37 comments on “Widespread Panic – 12/31/2001 – Atlanta, GA

  1. PanicStream.com is always one step ahead of me as well. You can watch it on the stream’s page :p

  2. It was always awesome having a birthday on NYE and getting to see Panic play in ATL! Miss those days

  3. Was at all 3 nights of this run. Great time and future man for drum and bass. Also schools sing watch tower.

  4. Wasn’t able to be there but I got copies immediately. Wish I could have been. Grand man Vic Chestnutt!!!

  5. thanks for the reminder, Tito, was this the year it snowed really hard before the show?

  6. Hope this nye is as good as then. Great times…..1st nye panic action for me. Blessed to be able to make it to atl this nye.

  7. It was FREEZING cold that night!
    I remember A LOT of people angry b/c they went to a wsp show and got Brute instead.

  8. What a show twas! We snuck onto the hotel roof after and put on a fireworks show to celebrate! With Luke LaGraff

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