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Widespread Panic
Hampden-Sydney College
Hampden-Sydney, VA

01 tuning
02 Weight Of The World,
03 Space Wrangler,
04 Send Your Mind, Travelin’ Light,
05 Love Tractor,
06 Mr. Soul,
07 It Ain’t No Use,
08 Walkin’ (For Your Love),
09 Barstools and Dreamers,
10 The Take Out,
11 Porch Song,
12 Flat Foot Flewzy

[T. Lavitz on organ; The Other People and Awareness Art Ensemble opened]

Source uploaded by Sam Holt

per Sam:

I recorded this with 2 Shure SM57’s -> Casio DA-7 dat machine. I was the only taper there.

This was during the brief ‘no taping’ era. Mom’s Kitchen had come out on 7/30/91 and I guess Capricorn wanted to put the kibosh on taping, somehow they thought they would sell more records if they didn’t allow taping. I was shut down the night before at Trax in Charlottesville.

This was a free show outside at Hampden Sydney that ended right as it got dark. I was set up by the sand volleyball court about 25 yards from the stage. No one told me to stop taping. The stage was pretty small and I know they were having issues with it being able to support the weight of all the gear and band.

There is some hilarious stage banter, the band was having a really good time. There was like 500 people there and people were going crazy, running around, a few twirlers spinning in the open field, and frat boys partying hard.

Widespread Panic
Riviera Theater
Chicago, Illinois
October 12, 1991

01 //Walkin’ (For Your Love)
02 Travelin’ Light>
03 Machine>
04 Barstools and Dreamers
05 I’m Not Alone>
06 Makes Sense to Me
07 Space Wrangler


– T. Lavitz on Keys

– Missing: Weight of the World (Before Walkin’)
(After Space Wrangler) Mercy>
Chilly Water
Porch Song

Unknown audience analog cassette > Onkyo TA-R410 >
Roland ED UA-30 > Audacity > WAV

Tracked & Converted by:
BrettR at Dragon’s Lair Studios
using Audacity Software

Tape and transfer provided by Ted Rockwell

Widespread Panic
Red Creek
Rochester, N.Y.
August 17, 1991

01. Heaven
02. Geraldine & the Honey Bee>
03. Space Wrangler (Pause)
04. Pickin’ Up the Pieces (Pause)
05. Mercy>
06. Makes Sense to Me (Pause)
07. C. Brown (pause)
08. Take Out>
09. Porch Song


– Opening for The Sharp Dressed Penguins

– T. Lavitz on Keys

– Deck paused after:
Space Wrangler
Pickin’ Up the Pieces
Makes Sense to Me
C. Brown

– During Heaven JB says
‘There is a party, about 30 people are there’
apparently referring to the size of the crowd.

– Tape flip after C.Brown.

– Thomas Smith wrote this note on the tape cover:
“They (WSP) opened for the Sharp Dressed Penguins,
a lame college band, so they could get the hell out
of Rochester and on to Arrowhead Ranch.”

– According to Thomas Smith:
Widespread Panic was supposed to headline,
but chose to open instead, as the venue
was a small pizza joint. The band was also
scheduled to play the next night with
Blues Traveler.

– Mikey sat for the set

Unknown audience analog cassette > Onkyo TA-R410 >
Roland ED UA-30 > Audacity @ 16Bit/44.1Khz> WAV

Tracked & Converted by:
BrettR at Dragon’s Lair Studios
using Audacity Software

Tape provided by: Thomas G. Smith
Transferred by: Ted Rockwell

Widespread Panic
The Flynn Theatre
Burlington, VT

Set 1:

1. A of D >
2. Wondering >
3. Ride Me High >
4. Chilly Water >
5. Jack >
6. Chilly Water
7. Holden Oversoul >
8. Nobody’s Loss
9. Ain’t Life Grand

Set 2:

1. Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys* >
2. Fishwater* >
3. Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys*
4. Impossible >
5. Henry Parsons Died >
6. Drums >
1. Jam>
2. Tall Boy >
3. Conrad


4. Big Wooly Mammoth >
5. Knocking ‘Round The Zoo

* with Alphonso Johnson on bass, Billy Cobham on percussion, Jimmy Herring on guitar, T. Lavitz on keyboards

[‘Thought Sausage’ rap by JB during ‘Fishwater’]

Source: (FOB) Nuemann KM-150>HHB
Converted by: Josh Evans (Stagger)

Widespread Panic
The Roxy
Los Angeles, CA
November 11, 1993

Set I
01. Pleas
02. Space Wrangler >
03. Henry Parsons Died >
04. Travelin’ Light
05. Diner >
06. Pilgrims >
07. Hatfield
08. Walkin’ >
09. Holden Oversoul
10. Love Tractor

Set II
01. The Take Out >
02. Porch Song
03. Can’t Get High >
04. Worry
05. Makes Sense To Me*
06. Little Kin
07. Chilly Water >
08. Fishwater
09. Pickin’ Up The Pieces
01. Heroes >
02. Mercy >
03. Wondering
04. Mr. Soul

05. Get Up Early In The Morning**
06. Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys*** >
07. Time Is Free Jam*** >
08. Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys***

* with T. Lavitz on piano
** with T. Lavitz on piano, Trey Anastasio on guitar
*** with Page McConnell on organ, Trey Anastasio on guitar

Source: SBD

Converted, Edited, and Seeded by D.P. Swint


Widespread Panic
Santa Monica Civic Auditorium
Santa Monica, CA

Set 1

1. Stop And Go
2. Greta
3. Aunt avis
4. Rock
5. Who Do You Belong to
6. BofD
7. Walkin
8. Arleen
9. Dying Man

Set 2

1. Take Out
2. Porch
3. Junco Partner
4. Diner
5. Rebirtha
6. Drums
7. Drums/Jam
8. All Time Low
9. Fishwater


10. Makes Sense To Me*

* w/ T. Lavitz on piano