21 comments on “Widespread Panic – 01/02/1998 – Atlanta, GA

  1. I still think this is the best panic show I’ve been to.
    Plus the crowd was all fans as the tourist went home after the first.

  2. ….”on the congas and other finely feathered instruments.”
    Jb’s intro for Count Mbutu…priceless.

  3. We were right across the st. At the georgian terrerace. I wonder if they got that closet at the top of the marque!

  4. I got a call from a buddy 4 hours before the show with an extra ticket. 4 EPIC shows in 4 nights at the FAB FOX!

  5. What a great show…I remember they added it after the others sold out so quick..it was epic !

  6. Saw them there on the Everyday tour with Col. Bruce. One of the best shows ever, and yes I’m bragging.

  7. Was at this show and Rev Jeff Mosier showed his skills as well!!! Great Fab Fox run!!!

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