20 comments on “Widespread Panic – 07/18/2015 – Southaven, MS

  1. My girl and I were laying down up in the top of the lawn, and some random guy walks by and says "Ah you love birds, I hope they play Genesis for you guys" 10 minutes later guess what played! Loved it!

  2. Helluva a show. Probably the most unpredictable setlist I've heard.I listened to it today on a Winn like I always do and Was really surprised.

  3. Anybody notice that Panic played many songs that were associated with what happened to Troy Goode? Lots of references to breathing and life and death. Played for What it's worth, Lawyers Guns and money, Low Spark, Genesis. WSP and their security people are well aware of what is happening in and around a WSP show and have worked closely with law enforcement through the years. I am sure WSP knew about the incidence when it occured around 7:45 pm and after 10:00 PM when Troy was pronounced dead they knew and after drums they were well aware and played it up. I think that WSP basically dedicated this show to what happened to Troy. Listen to the sad guitar tones too especially from JB. Over 22 years of following WSP I have heard of and seen alot of crazy things go down with the police but Southaven tops them all. No matter what occured the police should be ashmed of themselves but I am sure that they are not, no body should pass on like that. Please donate to the Troy Goode fund!!

  4. Killer show..I was up close which is the best spot…#47 was a charm. Top 10 for me for sure. Good to hear some old classics Like 1 armed Steve, C Brown

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