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Widespread Panic
Mud Island Amphitheatre

1st set

01. Slippin’ into Darkness>
02. Worry
03. Old Neighborhood
04. Counting Train Cars
05. Fishing#
06. Nobody’s Loss
07. Action Man
08. Travelin’ Man>
09. Ride Me High>
10. Let it Bleed

2nd set

11. All Time Low
12. Good People
13. Driving Song>
14. Papa’s Home>
15. Driving Song>
16. Drums*>
17. Junior**>
18. Red Hot Mama**
19. Second Skin
20. Pusherman
21. Monstrosity
22. Radio Child


23. Old Joe
24. Baby, Let Me Follow You Down

* with Cedrick Burnside on percussion
** with Cedrick Burnside on percussion, Cody Burnside on vocals, Gary Burnside on guitar

[First ‘Baby, Let Me Follow You Down’; Acoustic ‘Counting Train Cars’ through ‘Nobody’s Loss’; ‘Hold The Wheel’ tease after ‘Papa’s Home’]

T.S 1st row d.f.c Dpa 4023’s>M148>AD-1000>D-8 @44.1