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Widespread Panic
Red Creek
Rochester, N.Y.
August 17, 1991

01. Heaven
02. Geraldine & the Honey Bee>
03. Space Wrangler (Pause)
04. Pickin’ Up the Pieces (Pause)
05. Mercy>
06. Makes Sense to Me (Pause)
07. C. Brown (pause)
08. Take Out>
09. Porch Song


– Opening for The Sharp Dressed Penguins

– T. Lavitz on Keys

– Deck paused after:
Space Wrangler
Pickin’ Up the Pieces
Makes Sense to Me
C. Brown

– During Heaven JB says
‘There is a party, about 30 people are there’
apparently referring to the size of the crowd.

– Tape flip after C.Brown.

– Thomas Smith wrote this note on the tape cover:
“They (WSP) opened for the Sharp Dressed Penguins,
a lame college band, so they could get the hell out
of Rochester and on to Arrowhead Ranch.”

– According to Thomas Smith:
Widespread Panic was supposed to headline,
but chose to open instead, as the venue
was a small pizza joint. The band was also
scheduled to play the next night with
Blues Traveler.

– Mikey sat for the set

Unknown audience analog cassette > Onkyo TA-R410 >
Roland ED UA-30 > Audacity @ 16Bit/44.1Khz> WAV

Tracked & Converted by:
BrettR at Dragon’s Lair Studios
using Audacity Software

Tape provided by: Thomas G. Smith
Transferred by: Ted Rockwell