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Widespread Panic
Blockbuster Pavilion
Charlotte, NC.

Set 1:

01. Fishwater >
02. It Ain’t No Use >
03. Tall Boy,
04. Weight Of The World,
05. Burned Faceless >
06. Happy >
07. Hatfield,
08. West Virginia >
09. Can’t Get High >
10. Love Tractor

Set 2:

01. //Chilly Water >
02. Jack >
03. Chilly Water >
04. Blackout Blues,
05. Machine >
06. Barstools and Dreamers,
07. Pickin’ Up The Pieces** >
08. I Walk On Guilded Splinters*** >
09. Drums* >
10. Junior


11. Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys****


* with Simon Horrocks on percussion
** with Marty Lloyd on guitar, Rob Bonaccorsi on guitar
*** with Marty Lloyd on guitar, Rob Bonaccorsi on guitar, Wayne Healy on guitar
**** with Chan Kinchla on guitar

[First ‘Happy’; The Freddy Jones Band and Joan Osborne opened]

Source: EV-RE20 > SBM1 > D8
Taped by Michael Wilker
Transferred and Seeded by Martin Medley. Thanks to Michael for letting me borrow the DATs!

Widespread Panic
The Vic Theatre,
Chicago, IL

Set 1:

01. Disco >
02. Heroes >
03. Little Kin
04. Better Off
05. Ain’t No Use >
06. I’m Not Alone
07. Can’t Get High
08. Help Me Somebody >
09. Porch Song
10. Conrad

Set 2:

01. Space Wrangler >
02. No Sugar Tonight
03. The Last Straw
04. Pickin’ Up The Pieces
05. Blackout Blues* >
06. Guilded Splinters* >
07. Drums* >
08. Pigeons >
09. Makes Sense To Me


10. Dream Song >
11. Mr. Soul

* with Rob Bonaccorsi on guitar, Simon Horrocks on percussion, Wayne Healy on guitar

[‘Conrad’, ‘Little Kin’, ‘Better Off’, ‘Can’t Get High’, ‘The Last Straw’, ‘Pigeons’, ‘Makes Sense To Me’, ‘Dream Song’ and ‘Mr. Soul’ later broadcast on WXRT FM; Soundcheck: ‘And It Stoned Me’ (appeared on the album Hempilation)]

Source : SBD > DA-P20 @ 48.0khz
Converted and edited by D.P. Swint. Seeded by Patrick Wood

Static during the introduction before ‘Disco’. Slight static during ‘Conrad’ at 08:04-08:12


Widespread Panic
Liethead Fieldhouse, St. Lawrence University,
Canton, NY

1: Disco > C. Brown, Heroes, Pleas > Henry Parsons Died, Mr. Soul, Jack > Travelin’ Light, Chilly Water

2: Wondering, Proving Ground > Worry, Little Kin, Porch Song, Pickin’ Up The Pieces*, Get Up Early In The Morning*, Fishwater, Dream Song, Walkin’ (For Your Love)

E: Ain’t Life Grand

* with Wayne Healy on guitar

[The Freddy Jones Band opened]

Widespread Panic
State Palace Theater,
New Orleans, LA

1: Drums* > Fishwater* > Wondering, Stop-Go > Mr. Soul, Airplane > Hatfield > Disco > Space Wrangler > Henry Parsons Died
2: Junior > Driving Song > Low Rider* > Driving Song > Blackout Blues, Let’s Get Down To Business > Porch Song, Heroes, Pickin’ Up The Pieces** > Rock***, Ain’t Life Grand****
E: Cross Cut Saw*****, Red Beans*****

* with Simon Horrocks on percussion
** with Wayne Healy on guitar
*** with Rob Bonaccorsi on lap steel
**** with Marty Lloyd on guitar, Rob Bonaccorsi on guitar
***** with The Freddy Jones Band

[First ‘Cross Cut Saw’; ‘Cross Cut Saw’ and ‘Red Beans’ performed as “Widespread Freddy”; The Freddy Jones Band opened]

The venue has been closed due to damages sustained during the Katrina disaster


Photo by Matthew Lambros and After the Final Curtain, 2013.
For more pics and venue history, visit AfterTheFinalCurtain.net