JoJo Hermann

Gordon Wilson’s source

JoJo Hermann
The Grey Eagle
Asheville, NC

01. Intro
02. Stagger Lee
03. Tall Boy
04. Banter
05. All Time Low
06. Bust it Big
07. Banter
08. One Arm Steve
09. Greta
10. Chunk of Coal
11. Tipitina
12. Bayou Lena
13. Dyin’ Man
14. Squirrels in the Attic
15. I Don’t Worry About a Thing
16. Banter
17. Blue Carousel
18. Such a Night
19. Big Wooly Mammoth

Sam Holt joins in for the remainder of the set

20. Disco >
21. Ride Me High >
22. Disco
23. Can’t Change the Past
24. Raise the Roof
25. Traveler’s Rest
26. She Drives Me To Drink
27. Red Beans
28. Happy Child
29. Tennessee Before Daylight
30. Sandbox
31. Blackout Blues
32. The Take Out >
33. Porch Song

source: SBD + Microtech Gefell M21 (dina) > Nbob actives > Naiant PFA > Sound Devices MixPre-6 II @ 32/48
location: fob, dfc clamped in the sweet spot 8.5′ high
transfer: USB > PC > iZotope RX 9 (gain, edits) > Wavelab 6.1 (matrix, fades, MBIT+ dither) > CD Wave (track splits) > TLH (flac 8) > Foobar (tags)

*24bit/48khz fileset* (converted to 16/44.1 for streaming)

recorded and transferred by Gordon Wilson

A Team Dirty South Recording

Photo by Backstage Flash

Coloartist’s source

JoJo Hermann w/ Eric Martinez
Showdown at the Triple S
McAllister, MT

Set One:

01 Intro
02 Tipitina
03 Help Me Somebody
04 Pete Johnson Original>Big Wooly Mammoth
05 Disco
06 Bust It Big
07 Disco
08 Greta
09 All Time Low
10 Nick’s Birthday banter
11 Blue Carousel
12 Chunk Of Coal
13 Ready For The Country
14 One Arm Steve
15 Imitation Leather Shoes
16 I Don’t worry About a Thing, Cause I Know Nothin’s Gonna Be Alright
17 Squirrels In The Attic
18 Quarter Tank of Gasoline
19 Makes Sense To Me

Set 2:

01 Intro 2
02 Mess Around
03 Tallboy
04 Bayou Lena
05 Visiting Day
06 Lazy Bum
07 Stagger Lee
08 Such a Night
09 Blackout Blues
10 Brown Sugar
11 Dyin Man
12 Ride Me Hi
13 Climb To Safety
14 Isodora Duncan
15 Montana
16 Red Beans
17 Crowd


18 End Of The Show

Schoeps MK4>DinA>KC5>CMC6>analog>788T (HPF 0) 24/48
15ft center. Stand @ 8ft
dsp: 788t > wavelab5 > cdwave > wavelab5 > flac(7)

tagging: Flacs tagged with Foobar2000 Live Show Tagger

Recorded by Bennett Schwartz
Tracked By Coloartist

Photo by Backstage Flash

Photo by Backstage Flash

Photo by Jason Merritt/FilmMagic

Colonel Bruce Hampton And The Codetalkers
Hotel ?
Orlando, Florida

01 Outer Space
02 *Fixin’ To Die
03 *#Spoonful
04 ? >
05 Saved By The Same Thing
06 I’m So Glad
07 Welcome To Hawaii
08 Band Introductions
09 Time Is Free >
10 Beggin’ You To Stay

* With John Bell
# With Jojo Herman On Keyboards

Colonel Bruce Hampton – Guitar And Vocals
Bobby Lee Rodgers – Guitar, Vocals, And Lip Trombone
Ted Pecchio – Bass
Tyler “The Falcon” Greenwell – Drums

Source: Schoeps MK4V’S>KC5>M222>NT222>KCY>VMS5U>Sound Devices 722 (24/96)
FOB/DFC/KFC/ZFC, 35′ From Stage, 6 1/2′ High
DSP: Sound Devices 722>Sound Forge 10.0>CD Wave>flac(16)
ID3 Tagged In Foobar 2000
Recorded By: Charles Fox And Z-Man
Seeded By: Z-Man
A Team Dirty South Recording

Photo via SamHoltBand (IG)


Zman’s source

Sam Holt Solo
City Winery
Atlanta, Georgia

01 Greeting/Banter
02 Edgewater
03 Gunner >
04 Tennessee Before Daylight
05 History Lesson Part II >
06 This Part Of Town
07 Mercy Train To Bogart >
08 Clinic Cynic

Zman’s source

JoJo Hermann
City Winery
Atlanta, Georgia

Disc I

01 Greeting/Banter
02 Tipitina >
03 Tall Boy
04 One-Arm Steve >
05 Imitation Leather Shoes
06 Disco >
07 Ride Me High >
08 *Bust It Big >
09 Disco >
10 Greta >
11 Up All Night >
12 Greta
13 All Time Low

Disc II

01 Jojo Banter
02 Blue Parasol
03 Squirrels In The Attic
04 Stagger Lee
05 Such A Night >
06 Bayou Lena
07 Visiting Day
08 Enter Sam Holt/Banter
09 #Can’t Change The Past
10 #Sandbox >
11 #Blackout Blues

* With Up All Night Tease
# With Sam Holt On Guitar And Vocals

Source: Schoeps CCM4V’S>Lunatec V2>Sound Devices 722 (24/44.1)
SOB/DFC/KFC/ZFC/AARP 45′ From Stage, 6 1/2′ High
DSP: Sound Devices 722>Sound Forge 10.0>CD Wave>flac(16)
ID3 Tagged In Foobar 2000
Recorded By: Z-Man
Seeded By: Z-Man
A Team Dirty South Recording

Down On The Bayou II
A Benefit for the New Orleans Musicians Clinic
Howlin’ Wolf
New Orleans, LA

Set I: (JoJo’s Mardi Gras Band + Alfred “Uganda” Roberts)

01. Stag-o-lee
02. Bald Head
03. I’ve Got A Woman
04. Something On Your Mind *
05. She Walks Right In/Shake, Rattle & Roll *

* W/ Jimmy Carpenter on Sax, Christine Ohlman on Vocals

Set II: (Jojo Herman, John “Papa” Gros, George Porter, Jr., Russell Batiste, Jr., Jimmy Carpenter, Billy Iuso)

06. Intro
07. Stealin’
08. Right Place Wrong Time
09. Hey Pocky Way **
10. Big Chief **
11. Cabbage Alley ***

** W/ Big Chief Bo Dollis & Bo Dollis, Jr. on Vocals, Thomas McDowell on bass
*** W/ Big Chief Bo Dollis & Bo Dollis, Jr on Vocals, Thomas McDowell on bass, Ivan Neville on B3

Set III: (Widespread Panic)

12. Intro
13. Familiar Reality **** >
14. I Walk On Guilded Splinters ****

**** W/ Jimmy Carpenter on Sax

Set IV: (7 Walkers – Papa Mali, Bill Kreutzmann, Reed Mathis, Matt Hubbard + Anders Osborne)

15. Intro
16. Jam > Turn On Your Lovelight

Set V: (Jon Cleary, Dr. Jimbo Walsh, Russel Batiste, Jr.)

17. Intro
18. Tipitina
19. Lawdy Miss Clawdy

Set VI: (Gov’t Mule + Russel Batiste, Jr.)

20. Intro/Tuning
21. 32/20 Blues
22. Breakin’ Up Somebody’s Home *****

***** W/ Jojo Herman on Piano

Set VII: (Jojo’s Mardi Gras Band + Alfred “Uganda” Roberts)

23. Red Beans #
24. Jambalaya (On the Bayou) ##
25. Standing On Shaky Ground #
26. 25 Miles ###
27. Let The Good Times Roll ###
28. Ooh Poo Pah Doo ###
29. Get Out My Life Woman
30. Go To The Mardi Gras

# W/ Bonerama on horns
## W/ Bonerama on horns, Sherman Ewing on guitar/vocals
### W/ Bonerama on horns, Christine Olhman on vocals

Set VIII: (Jojo’s Mardi Gras Band + Luther Dickinson)


Additional Notes:
-FOH Board levels were killed for the first minute of track 4 and a constant squeal remains the rest of the set
-The last set was not recorded. Attempts to get the final set from the house system is still in progress. It will be seeded separately when acquired.
-There could be musicians on-stage not mentioned, if you remember please let me know as these guys deserve credit for volunteering their time for the benefit and great night of music!

Please continue to help support New Orleans area musicians and donate if you have the means to.

This is a great cause that not only assists current musicians but future musicians from New Orleans. Check out this site!

Source: Aud + SBD Matrix

SBD source: Yamaha M7CL > Edirol R-44 @ 24/48
AUD source: AKG Ck1x > Mk46 > c460b > Edirol R-44 @ 24/48
Location: ROC in FOH Cage/8ft/Dina/limiter = 1+2/3+4
DSP: SD > Wavelab (sych/mix/edit) > CDWave (tracking) > Wavelab (dither/re-sample) > TLH (flac8) > Foobar (Tagging)

Taped and seeded by Nick Burlison


Keyboardist JoJo Herman is a devoted fan of Dr. John and an adopted son of the New Orleans funk tradition. In October 2009 during Voodoo Fest Jojo produced the first Down on the Bayou at Howlin’ Wolf as a “companion” concert to the benefit Dr. John produced for the New Orleans Musicians’ Clinic.

The proceeds from Down on the Bayou II will help sustain the New Orleans Musiciansí Clinic (NOMC), a program of the New Orleans Musicians Assistance Foundation, (NOMAF) and their commitment to providing affordable, comprehensive health care to New Orleans most precious resource: our musicians musicians.

NOMC on NBC national news

The musicians clinic (est. in 1998) is the brainchild by Dr. Jack McConnell ( father of Phish keyboardist Page McConnell).

The NOMC became the first healthcare initiative of its kind in the United States, addressing the unmet medical needs of local musicians, artists and their families. The NOMC strives to institute an agenda of wellness into the New Orleans musician patient population, which in turn helps to keep the music and traditional artistry of the city alive.

John Bell and Friends
Websters Lake
Auburn, AL


01. Space Wrangler
02. Ribs And Whiskey
03. Blackout Blues
04. Crack And Whistle
05. Dog Song
06. JoJo jam
07. On Your Way Down
08. Last Train
09. Geraldine And The Honeybee
10. City of Dreams
11. Mercy
12. Rock Steady > Satisfied > Rock Steady


13. Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door

– ‘Space Wrangler’ and ‘Ribs and Whiskey’ JB solo
– ‘Blackout Blues’, ‘Crack and Whistle’ and ‘Dog Song’ JB, JoJo, and Todd
– ‘On Your Way Down’, ‘Last Train’, ‘Geraldine And The Honeybee’ and ‘City of Dreams’ JB, Todd, JoJo, John Keane, and Carl Lindberg
– ‘Mercy’, ‘Rock Steady > Satisfied > Rock Steady’ JB, Todd, JoJo, John Keane, Carl Lindberg, and Debra Reece
– ‘Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door’ JB, Todd, JoJo, John Keane, Carl Lindberg, and Kevn Kinney

[Billed as ‘JB & Friends’; The Grapes and Col. Bruce Hampton also appeared]