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Widespread Panic
Starwood Amphitheater
Antioch, TN

1: Disco > Ain’t Life Grand, Tall Boy, Just Kissed My Baby > Pigeons, Thin Air (Smells Like Mississippi), Bust It Big, Papa’s Home, Climb To Safety

2: Holden Oversoul, North, None of Us Are Free*, You Should Be Glad, I’m Not Alone, Ride Me High, Postcard, Blackout Blues > Drums** > Radio Child, Don’t Be Denied, Porch Song

E: May Your Glass Be Filled, Chunk Of Coal, Imitation Leather Shoes

* with Jason Isbell on guitar
** with Hunter Williams on percussion

[‘Night People’ rap during ‘Just Kissed My Baby’; Drive-By Truckers opened]

Widespread Panic
AmSouth Amphitheatre
Antioch, TN

1: Chilly Water > Drums > Ride Me High > Chilly Water, Don’t Wanna Lose You, Give, Blue Indian, Use Me, Makes Sense To Me, Climb To Safety

2: Thin Air (Smells Like Mississippi)*, Pigeons, Worry, Fishing, The Take Out**, Pickin’ Up The Pieces**, Porch Song**, Wondering, Stop Breakin’ Down Blues, Conrad, Tall Boy

E: Visiting Day, Ain’t Life Grand

* with Hunter Williams on percussion
** with Vassar Clements on fiddle

[Acoustic ‘Fishing’ through ‘Porch Song’]

Widespread Panic
Starwood Amphitheater,
Antioch, TN

0ne Set:

01. Postcard,
02. Who Do You Belong To?,
03. Hatfield,
04. Walkin’ (For Your Love),
05. Makes Sense To Me >
06. Papa’s Home >
07. Drums >
08. Papa’s Home,
09. Entering A Black Hole Backwards >
10. Chilly Water >
11. Pleas >
12. Chilly Water,
13. Can’t Get High,
14. Porch Song


15. Turn On Your Love Light*,
16. Fishwater*

* with Col. Bruce Hampton on guitar/vocals

[HORDE show; Last ‘Turn On Your Love Light’ – 07/28/91, 351 shows]


Thanks to Ike for the DAT. Transer by TeddyDunski.

Widespread Panic
First American Music Center,
Antioch, TN

Set I:
T1 Intro
T2 Surprise Valley >
T3 Blight >
T4 Walkin >
T5 Blue Indian
T6 Send Your Mind
T7 Proving Ground >
T8 Dying Man >
T9 Proving Ground >
T10 Who Do You Belong To?

Set II:
T1 Ain’t Life Grand
T2 Chilly Water >
T3 Jack >
T4 Chilly Water >
T5 All Time Low >
T6 Drums
T7 Arlene* >
T8 Ophelia*

T9 E: All Over Now*

*w/ The Dirty Dozen Brass Band

Source: Schoeps cmc621 > oadie > smb1
Taped by Mark Kabella