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Widespread Panic
Dixie Fairgrounds,
Winston-Salem, NC

Set 1: Holden Oversoul > Barstools and Dreamers, Ophelia > Blackout Blues, This Part Of Town, Party At Your Mama’s House, Diner > Sleepy Monkey, Walkin’

Set 2: Casa, Travelin’ Light, Quarter Tank Of Gasoline*, Who Do You Belong To?*, Stop-Go > Climb To Safety > Drums** > D&B > Driving Song*** > Breathing Slow*** > Ain’t Life Grand***

Encore: Nobody’s Loss, Tall Boy

* with Daniel Hutchens (Bloodkin) on guitar/vocals, Eric Carter (Bloodkin) on guitar
** with Skeeto (King Konga) on drums/percussion, Tony Lymon (King Konga) on percussion
*** with David Blackmon on fiddle

[Jomeokee Jam; Emma Gibbs Band with David Blackmon, Sunny and Todd’s Drum Workshop, Bloodkin, and King Konga also performed; JoJo and Todd sat in during Bloodkin’s set; Last ‘Quarter Tank Of Gasoline’ – 5/9/93, 867 shows]

Source: TS AKG481>Oade248>HHB > Zefiro ZA2

D>CD conversion and extraction by Alan Schwartz. Taping by Julian Eldridge and Bill Mixon(thanks!)

Minor defects during Holden from hitting button on HHB at show – also PA static during Quarter Tank. You’ll be amazed at how up front in the mix JB and Blackmon are.