Little Kin
02. Junior
03. Me And The Devil Blues >
04. Jam >
05. Pigeons >
06. Worry
07. Pilgrims
08. Porch Song

09. Ain’t Life Grand
10. Get Up Early In The Morning

Source: B&K 4011(ORTF/FOB/DFC) > Neumann BS48i-2 power supply > MOD Sony TCD-D3 Line In > CDR (Marantz stand alone burner)
EAC’d by Brett Garvey
Transferred, Edited, & Seeded by D.P. Swint
Mastered by Alan Schmit and Mark Lamke. The B&K’s were run on a stand at 6′ for both sets.

Widespread Panic
Lawn at White River,
Indianapolis, IN

1: Pleas > Rebirtha > Can’t Get High, Rock, Christmas Katie > Are You Ready For The Country?, Surprise Valley > Heroes > Chilly Water

2: Space Wrangler > No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature, Chainsaw City, Time Zones > Bust It Big > Tie Your Shoes > Drums > Blackout Blues, Dirty Business > Love Tractor

E: Crazy, Dyin’ Man

Entire show with John Keane on guitar/pedal steel, First and Second sets with Sam Holt on guitar

[John Keane on pedal steel for ‘Christmas Katie’, ‘Time Zones’, and ‘Dirty Business’]


Widespread Panic
Murat Theatre
Indianapolis, Indiana

Recorded By: Z-Man

1st Set
01 Tuning
02 Sometimes
03 Weight Of The World
04 Happy >
05 You Should Be Glad
06 Red Beans Cookin’ >
07 Mini Drum Solo >
08 Hatfield
09 Down >
10 Her Dance Needs No Body
11 Travelin’ Light

2nd Set
01 Little Kin >
02 Rock >
03 Tickle The Truth
04 Blight >
05 Time Is Free >
01 JB Rap >
02 Blue Indian
03 Bust It Big >
04 Red Hot Mama >
05 Space Wrangler

06 Happy Thanksgiving/Tuning
07 Can’t Get High
08 1 x 1

Widespread Panic
Indiana University Auditorium,
Bloomington, IN

Set 1: Can’t Get High, Aunt Avis > Tie Your Shoes > C. Brown, Rebirtha > Wondering > Pickin’ Up The Pieces, Big Wooly Mammoth > Cream Puff War

Set 2: Surprise Valley > Feelin’ Alright, Proving Ground > Greta > Proving Ground > Drums > Just Kissed My Baby > Help Me Somebody, Space Wrangler

Encore: Trouble > Mr. Soul

[‘Night People’ rap during ‘Just Kissed My Baby’]

Set I: MBHO 603A\KA200N>Lunatec V2>AD2K+
Set 2: B&K4011>Lunatec V2>AD2K+

Thanks to Mike Remmers for the tapes!
Converted and Seeded by Alan Schwartz.

Widespread Panic
Murat Theater,
Indianapolis, IN

1: Rock > I’m Not Alone, Can’t Get High > Better Off, Junior, Pickin’ Up The Pieces, Dark Day Program > Little Kin > Jam > Thought Sausage

2: Hope In A Hopeless World > Wondering > Driving Song > Bust It Big > Don’t Wanna Lose You > Do What You Like > Drums > Time Is Free > Driving Song > Trouble > None of Us Are Free

E: This Part Of Town, Climb To Safety

Widespread Panic
Auditorium, Indiana University
Bloomington, IN

d1t03.Travelin’ Light
d1t05.The Last Straw
d1t06.Happy >
d1t07.Sleepy Monkey >
d1t08.Tie Your Shoes >
d1t09.Fishwater >

d2t01.Diner >
d2t02.Porch Song >
d2t03.The Take Out
d2t04.1 x 1
d3t01.Papa’s Home >
d2t02.Drums >
d3t03.Papa’s Home >
d3t04.Proving Ground

d3t05.City of Dreams
d3t06.Let’s Get The Show On The Road

source:mg210s>eaa>psp2>srm-1>d87 digi coax>tascam>eac>flac

TAPED: Tommy Kingston

Widespread Panic
Murat Theater
Indianapolis, IN

Taped and Transferred by Patrick Moore and Zman

Set One

01 Intro
02 This Part of Town
03 Radio Child>
04 Love Tractor
05 Clinic Cynic
06 Time Zones>
07 Bust It Big
08 Hope in a Hopeless World
09 Junior>
10 Space Wrangler

Set Two

01 A of D>
02 Diner>
03 Blue Indian
04 One Arm Steve>
05 One Kind Favor>
06 All Time Low>
07 Little Lilly
01 Protein Drink> Sewing Machine


02 Crowd
03 E: Old Joe
04 E: Last Dance

Widespread Panic
Auditorium, Indiana University,
Bloomington, IN

1: Tortured Artist, Papa Johnny Road*, Greta, Pigeons*, C. Brown**, Ride Me High > Stop Breakin’ Down Blues, Who Do You Belong To?, Weight Of The World

2: Papa Legba > Dyin’ Man, Christmas Katie** > Radio Child, Sleeping Man, Pickin’ Up The Pieces**, Second Skin** > Drums > Fixin’ To Die, Space Wrangler**, Walkin’ (For Your Love)

E: None of Us Are Free

* with John Keane on guitar
** with John Keane on pedal steel

Widespread Panic
The Centre,
Evansville, IN

1: Ribs And Whiskey, Wondering, Blackout Blues, Counting Train Cars, Little Kin, Chest Fever, Rock, Love Tractor

2: You Should Be Glad, Coconut, Little Wing, Tie Your Shoes > Big Wooly Mammoth > Tie Your Shoes > Drums, Mercy, Fishwater, All Time Low

E: Don’t Be Denied, Climb To Safety