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Photo by Jay Blakesberg

Widespread Panic
50th New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival
New Orleans, LA


Ain’t Life Grand,
Little Lilly >
Tall Boy,
Bayou Lena,
Sell Sell >
Henry Parsons Died,
Honky Red,
Up All Night >
Surprise Valley >
Ride Me High >
Run Like Hell jam >
I Walk On Guilded Splinters*
Familiar Reality*,
Love Tractor,
Blackout Blues,
Chilly Water

* with George Porter Jr on bass

notes – mics on stand 7 ft high in the way FOB sweet spot a little ROC.
source- Schoeps MK41 > nBox > Marantz pmd620

Widespread Panic
Dixie Fairgrounds,
Winston-Salem, NC

Set 1: Holden Oversoul > Barstools and Dreamers, Ophelia > Blackout Blues, This Part Of Town, Party At Your Mama’s House, Diner > Sleepy Monkey, Walkin’

Set 2: Casa, Travelin’ Light, Quarter Tank Of Gasoline*, Who Do You Belong To?*, Stop-Go > Climb To Safety > Drums** > D&B > Driving Song*** > Breathing Slow*** > Ain’t Life Grand***

Encore: Nobody’s Loss, Tall Boy

* with Daniel Hutchens (Bloodkin) on guitar/vocals, Eric Carter (Bloodkin) on guitar
** with Skeeto (King Konga) on drums/percussion, Tony Lymon (King Konga) on percussion
*** with David Blackmon on fiddle

[Jomeokee Jam; Emma Gibbs Band with David Blackmon, Sunny and Todd’s Drum Workshop, Bloodkin, and King Konga also performed; JoJo and Todd sat in during Bloodkin’s set; Last ‘Quarter Tank Of Gasoline’ – 5/9/93, 867 shows]

Source: TS AKG481>Oade248>HHB > Zefiro ZA2

D>CD conversion and extraction by Alan Schwartz. Taping by Julian Eldridge and Bill Mixon(thanks!)

Minor defects during Holden from hitting button on HHB at show – also PA static during Quarter Tank. You’ll be amazed at how up front in the mix JB and Blackmon are.

Widespread Panic
April 16, 1989
Athens Fairgrounds
Athens, GA

01. Impossible >
02. Travelin’ Light
03. Machine
04. Conrad
05. Chilly Water
06. Space Wrangler
07. Papa Legba
08. Pigeons
09. Coconut
10. Porch Song

Source: SBD -> DAT @ 48.0 mHz

Widespread Panic
Callaway County Fairgrounds
Westminster College
Fulton, MO

1 Set
1. Chilly Water
2. Holden Oversoul
3. Little Kin
4. C. Brown
5. Wondering (left off edc.com setlist)
6. Hatfield
7. Better Off
8. Junior->
9. Papa’s Home->
10. Tie Your Shoes->
1. Heroes->
2. Fishwater
3. Ain’t Life Grand

4. Proving Ground->
5. Mr. Soul->
6. Proving Ground
Source: SM57+BG4.0Matrix
Taper: Unknown
Seeded by Justin Fox


Widespread Panic
Super Jam 2
Athens, GA.

0ne Set:

01. Intro
02. Love Tractor >
03. Fishwater,
04. Driving Song >
05. Disco >
06. Driving Song,
07. She Caught The Katy,
08. Worry,
09. Porch Song >
10. Stop-Go >
11. Me And The Devil Blues >
12. Chilly Water
13. Just Kissed My Baby,
14. Pigeons >
15. Drums >
16. I Walk On Guilded Splinters,
17. Diner >
18. Walkin’ (For Your Love) >
19. Postcard


20. Makes Sense To Me
[Super Jam II; ‘Gimme’ rap by JB during ‘Fishwater’; ‘Happy Child’ tease by Mike after ‘Disco’; ‘Cissy Strut’ jam and ‘Funky Is The Drummer’ rap during ‘Just Kissed My Baby’]

Source: akg460b/ck8
Taped by Rik Supan. Transferred & Seeded by John M.