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Photo by Jason Merritt/FilmMagic

Colonel Bruce Hampton And The Codetalkers
Hotel ?
Orlando, Florida

01 Outer Space
02 *Fixin’ To Die
03 *#Spoonful
04 ? >
05 Saved By The Same Thing
06 I’m So Glad
07 Welcome To Hawaii
08 Band Introductions
09 Time Is Free >
10 Beggin’ You To Stay

* With John Bell
# With Jojo Herman On Keyboards

Colonel Bruce Hampton – Guitar And Vocals
Bobby Lee Rodgers – Guitar, Vocals, And Lip Trombone
Ted Pecchio – Bass
Tyler “The Falcon” Greenwell – Drums

Source: Schoeps MK4V’S>KC5>M222>NT222>KCY>VMS5U>Sound Devices 722 (24/96)
FOB/DFC/KFC/ZFC, 35′ From Stage, 6 1/2′ High
DSP: Sound Devices 722>Sound Forge 10.0>CD Wave>flac(16)
ID3 Tagged In Foobar 2000
Recorded By: Charles Fox And Z-Man
Seeded By: Z-Man
A Team Dirty South Recording

Photo by Josh Timmermans

There aren’t enough words in the human language to describe Col. Bruce Hampton. This night was certainly not a tragedy. While heartbreaking, it was strangely beautiful. Only the Colonel could gather the most legendary musicians of our time to celebrate his life, then leave it behind to join the stars in the sky. He had the distinct honor of playing his own memorial service—an experience no other species is capable of. It was during the encore, the very last notes, that the universe got its mojo back.

Thank you Col. Bruce Hampton, for the endless laughs, life lessons, and career-shaping wisdom you’ve shared with your musical community. The jam scene would not be anywhere that it is today without your guidance.

Photo gallery by Josh Timmermans

Heartfelt recap by Kendall Deflin published on L4LM

Photo gallery by Ian Rawn

Hampton 70
A Celebration Of Col. Bruce Hampton
The Fabulous Fox Theatre
Atlanta, Georgia

01 Announcement On Fox Theatre Institute By Hattie
Tyler Neal/Darren Stanley/Dante Harmon/Duane Trucks/Kevin Scott/Carter Herring
02 Jam/Introduction By Jon Waterhouse >
03 There Was A Time
Oliver Wood/Darick Campbell/Kevin Scott/Duane Trucks/Matt Slocum
04 Postcards From Hell
Oliver Wood/Darick Campbell/Kevin Scott/Duane Trucks/Matt Slocum/Susan Tedeschi/Tyler Neal
05 Sing About It
Oliver Wood/Darick Campbell/Kevin Scott/Duane Trucks/Matt Slocum/Susan Tedeschi/Tyler Neal/
Danny Wytanus/Joey Sommerville
06 Feelin’ Good
07 Jon Waterhouse Introductions
Tinsley Ellis/Yonrico Scott/Denny Walley/Jake Peavy/Brandon “Taz” Niederauer/Duane Trucks
08 Oh Pretty Woman
09 Shake Your Hips
10 Jon Waterhouse Introductions
Vince Herman/Drew Emmitt/Jeff Mosier/Jeff Sipe/John Popper/Duane Trucks/Kevin Scott
11 She Caught The Katy
12 Workin’ On A Building
13 Black Bottom
14 Jon Waterhouse Introductions
Dave Schools/Todd Snider/Peter Buck/Duane Trucks
15 Play A Train Song
Dave Schools/Peter Buck/Duane Trucks/T Hardy Morris
16 Stupid Preoccupations
Dave Schools/Todd Snider/Peter Buck/Duane Trucks/T Hardy Morris/Tinsley Ellis
17 Jon Waterhouse Introductions
Dave Schools/Chuck Leavell/Jon Fishman/Jeff Sipe/Peter Buck/Karl Denson
18 When You Come Back Next Time You Gotta Stay
19 Jon Waterhouse Introductions
Kevn Kinney/Karl Denson/Jon Fishman/Chuck Levell
20 Rip This Joint
21 Jon Waterhouse Introductions
Kevn Kinney/Karl Denson/Jon Fishman/Chuck Levell/Warren Haynes
22 Compared To What
23 Good Mornin’ Little Schoolgirl
24 Trouble Everyday
25 Jessica
John Bell/Dave Schools/Jimmy Herring/Duane Trucks/Derek Trucks/Jeff Sipe/Matt Slocum
26 Time Is Free
27 Trondossa
John Bell/Dave Schools/Jimmy Herring/Duane Trucks/Derek Trucks/Jeff Sipe/Matt Slocum/
Susan Tedeschi
28 Smokestack Lightnin’>
John Bell/Dave Schools/Jimmy Herring/Duane Trucks/Derek Trucks/Matt Slocum/
Susan Tedeschi/Danny Wytanus/Joey Sommerville
29 Don’t Cry No More
John Bell/Dave Schools/Jimmy Herring/Derek Trucks/Matt Slocum/Bruce Hampton/
Johnny Knapp/Kevin Scott/Susan Tedeschi/Danny Wytanus/Joey Sommerville
30 *Basically Freightened >
John Bell/Dave Schools/Jimmy Herring/Derek Trucks/Matt Slocum/Bruce Hampton/
Johnny Knapp/Kevin Scott/Susan Tedeschi/Emil Werstler/Jeff Mosier
31 Fixin’ To Die >
Dave Schools/Jimmy Herring/Derek Trucks/Matt Slocum/Bruce Hampton/Johnny Knapp/Kevin Scott/
Susan Tedeschi/Emil Werstler/Jeff Mosier/Danny Wytanus/Joey Sommerville/Karl Denson
32 Space Is The Place >
Dave Schools/Jimmy Herring/Duane Trucks/Derek Trucks/Matt Slocum/Bruce Hampton/Johnny Knapp/Kevin Scott/Susan Tedeschi/Emil Werstler/Jeff Mosier/Danny Wytanus/Joey Sommerville/Yonrico Scott/John Fishman
33 I’m So Glad

All The Musicians
34 Zambi >
35 Turn On Your Lovelight
36 Outro

* With Happy Birthday Bruce Hampton

Show Notes: Here is my stab at both the setlist and the musicians who participated. I may have some mispelled names. I may not have included every musician who may have played on certain songs,but hopefully someone took some complete notes. I did try and keep track the best I could, but my mind may have been in other places, especially at the end of the show.

It is with great sorrow and a heavy heart, that I dedicate this recordng and upload in memorium to a great friend of mine, Col. Bruce Hampton. After seeing him perform for almost 30 years, I will miss him immensely. He has meant SO MUCH to both myself and the Atlanta Music Community, and the entire National Music Community for that matter! He was one of a kynd! You certainly went out in the right place among your family, fellow musicians, friends, and adoring fans.

RIP my dear friend Bruce. I Love You and will always cherish our friendship!

Source: Schoeps CCM4V’s>Lunatec V2>Benchmark AD2K>Sound Devices 722 (24/44)
FOB/DFC/KFC/ZFC/AARP Orchestra Center Section, Row K, Between Seats 107 And 108, 6′ High
Recorded By: Z-Man


John Bell
Planet Bluegrass
Lyons, CO

Crack And Whistle
Christmas Katie
Old Joe
Long May You Live
Ribs And Whiskey
Dog Song
Time Waits*
Pass On*
Give Me Back My Wig**
Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys (from Leftover Salmon’s set afterward w/ J.B. on vocals)

* with Drew Emmitt on mandolin, Jeff Sipe on percussion
** with Col. Bruce Hampton on vocals, Drew Emmitt on mandolin, Jeff Sipe on percussion

[JB solo; Planet Salmon Fest; Leftover Salmon’s set featured ‘Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys’, ‘Blues In A Bottle’, and ‘Nobody’s Fault But Mine’ with JB on guitar/vocals]

Aquarium Rescue Unit
Variety Playhouse

Set 1:
13:10 Elevator to the Moon
7:57 Zambi
8:30 Space is the Place
17:01 Basically Frightened
8:12 Fixin’ to Die
7:03 In the Year of Otad
22:52 Time is Free

Set 2:
7:56 Workin’ on a Building
9:43 Compared to What?
10:01 Payday
9:38 Little Poor Boy
5:01 Yield Not to Temptation
10:26 Jazz Bank
10:31 I’m So Glad
8:00 E) Time Flack

Col. Bruce Hampton (Ret.)
Jimmy Herring
Oteil Burbridge
Jeff Sipe
Count M’Butu

Original Recording on 3 CDs by pat5

Widespread Panic
Civic Coliseum,
Knoxville, TN

1: Let’s Get Down To Business > Little Kin > One Arm Steve, Weight Of The World > Barstools and Dreamers, Sleepy Monkey > I Walk On Guilded Splinters, Me And The Devil Blues > Chainsaw City

2: Goin’ Out West, Tall Boy, Aunt Avis, Fixin’ To Die* > Drums > Stop-Go, Visiting Day > Pleas, Smokestack Lightning, Big Wooly Mammoth, Pigeons

E: Trouble, Can’t Get High > Mr. Soul

* with Col. Bruce Hampton on vocals

[‘Satisfied’ rap during ‘Barstools and Dreamers’; ‘Three Little Birds’ rap by JB during ‘Stop-Go’]

Widespread Panic
UIC Pavilion
Chicago, IL

1: Disco > Greta > North, Blue Indian, Blackout Blues > Blight > Radio Child > Action Man

2: Drums > Thin Air (Smells Like Mississippi) > Jack > Spoonful* > Red Hot Mama** > Papa’s Home > Ain’t Life Grand

E: Driving Song > Heaven > Driving Song, One Arm Steve

* with Bernie Worrell on keyboards, Col. Bruce Hampton on vocals
** with Bernie Worrell on keyboards

[First ‘Thin Air (Smells Like Mississippi)’; ‘Mary Had A Little Lamb’ and ‘Riders On The Storm’ tease by Bernie during ‘Spoonful’; Last ‘Spoonful’ – 11/13/99, 256 shows]

Widespread Panic
Red Rocks
Morrison, CO

1: Are You Ready For The Country?, She Caught The Katy, Fishing, Ophelia, Old Joe, Clinic Cynic, And It Stoned Me, Coconut, Wish You Were Here, Pickin’ Up The Pieces, Stop Breakin’ Down Blues

2: Disco, Junior, North, Tortured Artist, Doreatha, I’m Not Alone, Arleen* > Fixin’ To Die** > Drums*** > Space Wrangler, Blackout Blues, Cream Puff War

E: Don’t Wanna Lose You, Surprise Valley, Porch Song

* with Cecil Daniels on midi-saxophone
** with Cecil Daniels on midi-saxophone, Col. Bruce Hampton on vocals
*** with Cecil Daniels on percussion

[Set 1 acoustic; PA problems during ‘North’; ‘Ribs And Whiskey’ rap by JB during ‘Arleen’]

Photo by Dave Vann

Coloartist’s Source

Widespread Panic
Panic en la Playa
Hard Rock Hotel
Riviera Maya,MX

Set 1 (85 mins)

01 Intro 1
02 Sewing Machine
03 Conrad
04 Space Wrangler
05 Travelin’ Light
06 Dirty Side Down
07 Walkin’ (For Your Love)
08 Steven’s Cat
09 Sell Sell*
10 Use Me**
11 Red Hot Mama***

Set 2 (104 mins)

01 Intro 2
02 Henry Parsons Died****
03 Can’t Get High****
04 Surprise Valley >
05 Ride Me High >
06 Surprise Valley >
07 Airplane >
08 You Should Be Glad,
09 Time Is Free*****
10 Time Waits For No One >
11 Drums >
12 Contentment Blues >
13 Chilly Water
14 Crowd


15 Blue Indian,
16 Life During Wartime
* w/ George Porter Jr (bass); Karl Denson (saxophone); Erik Krasno (guitar)
** w/ George Porter Jr (bass); Karl Denson (flute & vocals); Erik Krasno (guitar); Ivan Neville (keys & vocals)
*** w/ George Porter Jr (bass); Karl Denson (sax & vocals); Erik Krasno (guitar); Ivan Neville (keys & vocals)
**** w/ Danny Hutchens (vocals); Eric Carter (guitar)
***** w/ Col Bruce Hampton (Ret.) (guitar & vocals)

[‘Dirty Side Down’ LTP 7/02/14 Las Vegas (182 shows); ‘Time Waits For No One’ LTP 4/05/14 Los Angeles (202 shows); Erik Krasno’s first sit-in with WP]

Schoeps ccm41>DinA>KC5>CMC6>analog>788T (HPF 0) 24/48
Clamped on front rail of soundboard 7′ high
Recorded by Bennett Schwartz

Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 12.58.54 PM

Widespread Panic
November 5th, 2005
The Fillmore Auditorium
Denver, CO

Set 1/Disc 1:
Track 01 – Intro/Crowd
Track 02 – Travelin’ Light
Track 03 – Casa Del Grillo >
Track 04 – Expiration Day
Track 05 – Wonderin’ >
Track 06 – Blue Indian
Track 07 – Aunt Avis
Track 08 – Nicotina >
Track 09 – Walk On
Track 10 – Can’t Get High
Track 11 – C. Brown

Set 2/Disc 2:
Track 01 – Intro
Track 02 – Holden Oversoul >
Track 03 – Pigeons >
Track 04 – Blackout >
Track 05 – Pilgrims
Track 06 – Visiting Day
Track 07 – Nebulous >
Track 08 – Time is Free * >

Set 2/Disc 3:
Track 01 – Drums >
Track 02 – Jam**
Track 03 – Machine > Barstools and Dreamers >
Track 04 – Pleas >
Track 05 – Love Tractor
Track 06 – Dark End of the Street >
Track 07 – Red Beans

* with Bobby Lee Rodgers on guitar, Col. Bruce Hampton on vocals

[Set 1 acoustic; ‘Thank You Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin’ rap during ‘Barstools and Dreamers’; Last ‘Time Is Free’ – 07/26/02, 219 shows]

Source: mk41 > kcy > vms02iB > ad1000 > d8/jb3 (48k)
Location: fob, dfc, DINa
Taped and transferred by Todd

2015-05-22cPhoto by

Widespread Panic
The Amphitheater at the Wharf,
Orange Beach, AL


01. Space Wrangler
02. Holden Oversoul
03. You Got Yours
04. Little Lilly >
05. Rock
06. The Poorhouse of Positive Thinking
07. Radio Child
08. Tail Dragger
09. Smokestack Lighting* >
10. Ain’t Life Grand >
11. Big Wooly Mammoth
12. Saint Ex
13. Proving Ground
14. Surprise Valley >
15. Porch Song


16. End of the Show**
17. Climb To Safety

* w/ Col. Bruce Hampton, Ret. (vocals)
** w/ Daniel Hutchens (vocals) and Eric Carter (guitar)

[Bloodkin and Col. Bruce Hampton & The Madrid Express opened]

Source: Schoeps MK4(ortf) > KC5 > CMC6 > Lunatec V3 > Tascam DR-680(24/48)
Location: fob/dfc
Taped and seeded by Jesse Mc


Widespread Panic
Cotton Club
Atlanta, GA

01. crowd
02. A of D
03. Holden Oversoul
04. Travelin’ Light
05. C. Brown
06. Machine >
07. Barstools and Dreamers > Thank You Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin > Barstools and Dreamers
08. Gimme
09. Conrad
10. Space Wrangler
11. Porch Song
12. Papa Legba
13. I Walk On Guilded Splinters
14. Rock
15. The Last Straw
16. Pigeons
17. Fishwater
18. Proving Ground
19. E: Good Morning Little Schoolgirl*, Turn On Your Love Light*

* with Col. Bruce Hampton on guitar/vocals


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Photos by Josh Timmermans

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Zman’s Source

Widespread Panic
Panic En La Playa IV
Hard Rock Hotel And Casino
Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

1st Set

01 Greeting By JB
02 Jam >
03 Pusherman >
04 Greta >
05 Jam >
06 Makes Sense To Me
07 Honkey Red >
08 Hatfield >
09 Pilgrims
10 *Time Is Free >
11 *#@Turn on Your Lovelight

2nd Set

01 Pigeons
02 Travelin’ Light >
03 Action Man
04 Dyin’ Man
05 #@^+Red Hot Mama >
06 #@^+%Arlene >
07 Bass And Drums >
08 @^Fishwater
09 @Vacation


01 Thanks
02 City Of Dreams
03 Protein Drink >
04 Sewing Machine

* With Col. Bruce Hampton On Vocals And Guitar
# With George Porter Junior
@ With Randall Bramblett On Saxophone
^ With Ivan Neville On Keyboards
+ With Grant Green Jr. On Guitar
% With Nikki Glaspie On Percussion

Source: Schoeps CCM4V’S(din)>Lunatec V2>Benchmark AD2K>
Sound Devices 722 (24/48)
FOB/DFC/KFC/ZFC/AARP Approximately 39′ From Stage, 6 1/2′ High
Recorded By: Z-Man

Coloartist’s source

Widespread Panic
Panic en la Playa Cuatro
Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Set 1: (71 mins)

01 Intro 1
02 Playa Jam >
03 Pusherman >
04 Greta >
05 Makes Sense To Me
06 Honkey Red
07 Hatfield
08 Pilgrims
09 Time Is Free*% >
10 Turn On Your Lovelight*^#%

Set 2: (81 mins)

01 Intro 2
02 Pigeons
03 Travelin’ Light
04 Action Man
05 Dyin’ Man
06 Red Hot Mama^^ >
07 Arleen^^** >
08 Fishwater%%**
09 Vacation%
10 Crowd

Encore: (19 mins)

11 City Of Dreams
12 Protein Drink >
13 Sewing Machine


JB: “welcome to the home stretch here”
* w/ Col Bruce Hampton on guitar & vocals
^ LTP 9.01.09 Chicago
# w/George Porter on vocals
% w/ Randall Bramlett on sax
^^ w/ George Porter on bass, Grant Green on guitar, Randall Bramlett on sax, Nikki Gillespie on percussion, Ivan Neville on keys
** w/ Nikki Gillespie on drumz
%% w/ Randall Bramlett on sax, Ivan Neville on keys

Schoeps MK22>NOS>KC5>CMC6>analog>788T (HPF 0) 24/48
FOB/DFC 40′ back , stand and @ 8′
Recorded by Bennett Schwartz


photo by Scott Harris

Widespread Panic
Gathering of the Vibes
Bridgeport, Ct

One Set

01 Tall Boy >
02 Climb To Safety
03 Travelin’ Light
04 Give
05 Worry
06 Little Lilly >
07 Fixin’ To Die*
08 Good People >
09 Maggot Brain >
10 Chilly Water >
11 Driving Song >
12 Cotton Was King
13 Ride Me High >
14 Driving Song
15 Flicker >
16 Action Man
17 crowd


18 Protein Drink >
19 Sewing Machine

* w/ Col. Bruce Hampton

Source 1: DPA 4023(DIN,OTS) > Sonosax SX-M2 > Tascam DR-680(24/48)
Source 2: AKG c414-xls(Sub-Card,AB,Split 40 Feet) > Sonosax SX-M2 > Tascam DR-680(24/48)

Taped, Transferred & Seeded by Ted Gakidis


photo by Jay Blakesberg


Widespread Panic
Hard Rock Hotel And Casino
On The Beach
Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

1st Set

01 JB Greeting
02 Heroes >
03 Surprise Valley >
04 Ride Me High >
05 Surprise Valley >
06 Drivin’ Song >
07 Pilgrims >
08 Porch Song >
09 Im Not Alone >
10 Drivin’ Song >
11 Fishwater >
12 Drum Solo >
13 Fishwater

2nd Set

01 JB Banter
02 Pigeons >
03 Who Do You Belong To?
04 Saint Ex >
05 Bust It Big >
06 Chilly Water
07 *#Low Spark Of High-Heeled Boys >
08 @Drum Solo >
09 @^Bass And Drums >
10 *^+$%Time Is Free
11 *#^%Use Me


01 Ribs And Whiskey
02 Henry Parsons Died

* With John Gros On Keyboards
# With Randall Bramblett On Saxophone
@ With Jeff Sipe On Percussion
^ With George Porter Jr. On Bass
+ With Jeff Sipe On Drums
$ With Col. Bruce Hampton On Vocals
% With Grant Green Jr. On Guitar

Source: Schoeps CCM4V’S(din)> Lunatec V2> Benchmark AD2K> Sound Devices 722 (24/48)
FOB/DFC/KFC/ZFC/AARP 40′ From Stage, 6 1/2′ High
Recorded By: Z-Man
Photo by The Popperazzi

Drums & Bass YouTube by Zman

Photo by Coloartist


My Vine


Widespread Panic
American Music Festival
Winter Park, CO.

One Set:

01. Disco >
02. Love Tractor >
03. Blackout
04. Radio Child
05. Can’t Get High
06. Driving Song >
07. Porch Song >
08. Driving Song >
09. Diner >
10. Pilgrims >
01. Ain’t Life Grand >
02. Papa’s Home >
03. Drums >
04. Papa’s Home


05. Fixin’ To Die *
* with Col. Bruce Hampton on guitar/vocals, Dan Matrazzo on keyboards

[Slow ‘Porch Song’]


Missing ‘West Virginia’; Spliced together at 0:01 of ‘Pilgrims’; There was a 3 sec gap and it sounds as if it was indeed a ‘Diner > Pilgrims’ and ‘West Virginia’ may not have been played at all as indicated at; constant static throughout whole show from soundboard

Source: SBD > DAT @ 44.1khz
Converted, Edited, and Seeded by D.P. Swint


Widespread Panic
Bijou Theater
Knoxville, TN

set 1
A of D, Walkin’, Fishwater, Conrad, Weight of the World, Rock, Sleepy Monkey, Makes Sense to Me, Flat Foot Flewzy

set 2
Ain’t No Use* > Jam* > ?*, Space Wrangler, Barstools, Geraldine, Lovelight**, Me & the Devil**, Love Tractor, E: Proving Ground

encore is tracked at the end of disc 1

* with Jimmy Herring & Apt. Q258,
** with Col. Bruce Hampton

during Ain’t No Use > Jam J.B. gives Jimmy his guitar due to problems Jimmy’s having with his and J.B. just sings! Meanwhile, the Apt. and Todd switch out on drums
no taping allowed

source: sonic studios dsm10>casio dat>D6 – fob, dfc

notes: this was a team effort – hardy, rick, and me – hardy’s mics mounted to eyeglass frames his DAT and my D6 patched. rick decided not to tape, but helped… turns out hardy’s set 1 tape is blank, so my master was the only source for set 1; hence the cassette master used for this transfer. the set 2 tape is hardy’s dat > my copy > cd. this is the wildest panic showi have ever seen. the ain’t no use > jam segment to open set 2. jimmy and the apt. play with them and the improv and segue are amazing. the jam does end with what i believe is a song but i’m not certain what it is – info on that would be much appreciated. the lovelight is also

a trip – hell, the whole second set is quite unique and memorable for me. this source is not incredible, but if you haven’t heard this show you really should hear it. no joke. some remastering on this one would probably make it very nice, and the sound does get better as the show goes on. thanks to denise, my lovely wife, for support (beer runs, etc.) during this show. this is another old school classic… coming next will be 2001-04-20 for 4-20 of course. be readyto inhale. questions or comments are wonderful.
john m


Widespread Panic
Manchester, TN

1. Space Wrangler
2. Tall Boy
3. Old Neighborhood
4. Time Zone
5. Diner
6. City of Dreams
7. I Ain’t Superstitious*
8. Wang Dang Doodle*
9. Little Red Rooster*
1. You Should Be Glad**
2. Arleen**
3. Life During Wartime**
4. Drums***
5. Bowlegged Woman
6. Cows Come Home
7. Jack
1. Rebirtha
2. Imitation Leather Shoes
3. Fixin’ To Die****
4. Junior****
5. Fishwater****
6. Red Hot Mama

* with Bob Weir on guitar/vocals
** with Herbie Hancock on keyboards
*** with Cody Dickinson on washboard, Derrick Freeman on percussion
**** with Col. Bruce Hampton on guitar/vocals, Luther Dickinson on guitar, Robert Randolph on pedal steel

[Only ‘I Ain’t Superstitious’, Only ‘Little Red Rooster’; Last ‘Wang Dang Doodle’ – 10/16/98, 515 shows]

Note: There was no set break, so I had to “hot swap” dats at the begining of the “drums” fades in and out to help smooth the transition.

Source: AKG483’s(din,fob,dfc)>oade w-mod+UA-5>Sony D8
Taped and Transfered by: adventuregeorge

Widespread Panic
Starwood Amphitheater,
Antioch, TN

0ne Set:

01. Postcard,
02. Who Do You Belong To?,
03. Hatfield,
04. Walkin’ (For Your Love),
05. Makes Sense To Me >
06. Papa’s Home >
07. Drums >
08. Papa’s Home,
09. Entering A Black Hole Backwards >
10. Chilly Water >
11. Pleas >
12. Chilly Water,
13. Can’t Get High,
14. Porch Song


15. Turn On Your Love Light*,
16. Fishwater*

* with Col. Bruce Hampton on guitar/vocals

[HORDE show; Last ‘Turn On Your Love Light’ – 07/28/91, 351 shows]


Thanks to Ike for the DAT. Transer by TeddyDunski.

Widespread Panic
Fox Theater,
Atlanta, GA

1: Tie Your Shoes* > Tall Boy* > Hatfield*, Happy Child* > Dear Mr. Fantasy*, Gradle*, Sleeping Man*, Chunk Of Coal**, Weight Of The World***, Worry*

2: Ain’t Life Grand > Contentment Blues > Postcard, Jack****, Airplane**** > Jam***** > Low Rider***** > Drums**** > I Walk On Guilded Splinters******, Space Wrangler**

E: Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys****** > Time Is Free******* > Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys******

* with Count Mbutu on percussion
** with Count Mbutu on percussion, Jeff Mosier on banjo
*** with Count Mbutu on percussion, Randall Bramblett on saxophone
**** with Chris on percussion, Count Mbutu on percussion
***** with Chris on percussion, Count Mbutu on percussion, Randall Bramblett on saxophone
****** with Count Mbutu on percussion, Jeff Mosier on banjo, Randall Bramblett on saxophone
******* with Col. Bruce Hampton on vocals, Count Mbutu on percussion, Jeff Mosier on banjo, Randall Bramblett on saxophone

[Soundcheck: ‘Low Spark of High Heeled Boys’ > ‘Time Is Free’ > ‘Low Spark of High Heeled Boys’]


Widespread Panic
House of Blues,
Orlando, FL

1: Holden Oversoul > Radio Child, Gradle > It Ain’t No Use > Wondering, You’ll Be Fine, Airplane > Pilgrims, Tall Boy

2: Dyin’ Man, Weight Of The World, Papa’s Home > Arleen > Papa’s Home > Pleas > Sleeping Man, Spoonful* > Drums** > Jam*** > Tie Your Shoes*** > Junior

E: Walkin’ (For Your Love)

* with Col. Bruce Hampton on guitar/vocals
** with Eric Sanders on drums
*** with Dan Matrazzo on keyboards

[‘Shining Star’ rap by Dave during ‘Arleen’; Col. Bruce Hampton & the Fiji Mariners opened; Last ‘Spoonful’ – 08/08/91, 854 shows]