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Photo by George Hodges, Jr.

Sam Holt Band
Isis Music Hall
Asheville, NC

Set I

02.Burnt Faceless
04.Pickin’ Up The Pieces
05.A of D>
06.You Got Yours
08.Raise The Roof
10.Porch Song

Set II

11.Nuci’s Space promo
12.The Take Out>
13.Ain’t Like Grand
14.Walkin>Jam with Hatrield Outro
15.Can’t Change The Past
16.B of D>
17.The Waker
18.Pruitt -*
20.”What You Adore” -?
22.E on a G
23.Cynic Clinic

24.encore break/appreciation
25.This Part of Town

?-unsure of song/segment title
*-Bloodkin song

Sam Holt- Fender Telecaster Deluxe Plus in Firestorm Red, vocals
Ross Parker- Bass
Jerry Wayne Walker- Drums
Adam Grace- Keys

source: post show matrix
aud. source: Nuemann km-125>MixPre-6II @ 32/48
Location: Clamped to drink rail, 4′ boom out
SDBD. source: SDB > Mixpre6(24/48)
transfer: SDHC>PC>Izotope 7(polywave split)Wavelab 6.1>CD Wave>Izotope 7(de-click, de-crackle,
dither to 24bit)>CDWave, trader’s little helper(flac level 8)
all editing(matrix, fades, gain) done in Wavelab 6.1

*24bit/48khz fileset* converted to 16/44.1

recorded and transfered by George Hodges, Jr.

A Team Dirty South Recording

Photo by George Hodges, Jr.