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Widespread Panic
Craven’s Auditorium
University of the South
Sewanee, TN.

Disc 1:

01. Weight Of The World,
02. Pleas,
03. Hatfield,
04. Walkin’ (For Your Love),
05. Travelin’ Light,
06. Fishwater,
07. Quarter Tank Of Gasoline,
08. Worry,
09. Pigeons,
10. Wondering

Disc 2:

01. Space Wrangler,
02. I’m Not Alone,
03. Last Dance,
04. Diner,
05. Better Off,
06. Heaven,
07. Henry Parsons Died,
08. Pilgrims >
09. Chilly Water


10. The Take Out >
11. Porch Song

Notes: This is absolutly a rockin’ show and sounds stellar for 93. Enjoy!

Source: AKG 460b + CK8
Transfer by Martin Medley

Widespread Panic
Craven’s Auditorium
University of the South
Sewanee, TN.

01. Ophelia
02. Porch Song
03. Rock
04. Conrad
05. Love Tractor
06. I’m Not Alone
07. Stop-Go
08. Proving Ground
09. Travelin’ Light
10. C. Brown
11. Impossible
12. Machine
13. Barstools and Dreamers
14. Coconut
15. Pigeons

Recorded, Tracked, & Seeded By: Hardy Ross
Mastered By: Martin Medley
Source: AKG 522

Show notes:

It seems the Band always plays well at Sewanee, so it was not surprising when an unusual amount of old faces and new faces converged for this show. Widespread was an early act, playing in front of Will and the Bushmen and Love Tractor…yes, Love Tractor.

This was originally scheduled to be an outdoor event, but was moved inside due to the approaching storms. By the time they got everything moved into the Hall, the sky was blue, there was a brisk breeze, and the crowd was seriously chomping at the bit. Unfortuately, the move shortened the length of the show quite a bit, but what time they did play was well spent. Cheers!


Widespread Panic
Phi Delta Theta House
University Of The South
Sewanee, TN.

One Set/Disc One:
01. Jam
02. She Caught The Katy

03. Sleepy Monkey>
04. Stop-N-Go
05. Last Straw
06. Coconuts
07. A Of D>
08. Travelin’ Light>
09. Machine Disc

01. Space Wrangler>
02. Porch Song
03. Conrad~> Beer/Bathroom Break~>
04. Impossible
05. Pigeons
15. B Of D>
16. C. Brown/cut

Transfered, Converted, Tracked, & Seeded By: Michael Wilker

First time I really got time to hang out with the boys. You can hear somebody during soundcheck say “hey not ’till 3 o’clock the kids are still in class”.