12 comments on “Widespread Panic – 12/03/1994 – New Orleans, LA

  1. unfortunately this will be the last historical stream for a little while as the band has played so few shows in December

  2. State Palace Theatre is a performing arts venue located in New Orleans, Louisiana. It is located at the Uptown Lake corner of Canal Street and Rampart Street. The theatre was constructed in 1926 for the Loew’s Theatre circuit. It had a seating capacity of 3,335 and also contained a 3/13 Robert Morton organ.
    When the theatre opened on Easter Sunday, April 3, 1926, it was named simply, State Theatre. The theatre showed Silent Films and hosted many live performances in the early days. As time went on, the Silent Films were replaced with talking pictures and eventually the prized 3/13 Robert Morton organ was destroyed in a flood.
    In 1976, the State Theatre was tripled. After closing as a movie house in the late-1980’s, the partition was removed, and the State Theatre was restored and renamed, as the State Palace Theatre, showing classic movies and offering concerts.
    The theater flooded in the Hurricane Katrina levee failure disaster of 2005. Some cleanup was done allowing it to open for a few raves through 2007, but the building was clearly in need of more serious renovation and was closed by the fire marshal after it was sold to new owners.

  3. Yea i was at this show… we raced off of dead lot in Denver and tried to make it back to Alabama in time to see Panic play in Auburn, AL… But we were exhausted from a 3 day run of G Dead — So we hit NOLA for this and it was freaking amazing… Stop'nGo>MrSoul was life changing ;)

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