81 comments on “Widespread Panic – 11/20/2001 – Johnson City, TN

  1. The High School gym, was my first show out after gettin pinched in Charlotte a few days before, was a Great show, not sure about one of best ever but definitely a good one

  2. Come on man. Not trying to be a jerk but one of the best ever, seriously? Though I missed this one, this is not even close to best this tour. By far 10-26, 10-27, 10-28′ and 10-31.. the greek was magical, mid south got dirty, oak mountain was nuts, and the three nights at Phillips was just a straight up party. My opinion best year ever.

  3. I Agree. 2001 was the best year. I did the most touring thay year and i had a blast. Oak mt, mid south was the heat, 420 in knox outdoors!

  4. One of the best shows they ever played IMO At least of the ones I’ve heard or attended. Has the three little birds rap pretty sure that was for Mikey

  5. When I got gmlsg in Asheville cpl weeks ago it was my 1st since this jc show. Great times. This> chatty> turkey> mid south…my bday is the 19th so this was my bday run lol.
    Ended up being my last 4 shows w Mikey

  6. Yes it was, Mandy Harmon. Literally floated across the dance floor that night. Good sushi on the lot, too7

  7. I was there, Walked into Ruby Tuesday, that afternoon and JB was there sitting at bar. I sat down at corner of bar and had lunch with him… I was Solo, but others came him and took some pics while he was there.. Incredible !!!! Anyone else on here see him there?? Love to see those pics.. I didn’t have a camera.

  8. That maybe true but just listen to 10-31 and then respond to me. Have good one brother.

  9. That was a smoker! You guys should post 11/26 & 27 of ’99 next week for sure. Those were two of my all time favs also. A pair of special back-to-back nights.

  10. Speaking of which, anyone know why JB says “greetings from Austin Texas” near the end of Gimme?

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