Widespread Panic
Athens, GA

01. Aunt Avis
02. Tall Boy
03. Gradle
04. You Got Yours (w/ spoken outro)
05. Smoke And Burn (aka. Burned Faceless)
06. Radio Child
07. Rebirtha
08. Crack And Whistle
09. Ribs And Whiskey
10. Ribs And Whiskey

[‘Crack And ‘Whistle’ and ‘Ribs And Whiskey’ JB and Sunny]

Sourced from an unknown cassette. Thanks to Scott Holcomb for the upload.

Photo by Josh Timmermans

There aren’t enough words in the human language to describe Col. Bruce Hampton. This night was certainly not a tragedy. While heartbreaking, it was strangely beautiful. Only the Colonel could gather the most legendary musicians of our time to celebrate his life, then leave it behind to join the stars in the sky. He had the distinct honor of playing his own memorial service—an experience no other species is capable of. It was during the encore, the very last notes, that the universe got its mojo back.

Thank you Col. Bruce Hampton, for the endless laughs, life lessons, and career-shaping wisdom you’ve shared with your musical community. The jam scene would not be anywhere that it is today without your guidance.

Photo gallery by Josh Timmermans

Heartfelt recap by Kendall Deflin published on L4LM

Photo gallery by Ian Rawn

Hampton 70
A Celebration Of Col. Bruce Hampton
The Fabulous Fox Theatre
Atlanta, Georgia

01 Announcement On Fox Theatre Institute By Hattie
Tyler Neal/Darren Stanley/Dante Harmon/Duane Trucks/Kevin Scott/Carter Herring
02 Jam/Introduction By Jon Waterhouse >
03 There Was A Time
Oliver Wood/Darick Campbell/Kevin Scott/Duane Trucks/Matt Slocum
04 Postcards From Hell
Oliver Wood/Darick Campbell/Kevin Scott/Duane Trucks/Matt Slocum/Susan Tedeschi/Tyler Neal
05 Sing About It
Oliver Wood/Darick Campbell/Kevin Scott/Duane Trucks/Matt Slocum/Susan Tedeschi/Tyler Neal/
Danny Wytanus/Joey Sommerville
06 Feelin’ Good
07 Jon Waterhouse Introductions
Tinsley Ellis/Yonrico Scott/Denny Walley/Jake Peavy/Brandon “Taz” Niederauer/Duane Trucks
08 Oh Pretty Woman
09 Shake Your Hips
10 Jon Waterhouse Introductions
Vince Herman/Drew Emmitt/Jeff Mosier/Jeff Sipe/John Popper/Duane Trucks/Kevin Scott
11 She Caught The Katy
12 Workin’ On A Building
13 Black Bottom
14 Jon Waterhouse Introductions
Dave Schools/Todd Snider/Peter Buck/Duane Trucks
15 Play A Train Song
Dave Schools/Peter Buck/Duane Trucks/T Hardy Morris
16 Stupid Preoccupations
Dave Schools/Todd Snider/Peter Buck/Duane Trucks/T Hardy Morris/Tinsley Ellis
17 Jon Waterhouse Introductions
Dave Schools/Chuck Leavell/Jon Fishman/Jeff Sipe/Peter Buck/Karl Denson
18 When You Come Back Next Time You Gotta Stay
19 Jon Waterhouse Introductions
Kevn Kinney/Karl Denson/Jon Fishman/Chuck Levell
20 Rip This Joint
21 Jon Waterhouse Introductions
Kevn Kinney/Karl Denson/Jon Fishman/Chuck Levell/Warren Haynes
22 Compared To What
23 Good Mornin’ Little Schoolgirl
24 Trouble Everyday
25 Jessica
John Bell/Dave Schools/Jimmy Herring/Duane Trucks/Derek Trucks/Jeff Sipe/Matt Slocum
26 Time Is Free
27 Trondossa
John Bell/Dave Schools/Jimmy Herring/Duane Trucks/Derek Trucks/Jeff Sipe/Matt Slocum/
Susan Tedeschi
28 Smokestack Lightnin’>
John Bell/Dave Schools/Jimmy Herring/Duane Trucks/Derek Trucks/Matt Slocum/
Susan Tedeschi/Danny Wytanus/Joey Sommerville
29 Don’t Cry No More
John Bell/Dave Schools/Jimmy Herring/Derek Trucks/Matt Slocum/Bruce Hampton/
Johnny Knapp/Kevin Scott/Susan Tedeschi/Danny Wytanus/Joey Sommerville
30 *Basically Freightened >
John Bell/Dave Schools/Jimmy Herring/Derek Trucks/Matt Slocum/Bruce Hampton/
Johnny Knapp/Kevin Scott/Susan Tedeschi/Emil Werstler/Jeff Mosier
31 Fixin’ To Die >
Dave Schools/Jimmy Herring/Derek Trucks/Matt Slocum/Bruce Hampton/Johnny Knapp/Kevin Scott/
Susan Tedeschi/Emil Werstler/Jeff Mosier/Danny Wytanus/Joey Sommerville/Karl Denson
32 Space Is The Place >
Dave Schools/Jimmy Herring/Duane Trucks/Derek Trucks/Matt Slocum/Bruce Hampton/Johnny Knapp/Kevin Scott/Susan Tedeschi/Emil Werstler/Jeff Mosier/Danny Wytanus/Joey Sommerville/Yonrico Scott/John Fishman
33 I’m So Glad

All The Musicians
34 Zambi >
35 Turn On Your Lovelight
36 Outro

* With Happy Birthday Bruce Hampton

Show Notes: Here is my stab at both the setlist and the musicians who participated. I may have some mispelled names. I may not have included every musician who may have played on certain songs,but hopefully someone took some complete notes. I did try and keep track the best I could, but my mind may have been in other places, especially at the end of the show.

It is with great sorrow and a heavy heart, that I dedicate this recordng and upload in memorium to a great friend of mine, Col. Bruce Hampton. After seeing him perform for almost 30 years, I will miss him immensely. He has meant SO MUCH to both myself and the Atlanta Music Community, and the entire National Music Community for that matter! He was one of a kynd! You certainly went out in the right place among your family, fellow musicians, friends, and adoring fans.

RIP my dear friend Bruce. I Love You and will always cherish our friendship!

Source: Schoeps CCM4V’s>Lunatec V2>Benchmark AD2K>Sound Devices 722 (24/44)
FOB/DFC/KFC/ZFC/AARP Orchestra Center Section, Row K, Between Seats 107 And 108, 6′ High
Recorded By: Z-Man

Widespread Panic
Studio Rehearsals
John Keane’s Studio
Athens, Ga

Pigrims Inst. x 2
Cant Find My Way Home
Humpy Galumpy
Dream Song
Happy Child->
Dream Song
Pickin Up The Pieces
You Got Yours

Source: SBD>Dat>CD>EAC>Flac

Widespread Panic
WDET 101.9 FM
Detroit, MI

[Radio appearance by JB and Sunny; Sunny played a plastic mail crate]

01 Interview
02 Henry Parson’s Died
03 Interview
04 Mercy
05 Interview

Source: FM > Cass (?) > CD

JB and George
Chicago, IL
Pre-Cubs game

01. Travelin’ Light
02. Doretha
03. Interview
04. Blue Indian

Recorded and transferred by Jeff Frank
Thanks to John Hubert for calling me and making me record it.

John Bell And Domingo “Sunny” Ortiz Acoustic Duet
KBCO Studios
Boulder, Colorado

01 Greeting
02 Already Fried
03 Interview
04 Angels Don’t Sing The Blues
05 Interview
06 Time Waits
07 Outro
08 Uncut capture via online broadcast*

Source: KBCO 97.3 FM> Schoeps CCM4V’s> Lunatec V2> Benchmark AD2K> Sound Devices 722 (24/44)
Recorded By: Z-Man
*Recorded By: Ted Rockwell

This Recording Is Dedicated To The Memory Of My Good Friend Tracy Frank, Who Left Us This Week.
Rest In Peace Tracy. Fare Thee Well, Fare Thee Well, I Love You More Than Words Can Tell…

Widespread Panic
Dajhelon Studios
Rochester, NY
May 12, 1993

One Set:
01 – intro
02 – Hatfield
03 – Pleas
04 – Wondering
05 – Little Kin
06 – Space Wrangler ->
07 – Walkin’ [For Your Love]
08 – Better Off
09 – Pilgrims
10 – Henry Parsons Died
11 – outro

-Aired on the program ‘Live at Dajhelon’ on 05/30/93

source: FM -> Master Cassette -> DAT [48k] via Alan Curtis
dat provided by DP Swint


Widespread Panic
Athens, GA

01. Stop-Go
02. Coconut
03. Sleepy Monkey
04. Driving Song
05. Space Wrangler

[All songs with Kelley Jo Davis on vocals (except Track 01); Exact date unknown (sometime in 1986)]

Source: SBD
Converted & Edited by D.P. Swint. Seeded & Edited by Patrick Wood


Widespread Panic
Space Wrangler Demo

01. Porch Song
02. Travelin Lite
03. Space Wrangler
04. Chilly Water
05. Stop-Go
06. Conrad
07. Driving Song
08. Gomero Blanco

Source: Unknown (Presumed Analog Tape) > CD > EAC > CD
Seed provided by Todd McGlynn. Converted by Ted Rockwell


Widespread Panic and Dirty Dozen Brass Band
Another Joyous Night Of Joy
The Missing Album

Unreleased WSP/DDBB collaborations left out of Another Joyous Occasion and Night of Joy

The Track List

Intro 1999-07-27
Ophelia 1999-07-27
Sharon 2001-11-24
Swamp 2001-11-24
She Caught The Katy 1999-06-25
Red Beans 1999-06-29
Just Kissed My Baby 1999-07-16
Vampire Blues 2005-10-31
It’s All Over Now 1999-07-21
Pusherman 2000-11-04
Knockin’ Around The Zoo 2001-11-01
Joe’s Garage > 2001-10-31
Wild Thing > 2001-10-31
Joe’s Garage 2001-10-31
Ball of Confusion 2001-10-31
Happy Child 2001-11-23
House Of The Rising Sun 2001-11-23
Red Hot Mama 2001-11-23
Respect Yourself 1999-12-31
Feelin’ Alright 1999-12-31
Love Is the Drug 2003-10-31
Time Warp 2003-10-31
Spirit In The Dark > 2005-10-31
I Put A Spell On You > 2005-10-31
Dark End Of The Street 2005-10-31
Nowhere To Run Nowhere To Hide
Makes Sense To Me 1999-06-27
Hope In A Hopeless World 1999-07-27

h/t: Tomorrow’s Verse


John Bell & Todd Nance
Chicago, IL
July 14, 1994

01. …interview 1
02. Can’t Get High
03. interview 2
04. Hatfield
05. Outro

Radio interview & acoustic performance the afternoon of the ARU/WSP show at The Vic later this night. Unfortunately I didn’t get the beginning but all the music is there.

WXRT 93.1 FM > cassette (Maxell XLII) > Korg MR-1 (16/44.1) > Audiogate > xACT


Widespread Panic
unknown hotel
Cleveland, OH
Nov 28, 1994

1: Gradle
2: Happy Child
3: Papa’s Home (with alternate Christmas lyrics)
4: Funky Christmas


Papa’s Home (Christmas lyrics)

Transcribed by: Scott Holcomb

Papa’s hittin’ the road again
Takes his show cross-country for hire.
As the snow keeps fallin’ down,
Frosty’s gettin’ bigger,
Mom’s holding sister by the fire
Turning pages of photographs.
Warming their memories of Christmas past by the fire.
To the North Pole where some young wishes go,
Santa’s bride mends his coat, keeps him warm.
And the elves are very handy,
They’re always crackin’ jokes,
But no one makes her laugh so easy,
Tellin’ stories and forgettin’ time.
Take a look at the rest in her eyes
And never grow tired.
Papa’s driving past the night
He’s working his way to make it home
The old man gonna be outside
When the morning come, when the morning comes
Papa’s hittin’ the roof again
Hanging stars with a hammer and wire.
As the snow keeps fallin’ down,
Frosty’s gettin’ fatter,
Mom’s holding sister by the fire
Turning pages of photographs.
Warming their memories and falling asleep by the fire.
Papa’s he driving past the night
He’s working his way to make it home
The old man gonna be a sight
When the morning come, when the morning comes
Papa’s coming home
Papa’s coming home
Papa coming home…


Widespread Panic
June 25th, 1999
Red Rocks Amphitheatre
Morrison, Colorado

Set 1 (end):
01 – KBCO intro
02 – Rebirtha->
03 – Heaven->
04 – Dyin’ Man
05 – dj 1

Set 2:
06 – dj 2
07 – Pigeons
08 – Love Tractor
09 – dj 3
10 – dj 4
11 – Blue Indian
12 – Party At Your Mama’s House
13 – Ain’t Life Grand
14 – dj 5
15 – dj 6
16 – +Superstition
17 – +She Caught The Katy
18 – dj 7
19 – +Coconut
20 – KBCO outro

+ with The Dirty Dozen Brass Band

— ‘Cars’ jam before ‘Heaven’
— ‘In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida’ jam after ‘Love Tractor’
— Soundcheck: ‘Worry’, ‘She Caught The Katy’
— The Dirty Dozen Brass Band opened

Source: SBD > KBCO FM stereo broadcast

moms_kitchen09Photo by William Claxton/Brown Cat

Widespread Panic
1992 Studio

1. Wondering
2. Walkin’
3. Love Tractor
4. Space Wrangler


Unreleased Panic

01. Mike’s 1st tune 91 Rehearsal
02. Pleas (Mikey on Vocals) 91 Rehearsal
03. Country Sex Song 89 Rehearsal
04. Conrad 5/87 Studio
05. Quarter Tank of Gasoline 1/92 Studio
06. Gimme 1/92 Studio
07. Who Do You Belong To? 1/92 Studio
08. She Was the Sun, He Was the Moon 98 Studio, Mikey with Bloodkin
09. Sing About Love 98, Mikey with Bloodkin
10. Fishwater (Featuring “Marathon Mikey) 3/91
11. Just Kissed My Baby 3/91 Studio
12. Jack 3/91 Studio
13. Worry 3/91 Studio
14. Guilded Splinters 3/91 Studio
15: Born To Die (excerpt) (“Born To Die” is Fixin’ To Die”)

Source/Transfer:Unknown gen analog cassette


Garrie Vereen

10/26/1961 – 2/16/2011

Garrie Vereen Introductions
compiled by: Sam Holt

Posted on WidespreadPanic.com on 4/26/2011:

The Vereen and Widespread Panic Families again wish to thank the many, many friends who have shared their Love and support during the strange, sad time following Garrie’s passing two months ago.

Garrie’s departure has officially been ruled suicide by the Chief State medical officer. Finally. Presumed details can be found through other “official” news sources; I submit that Garrie found himself in an acute and foreign mental / emotional state of being, and after an extreme and irreversible series of moments, we lost a wonder-full guy.

Obviously, due to the very personal and incomplete nature of the investigation up to this point, it would have been inappropriate to elaborate beyond the original statements presented on the Widespread Panic website.

Fortunately, a long awaited ruling by the case officers, as well as uninformed speculation by a very few did not prevent the most important process to take place. Healing. It will be a long undertaking, but the result will be one that Garo’s Family, Friends, and Garrie himself deserve. Thank you for your continued best wishes for this happier outcome.

Garrie Vereen was a man generous with his laughter, Love of Family, and an enviable gift for revealing strangers as friends to be discovered. You will be sadly and sweetly missed, Garo.

Thanks to all who continue to share the Power of his Kinship.

Sincerely, John Bell


From WidespreadPanic.com following the tragic events of Feburary 16, 2011:

These have been sad, sad days since Garrie’s too soon and sudden passing.

Along with my usual internal mutterings, the phrase “salt of the Earth” is also coming through. Looking up the meaning in today’s words, it translates “Those of great worth and reliability.” That was Mr. Vereen. From the moment he pulled his truck up to our Band house on King ave. to help schlep gear in 1986, Garrie became the ambassador for Widespread Panic to the rest of the music world. He set the example for loyalty, candid honesty, working hard, and a readiness to laugh at any appropriate moment. We benefit from his un-wavering example because he was being all that, and I sincerely submit that he was and is the best of us.

Cub scout troop leader, Habitat for humanity contributor, swimming pool chicken fight champion – Garrie was also the go to guy outside of the rock and roll arena. One of many friends described him as the “neighborhood fix-it man,” helping put things (anything) back in working order when he knew he could be of help.

Back in the day, Garo built a stage for a party out in the country. We came around the next afternoon to pick up our gear, and Garrie was putting the finishing touches on a playhouse for his son, Colin – the stage had been transformed.

Bottom line – He Loved his Family, his work, making friends, having friends make friends; be it structures or relationships, Garrie really liked to build things.

Garrie has been such a good friend to so many; a lot of tears, stories, and healing are now being shared forever. Please remember though, for Garrie and Windy’s Family, especially the littlest ones, re-entry into a “normal,” happy life is hard to imagine right now. As smart as these kids are (and they’re freaky smart), all they can be asked to fathom is that their Dad’s not coming back from this “permanent road trip” (that was nine year old Everett Vereen’s analogy).

Thanks to all who continue to offer the Vereen family their support while respecting the private and delicate nature of these moments and days to come.

We all miss you, Sir.


The Vereen Family Trust has been set up at
First American Bank & Trust
300 College Avenue,
Athens, GA 30601
(706) 354-5000

For people wishing to send memorials via paypal for Garrie they may do so by making a payment to paypal user-id: VereenFamilyTrust@gmail.com.


Widespread Panic
Don’t Tell The Band

Demo Compilation

01 – E on a G
02 – Action Man
03 – Big Woolly Mammoth
04 – Tears of a Woman
05 – This Part of Town
06 – Down
07 – Imitation Leather Shoes
08 – Give
09 – Little Lilly
10 – Thought Sausage
11 – Casa
12 – Clinic Cynic
13 – Old Joe
14 – Visiting Day

I created this fileset sometime in 2000 from a variety of DAT and CDR sources while attempting to create a “flawless” version of these demos.

I used a Sony PCM-R500, and a Marantz CDR-615 to create the original master CDR.

Compiled by The Benfactor



Widespread Panic
2007 Spring Tour Compilation

Bloodkin & Widespread Panic
WFPK 91.9 Studios
Louisville, KY

0: Wet Trombone Blues, Quarter Tank Of Gasoline, Success Yourself, End Of The Show

[Radio appearance by JB, Todd, Daniel Hutchens, and Eric Carter; Last ‘Success Yourself’ – 04/02/00, 931 shows; Last ‘Wet Trombone Blues’ – 01/27/94, 1638 shows]


Widespread Panic
WNEW 102.7FM Studios
New York, NY
April 8, 1995

01. Interview
02. Can’t Get High
03. Ain’t Life Grand
04. Let’s Get Down To Business
05. Interview
06. Interview
07. Blackout
08. Wonderin’
09. Interview

Source: FM Broadcast > DAT @ 44.1khz
Converted & edited by D.P. Swint
Seeded by Patrick Wood