Porch Songs Release

This show available as an official WP Archives Porch Songs Release
Photos courtesy of Widespread Panic / Brown Cat

Widespread Panic
Mud Island Amphitheatre
Memphis, TN

Set I
01. Glory
02. Ain’t Life Grand
03. Disco >
04. Ride Me High >
05. C. Brown
06. Pigeons >
07. One Kind Favor
08. Papa Legba
09. Radio Child

Set II
01. Makes Sense To Me >
02. Dyin’ Man
03. Papa’s Home >
04. Hope In A Hopeless World
01. It Was You >
02. Fishwater >
03. Nobody’s Loss >
04. Space Wrangler >
05. Drums >
06. Stop-Go

07. crowd
08. Gradle >
09. Red Beans
10. City of Dreams

[First ‘One Kind Favor’; Barenaked Ladies opened]

Source: AKG480 > oade pre > sbm-1 > DA-p1
Transfer by: Andy Perri

This show available as an official WP Archives Porch Songs Release
Text courtesy of Widespread Panic / Brown Cat

Widespread Panic
Harmony Park Music Garden,
Geneva, MN

1: Henry Parsons Died, Who Do You Belong To?, Jack, The Waker > C. Brown > Tie Your Shoes > Good Morning Little Schoolgirl > 1 x 1 > Conrad

2: Happy > Dyin’ Man, Airplane > Holden Oversoul > Better Off > One Kind Favor > Drums > Four Cornered Room > Heathen > Four Cornered Room, This Part Of Town, Fishwater

E: Old Joe, Red Beans

[‘America The Beautiful’ jam by JoJo after ‘Drums’; Last ‘Heathen’ – 04/07/88, 1685 shows]

Available as a WP Archives Porch Songs release.

Horace’s commentary:

We’ve returned once again to 2001…this time for the 8th volume of Porch Songs…and for quite the 4th of July celebration. To be a little off the beaten path and surrounding 10,000 frozen lakes, Minnesota sure does draw the heat from Widespread Panic. With many stellar shows in Minnesota over the years, this 4th of July performance at Harmony Park in Geneva ranks as one of the best.

Settling us into the first set with “Henry Parsons Died” and “ Who Do You Belong To?,” the band is obviously setting us all up for success. “Jack” and “The Waker” then follow and things begin to stretch out a bit. Finding its way out of “C. Brown,” “Tie Your Shoes” locks everyone in for the evening’s ride. Nicely dropping into “Good Morning Little Schoolgirl,” JB and the band continue to do their thing as only they can. “One by One” seems to set up for the set ender until Mikey charges right on into “Conrad” without warning and then it’s another jam down the homestretch to get everyone…band and crowd…to a well-deserved set break.

Coming out for the second set, the expectations for fireworks are running high…due to the first set heat, a mid-week show in a remote area of the U.S…and a July 4th “ready to celebrate by getting down” kind of vibe. Returning right off the bat to the evening’s trademarks…playing with patience and transitioning evenly…we get a “Happy” slamming right into a “Dyin’ Man.” Taking off from there with “Airplane,” the band and crowd both anticipate the jam and ride it hard all the way to “Holden Oversoul.” With another clean transition into “Better Off,” it’s more of the same into “One Kind Favor”…that just gets out there before giving way to the “Drums.”

With the rest of the band returning to the stage, JoJo lays out a nice holiday rendition of “America the Beautiful.” Continuing the weirdness out of “Drums,” Mikey’s tone and JB’s howl give us the keys to that door which opens up into the “Four Cornered Room”…and then the band slides effortlessly into their first performance of “Heathen” since 1988 and almost 1,700 shows. Walking back through “Four Cornered Room” before finding their way to “This Part of Town,” the band ends the second set with a raging “Fishwater” to finish up two amazing sets of Widespread Panic. With a couple of encores to go, they send everyone off to their camp spots with “Old Joe” and some “Red Beans”…and a show tucked away in their bellies that surely left them satisfied.

Mikey’s Last Show
US Cellular Center,
Cedar Rapids, IA

Set 1: One Arm Steve, Pigeons, Airplane > Sleeping Man, Wondering > Rock, This Part Of Town, Papa’s Home > Worry

Set 2: Can’t Get High, Fishwater > Can’t Find My Way Home > Blackout Blues, Christmas Katie* > Jam** > I Walk On Guilded Splinters*** > Drums**** > Bear’s Gone Fishin’ > I’m Not Alone, Makes Sense To Me

Encore: She Caught The Katy**

* with Randall Bramblett on saxophone
** with George McConnell on guitar, Randall Bramblett on saxophone
*** with George McConnell on guitar, Randall Bramblett on saxophone, Stanton Moore on percussion
**** with Stanton Moore on percussion

[Galactic opened]

Walking off the stage a final time.

Photos by Satisfied1013


This show available as an official WP Archives Porch Songs Release
Photos and text courtesy of Widespread Panic / Brown Cat

Widespread Panic
Ranch Bowl,
Omaha, NE

1: Galleon > Do What You Like > Better Off, Radio Child, 1 x 1 > C. Brown > Sandbox > Just Kissed My Baby > Makes Sense To Me
2: Dirty Business, Ain’t Life Grand, L.a. > Tall Boy > Aunt Avis > Tie Your Shoes > Bear’s Gone Fishin’ > Drums > Contentment Blues > Proving Ground
E: Feelin’ Alright

[First ‘Bear’s Gone Fishin”; Played on a sand volleyball court; Instrumental ‘Bear’s Gone Fishin”; ‘Night People’ rap during ‘Just Kissed My Baby’; Soundcheck: ‘Bear’s Gone Fishin”, ‘She Caught The Katy’; Yellowman played on a separate stage inside the bar]

Available as a WP Archives Porch Songs release

Horace’s notes:

Ranch Bowl |Omaha, NE | July 1, 1997

1997 brought us some stellar shows from all corners of the United States…Washington to Florida to Maine to California…but that’s not all… as 1997 now brings us the 10th Porch Song release…with the Ranch Bowl in Omaha, Nebraska on July 1, 1997.  Coming off an amazing spring tour, the boys were in gear and ready to blaze their way across the summer.  Right in the middle of the country in the middle of the year, we find ourselves hanging out in a sandbox in an Omaha venue that no longer exists.

Held on a sand volleyball court, this Ranch Bowl experience begins with everyone aboard for the Galleon opener and ready for the first of many seamless segues…with the band taking us right on into Do What You Like and then Better Off.  Toward the end of this opening set, we get the obviously appropriate Sandbox followed by a great Just Kissed My Baby. Loaded with inspirational playing and vocals, this first set was certainly a precursor of more good things to come.

Leading off the second set, we get all into it right of the bat with a Dirty Business that was just that.  After finding their spot into Ain’t Life Grand…from L.a. on, the boys find magical ways to tie the loose ends together and move as one til the end of the set.  Along the way, we find jams from Tall Boy into Aunt Avis and then into Tie Your Shoesthat really hit a high mark before the band effortlessly slips into the first ever instrumental Bear’s Gone Fishing.  Coming out of the drums finds everyone content to just jump into the middle of the river…if there was only one to jump into! After two incendiary sets, the “fairly rare by then” encore, Feelin’ Alright caps off a perfect night of Panic in the heartland.

Keep in mind that when listening to these Porch Song releases, what you’re really hearing is a recording of what came through the house speakers the night of the show…so there is no post-show engineering opportunity to dial in each instrument and vocal to perfection as there is with the Widespread Panic Multitrack Releases. What you’ll also find on these Porch Song recordings is the occasional digital noise or static resulting from the onstage recording process and/or the ravages of tape degradation. In this 10th release, we’re stuck with a small spot or two in Sandbox and Tallboy, but as always, we’ve preserved what we could, doctored up what we’ve been able to…and, in this ongoing process, refuse to let a random blemish prevent the spreading of this amazing music.  So, sit back, settle in and let this band take you on another incredible journey.


Widespread Panic
Red Rocks
Morrison, CO

set 1
01 Intro
02 Little Kin
03 Ain’t Life Grand
04 Can’t Get High
05 Heroes
06 Junior >
07 L.a. >
08 Raise The Roof >
09 Fishwater
10 Airplane >
11 Jack >
12 Blackout Blues

Set 2
01 Intro
02 Action Man
03 Thought Sausage
04 Little Lilly >
05 Blue Indian
06 Pigeons
07 Boogie Chillen* >
01 Drums** >
02 Love Tractor >
03 Pilgrims >
04 All Time Low
05 Crowd

06 Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys***

* with Cody Dickinson on washboard, Luther Dickinson on guitar/vocals
** with Cecil Daniels on percussion/midi-saxophone, Cody Dickinson on washboard
*** with Cecil Daniels on midi-saxophone

[Only ‘Boogie Chillen’; Set 1 contained all songs from the album ‘Ain’t Life Grand’; First ‘Action Man’ with lyrics; ‘Time Waits’ rap by JB during ‘Little Lilly’; ‘Third Stone From The Sun’ jam by Dave after ‘Drums’; Soundcheck: ‘You’ll Be Fine’, ‘Give’, ‘North’, ‘The Waker’, ‘Those Were The Days’ (Theme From ‘All In The Family’) JB and JoJo, ‘Henry Parsons Died’; The North Mississippi Allstars opened]

source: mk4v~>kc5~>m222~>nt222~>vms5u~>ad1000~>hhb
location: fob/dfc/ortf-4th row
recorded, transferred & seeded: charles fox



This show available as an official WP Archives Porch Songs Release
Photos courtesy of Widespread Panic / Brown Cat

Widespread Panic
Paolo Soleri,
Santa Fe, NM

Set I
1. Surprise Valley >
2. Tall Boy,
3. Chilly Water >
4. Sometimes >
5. Chilly Water,
6. Casa Del Grillo >
7. The Waker >
8. Arleen >
9. Climb To Safety >
10. Imitation Leather Shoes

Set II
11. Stop Breakin’ Down Blues >
12. Party At Your Mama’s House >
13. Wondering >
1. Rebirtha >
2. Henry Parsons Died,
3. Sharon >
4. Drums >
5. Mr. Soul >
6. The Last Straw >
7. Cream Puff War

8. Nobody’s Loss >
9. Give

[A cocker spaniel ran onto stage by Dave during ‘Sometimes’]

seeded by Michelle De Lima

Src: B&K4022s>EAA-PSP2>SPM1>M1>TascamCDW700>EAC>SHN


This show available as an official WP Archives Porch Songs Release
Photos courtesy of Widespread Panic / Brown Cat

Widespread Panic
Paolo Soleri
Santa Fe, NM

Set 1
01 Intro
02 The Take Out >
03 Space Wrangler >
04 Stop-Go >
05 Weight Of The World
06 Who Do You Belong To? >
07 Proving Ground >
08 Do What You Like >
09 Proving Ground

Set 2
01 Intro
02 Don’t Be Denied >
03 Porch Song >
04 Bowlegged Woman
05 Driving Song >
06 I Walk On Guilded Splinters >
07 Drums >
08 Driving Song >
09 Hatfield >
10 One Arm Steve >
11 Travelin’ Light
12 Contentment Blues
13 Postcard

[Set 1 stopped due to lightning storm; ‘Down On The Farm’ tease during ‘Bowlegged Woman’; Soundcheck: ‘She Caught The Katy’, ‘Worry’]

source: Schoeps mk4v(ortf) > kc5 > m222 > nt222 > vms5u > Apogee AD1000 > HHb-PDR1000 (48k)
recorded & seeded: Charles Fox

Widespread Panic
The State Theatre
Detroit, MI.

Set 1:

01. Intro/Tuning
02. Let’s Get Down To Business >
03. Makes Sense To Me
04. Jack
05. Walkin’ (For Your Love)
06. Goin’ Out West
07. Gradle
08. You Got Yours >
09. Diner >
10. Send Your Mind

Set 2:

11. Ain’t Life Grand
12. Papa Legba
01. Greta >
02. Henry Parsons Died
03. B of D >
04. Space Wrangler >
05. Low Rider >
06. Drums >
07. Hatfield >
08. Love Tractor


09. Crowd/Tuning
10. Hope In A Hopeless World >
11. Porch Song

Source: Neumann RSM191 > DAT
Conversion by Ivan Kotch

This show available as an official WP Archives Porch Songs Release
Photos courtesy of Widespread Panic / Brown Cat

Widespread Panic
Two Rivers Auditorium,
Grand Junction, CO

1: Glory > Fishwater, L.a. > Weight Of The World, The Last Straw > Stop-Go > Dirty Business > Stop-Go > Pigeons > Bowlegged Woman

2: Tall Boy > Hatfield > Radio Child, Pilgrims > Blight > B of D, Airplane > Jam > Drums > Pusherman > Conrad

E: Postcard > Stag-O-Lee

Widespread Panic
May 31, 1996
Red Rocks Amphitheater
Morrison, CO

Set I
01) Pleas >
02) Pigeons >
03) Tall Boy >
04) Driving Song >
05) Walkin’ (for your love) >
06) Driving Song
07) Holden Oversoul >
08) You Got Yours
09) Ain’t Life Grand

Set II
01) Disco >
02) Diner >
03) I’m Not Alone
04) Glory
05) Sleeping Man
01) Jack >
02) Chilly Water >
03) Drums >
04) Aunt Avis >
05) Chilly Water
06) Rebirtha >
07) Porch Song
08) Crowd

-= Encore =-
09) Low Rider >
10) Makes Sense to Me

Source: Shure SM57
Taped by: Todd Henry (DAT clone courtesy of Mike Phelps)
Transfer by: BobbyHurley

Widespread Panic
Hayden Square
Tempe, AZ

Disc 1:
01) Let’s Get The Show On The Road >
02) Tie Your Shoes >
03) The Take Out >
04) Porch Song
05) Gradle
06) Airplane >
07) Worry
08) C. Brown
09) 1 X 1
01) Rebirtha >
02) Junior >
03) Drums >
04) Hatfield >
05) Guilded Splinters >
06) Ain’t Life Grand

07) Help Me Somebody >
08) Mr. Soul

Source: Schoeps MK4
DATS Courtesy Of JJ Clifton
Converted and seeded by Jeff Milbourn

Widespread Panic
Santa Cruz, CA
April 18, 1992

01. Send Your Mind
02. Papa Legba
03. Wondering
04. Walkin’ (For Your Love)
05. Dog Song
06. Stop-Go
07. Holden Oversoul
08. Hatfield
09. Space Wrangler
10. Love Tractor

01. Just Kissed My Baby
02. The Take Out >
03. Porch Song
04. Makes Sense To Me
05. Quarter Tank of Gasoline
06. Better Off
07. Me & The Devil
08. Weight of the World
09. Pickin’ Up The Pieces
10. Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys

11. Space Is The Place Jam >
12. Travelin’ Light

‘JKMB’ has mini dropouts constantly from about 4:12 to 11:05(end of song).

[Only ‘Space is the Place Jam’]

Source: SBD > DAT
Converted, edited, and seeded by David Swint


This show available as an official WP Archives Porch Songs Release
Photos courtesy of Widespread Panic / Brown Cat

Widespread Panic
Grandroom, Snow King Center,
Jackson, WY

Disc 1: The Take Out > Rock, C. Brown > Tall Boy > Chilly Water > Thank You Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin > Chilly Water > 1 x 1, Galleon > Walk On, Can’t Get High, L.a. > Porch Song

Disc 2: Yer Blues, Low Rider > Rebirtha > Hatfield, Aunt Avis > Fishwater > Drums > Barstools and Dreamers, Gimme,

Disc 3: Conrad > Four Cornered Room, Maggot Brain > Happy Child > Ain’t Life Grand, E: Dream Song > Red Beans

[First ‘Four Cornered Room’, Only ‘Yer Blues’; ‘Yer Blues’ JoJo solo; ‘Satisfied’ rap during ‘Barstools and Dreamers’; Dave teases ‘Gypsy Queen’ during ‘Low Rider’; Sit & Ski Tour]

Thanks to Steve Bohannon for the discs.. Sweet show, sounds real nice.. Seeded by Alan Schwartz.

Photos by Thomas G Smith


This show is available as an official Porch Songs release

This show available as an official WP Archives Porch Songs Release
Photos courtesy of Widespread Panic / Brown Cat

Widespread Panic
Grandroom, Snow King Center
Jackson, WY

Set 1
01. Hope In A Hopeless World
02. Wonderin’
03. Dear Mr. Fantasy
04. Driving Song >
05. Heroes >
06. Driving Song >
07. Let’s Get Down To Business
08. Proving Ground >
09. Big Wooly Mammoth >
10. Proving Ground
11. Pickin’ Up The Pieces
12. Henry Parsons Died

Set II
13. Raise The Roof
14. Down On The Farm >
01. Walkin’ (For Your Love)
02. Holden Oversoul >
03. Bowlegged Woman
04. Radio Child
05. B of D >
06. Weight Of The World
07. Ain’t No Use >
08. Nobody’s Loss
09. Space Wrangler

10. Goin’ Out West

[First ‘Hope In A Hopeless World’; Sit & Ski Tour; ‘Hope In A Hopeless World’ JB and Sunny; ‘Raise The Roof’ Mike and Sunny; Last ‘Down On The Farm’ – 03/11/89, 1011 shows]

Source: B&K 4011 > Lunatec 316 > sv255

Transfer: SHN > WAV > FLAC(level 8) by D.P. Swint
Converted and Seeded by Alan Schwartz

This show is available as an official Porch Songs release


Widespread Panic
State Theater
Kalamazoo, MI
November 11, 1997

Set I
01. Weight Of The World >
02. Aunt Avis >
03. Walkin’
04. You’ll Be Fine >
05. Glory >
06. Rock >
07. Big Wooly Mammoth >
08. One Kind Favor >
09. Love Tractor

Set II
10. Let’s Get Down To Business
11. Hope In A Hopeless World >
12. Disco
01. Diner >
02. Arleen >
03. Drums >
04. Pilgrims >
05. B of D >
06. Raise The Roof >
07. Last Dance

08. Crowd
09. Makes Sense To Me

[‘Arleen’ false start before ‘Diner’]

Source: (fob) AKG 391
Converted, Edited, and Seeded by D.P. Swint


This show available as an official WP Archives Porch Songs Release
Photos courtesy of Widespread Panic / Brown Cat

Widespread Panic
The Palace Theater
Louisville, KY.

01. Galleon
02. Fishwater
03. Wondering
04. Barstools
05. Thank You
06. Barstools
07. B Of D
08. Blackout Blues
09. Hatfield
10. Let’s Get The Show On The Road
11. Radio Child

01. Bowlegged Woman
02. Ain’t Life Grand
03. Walk On
04. Can’t Get High
05. Airplane
06. Take Off Jam
07. Party At Your Mama’s House*
08. I Walk On Guilded Splinters
09. Drums
01. Jam
02. Papa’s Home
03. Love Tractor

04. Help Me Somebody
05. Makes Sense To Me

*first PAYMH-formally known as ‘That Thing”

-‘Highway To Heaven’ rap during ‘Bowlegged Woman
-‘Thank You’ rap during ‘Barstools’

*****SBD REMASTER*****
Source: SBD/DAT 48khz
Remastered By: Michael Wilker
Remastered @ The Renaissance Center Dickson, TN.