Sonny’s Bistro,
Asheville, NC

Proving Ground Rock (missing)
Weight Of The World
Porch Song
Pusherman >
Chilly Water
Holden Oversoul
Papa Legba
Love Tractor
Machine >
Barstools and Dreamers
Space Wrangler
Last Dance

Travelin’ Light

[Col. Bruce Hampton & the Aquarium Rescue Unit opened]

Source: SM57’s > 1st Gen Cass > DAT
Taped by: Sam Holt? (pretty sure…he’s the one that burned it for me from his DAT)
Ripped, transferred & seeded by: Marty Thompson

Widespread Panic
Georgia Theater
Athens, GA

Disc One: Last Dance, Love Tractor, Dog Song, Pigeons, Ain’t No Use > Walkin’, Jack, And It Stoned Me, Space Wrangler, Postcard, Porch Song

Disc Two: Pusherman, Machine > Barstools and Dreamers, Guilded Splinters > Rock > Worryin’,

Disc Three: C. Brown > Proving Ground > Chilly Water, E: Sweet Leaf

First ‘Pusherman’

Source: Shure SM57s >D6(analog)>DAT>Cleanup>CD

Got this on DAT and it had some hiss(analog lineage, best available) – Ran some custom Noise

Reduction settings and it sounds great – Alan Schwartz

I converted this awhile ago and don’t recall any problems, I’m sure there are some tapes flips somewhere from the analog master

Widespread Panic
Main Street,
Murfreesboro, TN

1: She Caught The Katy > Travelin’ Light, Jack, Stop-Go > Proving Ground, I’m Not Alone > Rock, Genesis, Space Wrangler, Pigeons > Porch Song

2: B of D > Chilly Water, Fishwater, C. Brown, Dog Song > It Ain’t No Use > Drums > The Earth Will Swallow You > Love Tractor, Me And The Devil Blues, Conrad

E: Bowlegged Woman

[San Rafael opened]

Widespread Panic
The Grove,
University of Mississippi,
Oxford, MS

0: A of D > Pigeons, Travelin’ Light > Machine > Barstools and Dreamers, Stop-Go > Rock, Worry, C. Brown > Proving Ground, Love Tractor, Porch Song, Space Wrangler > Impossible > Conrad > Drums > Heaven > Contentment Blues > Chilly Water
E: The Last Straw, Mr. Soul

[The Megaphones opened]

Rules followed:

Widespread Panic
The Cave
Dahlenoga, GA.


01. Porch Song
02. Space Wrangler
03. Walk On
04. She Caught The Katy
05. C. Brown
06. Love Tractor
07. Tarvelin’ Light
08. Ain’t No Use ->
09. Mr Soul ->
10. Drums & Bass ->
11. Jam ->
12. Chilly Water


13. The Earth Will Swallow You ->
14. Astronomy Domine ->
15. Proving Ground
16. Rock ->
17. Jam ->
18. Driving Song ->
19. B of D ->
20. Driving Song ->
21. Stop-Go ->
22. Machine ->
23. Barstools
24. Impossible Song ->
25. I’m Not Alone
26. Contentment Blues ->
27. Coconuts (Show Stopped)

Tape flip after Travelin’ Light
Dropout during Chilly Water
Amp problems during Stop-Go (generator fizzled)
Police shut down the show right as Coconuts was starting

Show Notes:
This was an intense experience. You hiked from the parking area into the woods and to the mouth of a huge Copper mine. There were people out in the woods everywhere. They laid sawdust inside the mine to help with footing, and the electricity was provided by generators. To say that the natives were restless for the show is a huge understatement. They formed a human chain to keep people outside until the band was ready, but that fell apart when someone got pepper-sprayed. It was chaos after that, which did not help the taping process, but certainly added to the experience. During set-break, you could explore very deep inside the core of the mineshaft, which was brilliantly lit with all of the headlamps and lighters. After the show, all lights were blue, as the Police had roadblocks at all exits. Don’t say that JB didn’t warn you;)

This is not a great recording, but it is listenable and worth seeding just for the historical significance of the Cave show. Enjoy!

Source: AKG 522~> Sony D-5 (Metal Master 90)
Recorded, Mastered, Tracked, & Seeded By: Hardy Ross


Widespread Panic
Toad’s Place
New Haven, CT

One Set
01. //Jack
02. Chilly Water
03. Tuning
04. Holden Oversoul
05. Love Tractor >
06. Machine >
07. Barstools and Dreamers
08. Porch Song

Notes: Widespread Panic opened for Phish
Jack is cut on the master, it was faded in.

Taped By: John Redmond
Transfer: 24bit FLAC files by Weave
Mastering: performed on REBA by Arty
Tracked By: Allen Davis


Widespread Panic
April 7, 1990
“Ragtails” Baylor School
Chattanooga, TN

01 //She Caught the Katy (soundcheck)
02 Intro
03 Travelin’ Light
04 Space Wrangler
05 Love Tractor >
06 Pigeons
07 C. Brown >
08 Coconut
09 Proving Ground
10 Stop – Go >
11 Conrad the Caterpillar
01 Tuning
02 Rock
03 Holden Oversoul
04 Chilly Water >
05 Machine //

Source: Unknown DAUD
Transfer by: BobbyHurley

Widespread Panic
Craven’s Auditorium
University of the South
Sewanee, TN.

01. Ophelia
02. Porch Song
03. Rock
04. Conrad
05. Love Tractor
06. I’m Not Alone
07. Stop-Go
08. Proving Ground
09. Travelin’ Light
10. C. Brown
11. Impossible
12. Machine
13. Barstools and Dreamers
14. Coconut
15. Pigeons

Recorded, Tracked, & Seeded By: Hardy Ross
Mastered By: Martin Medley
Source: AKG 522

Show notes:

It seems the Band always plays well at Sewanee, so it was not surprising when an unusual amount of old faces and new faces converged for this show. Widespread was an early act, playing in front of Will and the Bushmen and Love Tractor…yes, Love Tractor.

This was originally scheduled to be an outdoor event, but was moved inside due to the approaching storms. By the time they got everything moved into the Hall, the sky was blue, there was a brisk breeze, and the crowd was seriously chomping at the bit. Unfortuately, the move shortened the length of the show quite a bit, but what time they did play was well spent. Cheers!


Widespread Panic
Antenna Club
Memphis, TN.

01. Machine
02. Barstools
03. Last Straw
04. Pigeons
05. Jack
06. chilly Water
07. Rock
08. Coconuts

01. Love Tractor
02. Space Wrangler
03. C. Brown
04. Proving Ground
05. The Earth Will Swallow You
06. Conrad
07. Me and the Devil Blues
08. Stop-Go
09. Astronomy Domine Jam
10. Contentment Blues
11. Travelin’ Light

12. Walkin’
13. Porch Song

Mastered, Tracked, & Seeded By: Michael Wilker & Hardy Ross
Source: Unknown mics

Widespread Panic
Main Street
Murfreesboro, TN.

Disc 1:
01. Pigeons,
02. Travelin’ Light,
03. Conrad,
04. Space Wrangler,
05. It Ain’t No Use >
06. C. Brown,
07. Holden Oversoul >
08. Stop-Go >
09. Jam >
10. Love Tractor,
11. Porch Song

Disc 2:
01. Snorkle Search >
02. L.a. >
03. Proving Ground,
04. Driving Song >
05. A of D >
06. Driving Song >
07. Rock,
08. I’m Not Alone,
09. Impossible,
10. Heaven >
11. Me And The Devil Blues,

Disc 3:
01. Machine >
02. Barstools and Dreamers >
03. Chilly Water
04. Papa Legba,
05. Can’t Find My Way Home

[Only ‘Snorkle Search’]

Source: SBD
Transfer by Martin Medley. Thanks to Brad Kent for the DATs.

Widespread Panic
1990 Tour Rehearsal
March 1990
in the studio, Atlanta, GA

Day I —
Just Kissed My Baby,
Weight of the World,
Sun Keep,
Guilded Splinters*,
Who Do You Belong To,
The Earth Will Swallow You > Jam,
Mr. Soul

Day II —
Riding a Rock,
Disco (take 1),
Disco >
Tie Your Shoes,
Dog Song,
The Earth Will Swallow You > Jam,
Guilded Splinters^^,
Ribs & Whiskey**

^ Windy rap at the beginning of Pusherman
^^JB sings some of Papa Legba during Guilded Splinters
* Guilded Splinters cuts at 4:20.
** 3 or 4 takes of Ribs & Whiskey

The Band is: JB, Mike, Dave, Todd and Sunny. There are no keyboards.

Source: SBD Analog

This show is my Remaster, from my source who wishes to remain anonymous.

Converted, Equalized, Remastered, Noise Reduced, and Seeded by Thaddeus Agar.



Studio Session
September ??, 1990
John Keane’s Studio,
Athens, GA

C. Brown*
A of D,
The Last Straw
Love Tractor
Holden Oversoul
Proving Ground
Contentment Blues
Barstools and Dreamers
Space Wrangler
JB Talking
JB Talking – Love Tractor

– Several songs include JB talking / conversation.
– There is a gap in Track 16 – JB talking – Love Tractor
– Wonderin’ starts in progress
– This is a must have for old school Panic Fans!!!!!

* with John Keane on pedal steel

[Exact date unknown (sometime in 09/90?);

‘Holden’ and ‘Contentment Blues’ appear on Space Wranger (reissue)


Widespread Panic
Cotton Club
Atlanta, GA.

01. Weight of the World
02. Porch Song
03. Worry
04. Sleepy Monkey
05. Stop-Go
06. B of D
07. Pigeons
08. Ain’t No Use
09. Fishwater
10. Chilly Water

01. Driving Song
02. Disco
03. Driving Song
04. Impossible
05. Let It Rock
06. Walkin’
07. Dog Song
08. Guilded Splinters
09. Heaven
10. Space Wrangler
11. Love Tractor

12. Can’t Find My Way Home

Cut in the Middle of Weight of the World
Cut between Ain’t No Use and Fishwater
Tape flip before Heaven

Source: Unknown, but believed to be Forrest Owens from Memphis, TN
Mastered, Tracked, & Seeded By: Hardy Ross

Widespread Panic
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY

01. Holden Oversoul>
02. Travelin’ Light
03. Pigeons
04. Love Tractor
05. Space Wrangler
06. C. Brown
07. Worry
08. Stop-Go
09. Papa Legba
10. Driving Song>
11. Coconut>
12. Driving Song

Missing Set 2

Mastered, Tracked, & Seeded By: Hardy Ross
My Source: Bobby Banner (Unknown original source and Gen) ~>(XLII-S 90)