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Aquarium Rescue Unit
Variety Playhouse

Set 1:
13:10 Elevator to the Moon
7:57 Zambi
8:30 Space is the Place
17:01 Basically Frightened
8:12 Fixin’ to Die
7:03 In the Year of Otad
22:52 Time is Free

Set 2:
7:56 Workin’ on a Building
9:43 Compared to What?
10:01 Payday
9:38 Little Poor Boy
5:01 Yield Not to Temptation
10:26 Jazz Bank
10:31 I’m So Glad
8:00 E) Time Flack

Col. Bruce Hampton (Ret.)
Jimmy Herring
Oteil Burbridge
Jeff Sipe
Count M’Butu

Original Recording on 3 CDs by pat5

Widespread Panic
HORDE tour
Empire Court
Syracuse, NY

one set

ARU/WSP Jam (fades in)
Love Tractor
C. Brown
Machine >
Barstools and Dreamers
Proving Ground >
Drums >
Pickin’ Up Pieces
Chilly Water

source: akg460b/ck8>oade preamp>casio dat, taped by rick

notes: the bands jammed together to segue between acts, and the jams to start the sets are just as they were on the master DATs.
john m


Widespread Panic
Merriweather Post Pavillion
Columbia, MD

01 ARU/WSP Jam * >
02 Better Off
03 Just Kissed My Baby
04 Conrad the Caterpillar
05 Walkin’ (for your love)
06 Makes Sense to Me
07 Diner >
08 Impossible Song
09 Weight of the World
10 Pickin’ Up the Pieces
11 Entering a Black Hole Backwards >
12 Chilly Water


Source: (fob) Schoeps > Sony D10
Taped by: Unknown (DAT clone courtesy of Mike Phelps)
Transfer by: BobbyHurley (9/24/08)
Reseed by Brad Kirby


Widespead Panic
Oak Mountain Amphitheater
Pelham AL

Who Do You Belong To?
Weight Of The World
Makes Sense To Me
Driving Song >
Diner > Jam >
Driving Song
Pickin’ Up The Pieces*
Flat Foot Flewzy**

E: Werewolves of London***

* with Jimmy Herring on guitar, John Popper on harmonica
** with John Popper on harmonica
*** with Big Head Todd and the Monsters, Blues Traveler, Col. Bruce Hampton and the Aquarium Rescue Unit, The Samples
[HORDE show]

Source: DSBD

Widespread Panic
State Theater
Portland, ME.

Set 1:
01. Little Kin
02. Henry Parsons Died
03. Driving Song >
04. Disco >
05. Driving Song >
06. Tie Your Shoes >
07. Fishwater
08. The Take Out >
09. Porch Song
10. Hatfield >
11. Heroes
12. Wondering

Set 2:
01. Can’t Find My Way Home >
02. Pleas
03. Machine >
04. Travelin’ Light
05. Junior
06. West Virginia
07. Pickin’ Up The Pieces *
08. Tuning
09. It Ain’t No Use ** >
10. Fixin’ To Die **

11. Dream Song

* with Jimmy Herring on guitar
** with Col. Bruce Hampton and the Aquarium Rescue Unit

[‘Dream Song’ with JoJo on 1929 Wurlitzer pipe organ; Col. Bruce Hampton & the Aquarium Rescue Unit opened; Last ‘Fixin’ To Die’ – 8/7/1992, 244 shows]

Source: SBD
Transferred & Seeded by Kenyon Hall