The Cave

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Widespread Panic
The Cave
Dahlenoga, GA.


01. Porch Song
02. Space Wrangler
03. Walk On
04. She Caught The Katy
05. C. Brown
06. Love Tractor
07. Tarvelin’ Light
08. Ain’t No Use ->
09. Mr Soul ->
10. Drums & Bass ->
11. Jam ->
12. Chilly Water


13. The Earth Will Swallow You ->
14. Astronomy Domine ->
15. Proving Ground
16. Rock ->
17. Jam ->
18. Driving Song ->
19. B of D ->
20. Driving Song ->
21. Stop-Go ->
22. Machine ->
23. Barstools
24. Impossible Song ->
25. I’m Not Alone
26. Contentment Blues ->
27. Coconuts (Show Stopped)

Tape flip after Travelin’ Light
Dropout during Chilly Water
Amp problems during Stop-Go (generator fizzled)
Police shut down the show right as Coconuts was starting

Show Notes:
This was an intense experience. You hiked from the parking area into the woods and to the mouth of a huge Copper mine. There were people out in the woods everywhere. They laid sawdust inside the mine to help with footing, and the electricity was provided by generators. To say that the natives were restless for the show is a huge understatement. They formed a human chain to keep people outside until the band was ready, but that fell apart when someone got pepper-sprayed. It was chaos after that, which did not help the taping process, but certainly added to the experience. During set-break, you could explore very deep inside the core of the mineshaft, which was brilliantly lit with all of the headlamps and lighters. After the show, all lights were blue, as the Police had roadblocks at all exits. Don’t say that JB didn’t warn you;)

This is not a great recording, but it is listenable and worth seeding just for the historical significance of the Cave show. Enjoy!

Source: AKG 522~> Sony D-5 (Metal Master 90)
Recorded, Mastered, Tracked, & Seeded By: Hardy Ross