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Widespread Panic
State Palace Theater
New Orleans, LA.

Set 1:

01. Pigeons >
02. Papa Legba,
03. Weight Of The World,
04. Junior >
05. Space Wrangler >
06. Blackout Blues,
07. The Last Straw >
08. Knocking ‘Round The Zoo >
09. Proving Ground

Set 2:

01. Ain’t Life Grand,
02. Tall Boy >
03. Arleen >
04. Walkin’ (For Your Love),
05. Chilly Water >
06. Drums >
07. Henry Parsons Died >
08. Chilly Water


09. Dream Song

[Little Sister opened]

Source: EV-RE20 > SBM1 > D8
Taped by Michael Wilker
Transferred and Seeded by Martin Medley. Thanks to Michael for letting me borrow the DATs!

Widespread Panic
State Palace Theater,
New Orleans, LA

1: Drums* > Fishwater* > Wondering, Stop-Go > Mr. Soul, Airplane > Hatfield > Disco > Space Wrangler > Henry Parsons Died
2: Junior > Driving Song > Low Rider* > Driving Song > Blackout Blues, Let’s Get Down To Business > Porch Song, Heroes, Pickin’ Up The Pieces** > Rock***, Ain’t Life Grand****
E: Cross Cut Saw*****, Red Beans*****

* with Simon Horrocks on percussion
** with Wayne Healy on guitar
*** with Rob Bonaccorsi on lap steel
**** with Marty Lloyd on guitar, Rob Bonaccorsi on guitar
***** with The Freddy Jones Band

[First ‘Cross Cut Saw’; ‘Cross Cut Saw’ and ‘Red Beans’ performed as “Widespread Freddy”; The Freddy Jones Band opened]

The venue has been closed due to damages sustained during the Katrina disaster


Photo by Matthew Lambros and After the Final Curtain, 2013.
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