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Widespread Panic
Glen Miller Ballroom
Boulder, CO

01 Garrie intro
02 Hatfield
03 Holden
04 Pigeons
05 Makes Sense to Me
06 I’m Not Alone
07 Just Kissed My Baby
08 Space Wrangler >
09 Drums
10 Diner
11 Pickin’ Up The Pieces

Missing: Walkin’ (For Your Love), Jam > Rock, Jack, Impossible > C. Brown > Proving Ground E: The Take Out, Porch Song, Conrad

[Without JoJo; ‘Cissy Strut’ jam during ‘Just Kissed My Baby’; ‘Jean-Pierre’ jam by Dave from ‘Space Wrangler’ through ‘Diner’; Acoustic Junction opened]

source: DSBD
transfer by john m 2007-06-02

Bloodkin & Widespread Panic
WFPK 91.9 Studios
Louisville, KY

0: Wet Trombone Blues, Quarter Tank Of Gasoline, Success Yourself, End Of The Show

[Radio appearance by JB, Todd, Daniel Hutchens, and Eric Carter; Last ‘Success Yourself’ – 04/02/00, 931 shows; Last ‘Wet Trombone Blues’ – 01/27/94, 1638 shows]