Sam Holt

Gordon Wilson’s source

JoJo Hermann
The Grey Eagle
Asheville, NC

01. Intro
02. Stagger Lee
03. Tall Boy
04. Banter
05. All Time Low
06. Bust it Big
07. Banter
08. One Arm Steve
09. Greta
10. Chunk of Coal
11. Tipitina
12. Bayou Lena
13. Dyin’ Man
14. Squirrels in the Attic
15. I Don’t Worry About a Thing
16. Banter
17. Blue Carousel
18. Such a Night
19. Big Wooly Mammoth

Sam Holt joins in for the remainder of the set

20. Disco >
21. Ride Me High >
22. Disco
23. Can’t Change the Past
24. Raise the Roof
25. Traveler’s Rest
26. She Drives Me To Drink
27. Red Beans
28. Happy Child
29. Tennessee Before Daylight
30. Sandbox
31. Blackout Blues
32. The Take Out >
33. Porch Song

source: SBD + Microtech Gefell M21 (dina) > Nbob actives > Naiant PFA > Sound Devices MixPre-6 II @ 32/48
location: fob, dfc clamped in the sweet spot 8.5′ high
transfer: USB > PC > iZotope RX 9 (gain, edits) > Wavelab 6.1 (matrix, fades, MBIT+ dither) > CD Wave (track splits) > TLH (flac 8) > Foobar (tags)

*24bit/48khz fileset* (converted to 16/44.1 for streaming)

recorded and transferred by Gordon Wilson

A Team Dirty South Recording

Photo by George Hodges, Jr.

Sam Holt Band
Isis Music Hall
Asheville, NC

Set I

02.Burnt Faceless
04.Pickin’ Up The Pieces
05.A of D>
06.You Got Yours
08.Raise The Roof
10.Porch Song

Set II

11.Nuci’s Space promo
12.The Take Out>
13.Ain’t Like Grand
14.Walkin>Jam with Hatrield Outro
15.Can’t Change The Past
16.B of D>
17.The Waker
18.Pruitt -*
20.”What You Adore” -?
22.E on a G
23.Cynic Clinic

24.encore break/appreciation
25.This Part of Town

?-unsure of song/segment title
*-Bloodkin song

Sam Holt- Fender Telecaster Deluxe Plus in Firestorm Red, vocals
Ross Parker- Bass
Jerry Wayne Walker- Drums
Adam Grace- Keys

source: post show matrix
aud. source: Nuemann km-125>MixPre-6II @ 32/48
Location: Clamped to drink rail, 4′ boom out
SDBD. source: SDB > Mixpre6(24/48)
transfer: SDHC>PC>Izotope 7(polywave split)Wavelab 6.1>CD Wave>Izotope 7(de-click, de-crackle,
dither to 24bit)>CDWave, trader’s little helper(flac level 8)
all editing(matrix, fades, gain) done in Wavelab 6.1

*24bit/48khz fileset* converted to 16/44.1

recorded and transfered by George Hodges, Jr.

A Team Dirty South Recording

Photo by George Hodges, Jr.