4 comments on “Widespread Panic – 08/07/1999 – Aspen, CO

  1. I was at this show,, in fact I was the promoter along with Dave d the Murdock bros we had to pay panic bioreactor of money to do the fly out we also had rate of on the bill the second night and I believe it was the first time Bobby James with panic check it out he jams on me and the devils blues , we also had ratdog play a private gig at our club the howling wolf. The night after this show don't know if there a tape of it, I know I didn't tape it I was to busy chasing rabbits, but if anyone has a tape of it I would love a copy, enjoy this show it took a lot of meetings with the town of aspen to pull this off, kudos to rob Murdock, and Eric from the cigar bar in aspen,

  2. Sorry about my spelling it is ratdog that was on the bill, and it was the first to me Bob wier jams with the panic, check out the second night they played both nights of the fest, killer vacation, killer shows both of them, and you couldn't ask for a better band to deal with, unlike the black crowes who headlined the second year, fuckin douche bags, someone true a rose onstage , Chris Robison threw a hissie fit.

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