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Widespread Panic
Super Jam 1
Mt. Vernon Polo Fields
Athens, GA

One Set:

01. Proving Groung
02. Rock
03. Fishwater
04. The Take Out ->
05. Porch Song
06. Driving Song ->
07. I’m Not Alone ->
08. Jam ->
09. Driving Song
10. Send Your Mind
11. Weight of the World
12. Machine Funk ->
13. Barstools
14. C. Brown
15. Pigeons
16. Just Kissed My Baby
17. Heaven
18. Space Wrangler
19. Chilly Well

Show Notes: This one was a doozy. Not the best of my recordings. You can hear us moving around all over the place, as we carried the mic stand closer and closer to the stage. Amps blew, rain came, people got rowdy, cops got mad, camping was halted, and the cops shut the show down. Good times… JB laughed a lot, Mikey crushed JKMB, and everyone got home safe. Cheers!

Source: AKG 522 > Panasonic SV-255 > DAT
Transferred and Mastered by Hardy Ross and Martin Medley.
Taped and Seeded by Hardy Ross.