13 comments on “Widespread Panic – 04/05/2014 – Los Angeles, CA

  1. Jimmy's Guitar…..
    Those Special Guests….
    I just revisited this Encore(s) from Sat night…Heat.
    Thank You, Widespread; It Never Gets Old.

  2. Chilly water!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jam.packed awesome feel good every night.

  3. China Cat Sunflower bass tease in Hatfield climax…. well played, sir!

  4. Tail Dragger and Honkey Red are just 2 examples of why this band reafirms me that music and everything else in life is good, if you know where to find it. Right here withe Panic!

  5. When a show starts with Tall Boy>Worry,Tickle the Truth,Climb to Safety>Hatfield…TAILDRAGGER… w Honkey Red,May your glass be filled,Ain't Life GRAND encore you know it's one for the books

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