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Widespread Panic
Cotton Club
Atlanta, GA.

01. B of D
02. Pigeons
03. After Midnight
04. Stop-Go
05. Worry
06. I’m Not Alone
07. C. Brown
08. Mr. Soul

01. Can’t Find My Way Home
02. Love Tractor
03. Proving Ground
04. Weight of the World
05. Low Rider
06. Pusherman
07. Drums
08. Chilly Water
09. Gimme
10. Impossible
11. Porch Song

12. Fixin’ To Die*
13. Spoonful*

* w/ Col. Bruce Hampton and Paul Hammond

Recorded, Mastered, Tracked, & Seeded By: Hardy Ross
Source: AKG 522~> Sony D-5 (Metal Master 90)

Tape flip before C. Brown Tape flip between Low Rider and Pusherman Tape flip before the Fixin’ to Die There are some weathering issues with this cassette, so the first minute or so will be very muted and distorted. It will get much better after that;)