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  1. Got engaged at the opening of this show with the ring my Dad gave my Mom….PAYMH perfect….crying during Stop Breaking Down ; ) then, Tall Boy – tomorrow this old world wont be the same! Unforgettable

  2. This is not the correct order. I added the Let's Get the Show on the Road as filler. It is the one from Red Rocks on 6-30-02. Who uploaded this? It should open with Genesis.

    • Stream was uploaded June of 2007. I have no idea where I came across it. Here's the text file. Looks like the actual files are numbered correctly, but I need to list LGTSOTR at the end. I'll fix it.

      Widespread Panic compilations – 04/26-28/02
      Oak Mtn, Pelham, Al

      All songs taken from shows played at Oak Mtn Amp. in Pelham, AL on April 26-28, 2002
      Tascam DA-302 > TascamCDRW-700 > EAC > Cool Edit Pro (fades, splicing, segues, tracking) > FLAC

      BONUS (from Red Rocks 6-30-02):
      Let's Get the Show on the Road

      This Part of Town,
      Cant Find My Way Home>
      Driving Song>
      Breathing Slow>
      No Sugar,
      Don't Be Denied

      Bohannon's Oak Mtn Comp Taken from Oak Mtn April 26-28, 2002

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