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Widespread Panic
Bijou Theater
Knoxville, TN

set 1
A of D, Walkin’, Fishwater, Conrad, Weight of the World, Rock, Sleepy Monkey, Makes Sense to Me, Flat Foot Flewzy

set 2
Ain’t No Use* > Jam* > ?*, Space Wrangler, Barstools, Geraldine, Lovelight**, Me & the Devil**, Love Tractor, E: Proving Ground

encore is tracked at the end of disc 1

* with Jimmy Herring & Apt. Q258,
** with Col. Bruce Hampton

during Ain’t No Use > Jam J.B. gives Jimmy his guitar due to problems Jimmy’s having with his and J.B. just sings! Meanwhile, the Apt. and Todd switch out on drums
no taping allowed

source: sonic studios dsm10>casio dat>D6 – fob, dfc

notes: this was a team effort – hardy, rick, and me – hardy’s mics mounted to eyeglass frames his DAT and my D6 patched. rick decided not to tape, but helped… turns out hardy’s set 1 tape is blank, so my master was the only source for set 1; hence the cassette master used for this transfer. the set 2 tape is hardy’s dat > my copy > cd. this is the wildest panic showi have ever seen. the ain’t no use > jam segment to open set 2. jimmy and the apt. play with them and the improv and segue are amazing. the jam does end with what i believe is a song but i’m not certain what it is – info on that would be much appreciated. the lovelight is also

a trip – hell, the whole second set is quite unique and memorable for me. this source is not incredible, but if you haven’t heard this show you really should hear it. no joke. some remastering on this one would probably make it very nice, and the sound does get better as the show goes on. thanks to denise, my lovely wife, for support (beer runs, etc.) during this show. this is another old school classic… coming next will be 2001-04-20 for 4-20 of course. be readyto inhale. questions or comments are wonderful.
john m

Widespread Panic
July 18, 1998
Walnut Creek Amphitheater
Raleigh, NC

Set I
01 Intro Tuning
02 Conrad
03 Weak Brain, Narrow Mind
04 Hatfield >
05 Tall Boy
06 Who Do You Belong To?
07 Pleas >
08 One Arm Steve
09 Aunt Avis >
10 Travelin’ Light

Set II
01 Intro Tuning
02 Ain’t Life Grand >
03 Red Beans Cookin’
04 Diner >
05 Rock
06 Climb to Safety *
01 Happy >
02 Walkin’ (For Your Love) **
03 Impossible >
04 Drums *** >
05 Chilly Water
06 Crowd -=

Encore =-
07 No Sugar Tonight / New Mother Nature

* – w/ G. Love on Harmonica
** – Happy Birthday JoJo! (during pause, a gorilla delivers a birthday cake to JoJo)
*** – w/ Apt. Q258 on percussion, Jeffrey Clemens on drums

Notes: Travelin’ Light Tour; G. Love & Special Sauce and Guster opened; Leftover Salmon played during setbreak

Source: (FOB/12th row/dfc) AKG 483 (x,y) > Oade m248 > Sony SBM-1
Taped by: Bobby Moore
Transfer by: BobbyHurley